5 #Memoir Lessons Learned from a Special Birthday Cake | Plain and Fancy


Today I’m reblogging a fabulous post from Marian over at PlainandFancygirl.com . In her post, Marian shares some excellent pointers about writing in memoir. What’s different? The spin she puts on it. In this post, Marian uses a metaphoric likeness with memoir writing to baking a cake.


Have a look at this delightful writing recipe:


“Memoir Lesson 1 – Don’t fool yourself into imagining writing will be easy. Writing is certainly rewarding, but learning a new skill can be hard. I had done plenty of writing as an academic, but switching to a new genre like memoir required a totally different mindset.

Even if you end up changing your plan, you have something (like starter dough!) to begin with.


Step 2: Assemble what you need. Anticipate the ingredients and tools necessary. Pull out the mixer, bowls, wooden spatula, measuring cups and spoons. Take the eggs out of the refrigerator to bring to room temperature if necessary.

Memoir Lesson 2 – A memoir is a slice of your life, not a biography. Ask yourself some serious questions: What part of your life will you depict – your childhood, a traumatic experience, a thrilling adventure like sailing around the world? Can you sketch out this “slice of life” in a series of memorable moments? Scribble random thoughts on colored sticky notes? Draw it as a timeline? Write an outline?


What is your theme? If it’s success after a failed first marriage, that controlling idea will be the filter through which you tell your story. Flashbacks can add dimension to writing, but only if these stories connect to your theme. . .” CONTINUE READING 


Source: 5 Memoir Lessons Learned from a Special Birthday Cake | Plain and Fancy 



16 thoughts on “5 #Memoir Lessons Learned from a Special Birthday Cake | Plain and Fancy

  1. I’m not much of a baker but I have a hard time resisting a slice of freshly made cake. This was a wonderful re-blogged, Debby. A great reminder that it takes patience and the right ingredients to produce a good piece of writing. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for reblogging Marian’s wonderful post Debby, I’ve left a comment over there and I’m now following her too! This has come at just the right time for me! ❤ xoxo


    1. Funny, I thought of you when I was reading Marian’s post! And I’m glad that you’ve found some new blogs to follow that will be helpful to your book writing! 🙂 xoxo


    1. You are so welcome Marian. Yes, Sherri mentioned to be she’s now following you. This is what makes our blogging community so much fun. When we introduce bloggers and our followers resonate with the article, they find a new blog to enjoy. It’s all about the sharing. )


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