How To Become A Successful Blogger: Part 3 – How To Ensure Readers Will Keep Coming Back | Hugh’s Views & News

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My friend and blogger extraordinaire Hugh Roberts has a diverse blog where he writes and shares some fantastic short stories, creates some fun and interesting blog challenges, he’s on the Annual Blogger Bash committee, and  he also offers up some great advice in his latest series on how to become a successful blogger.

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Today I’m sharing Hugh’s post on How to Ensure Readers Will Keep Coming Back to your blog.


How To Become A Successful Blogger: Part 3 – How To Ensure Readers Will Keep Coming Back


“If we were inviting people around to our house for dinner, a party or just for a coffee, most of us would want to ensure that our home was clean, tidy and looking good, right? If that’s the case for our homes, then shouldn’t it also be the case for our blog?


After writing a new blog post, WordPress allows us to preview the post before we publish it. If you haven’t noticed it then the ‘Preview’ button sits right beside the publish button. I’m always surprised by how some blog posts look as if the author never previewed the post before publishing it. One of the most common errors I see is when large gaps appear between paragraphs or when there is a large blank space at the end of the post. Another error is a sentence being interrupted by an image or photo.


Another off-put for me is when there are large blocks of text within a post. . . ” Continue Reading 


Source: How To Become A Successful Blogger: Part 3 – How To Ensure Readers Will Keep Coming Back | Hugh’s Views & News  


You can read Hugh’s post for successful blogging Part 2 on Creating Pingbacks HERE


And Part 1 is all about creating an ‘About me‘ on your blogs and what’s important to include. Read that article HERE



18 thoughts on “How To Become A Successful Blogger: Part 3 – How To Ensure Readers Will Keep Coming Back | Hugh’s Views & News

  1. Thank you for re-blogging Hugh’s post. I did not realize font size could be increased just by following the theme–> customize –> font–> steps. 😉

    I try to have author/hubs Cliff proofread all my posts before publishing. I’m always sorry if I don’t. He may catch an extra space, incorrect homonym or worse. Thanks for sharing the good stuff here.


    1. Yes, it seems there’s always a little trick or two for WordPress that somebody knows and we may have overlooked. Hugh has some great posts about blogging. Glad you found it helpful once again Marian. 🙂


  2. Debby, thank you so much, my friend. I really appreciate all the support you give to me, my blog and my writing.
    I hope you have a wonderful last few days in Arizona. I bet you can’t believe how quickly the time has gone?
    With my best wishes,


    1. Hugh, thanks for sharing great posts and challenges. I told you I was sharing this, sorry my scheduling has been off. 🙂 I hope your move went smoothly. And I’m in high anxiety about my trip soon coming to and end, lol. I’ve been busy cramming life in here but there will be many more pictures to come, and certainly I will have something for one of your next photo challenges! 🙂 ❤


  3. The move went very well, thanks, Debby. Now here in rainy cold Wales. ?but loving it.
    I look forward to seeing the photos. I’ve had a lot of published authors join in the challenge this week. I’m so very pleased about that.
    My next blogging tips post will be published soon.


    1. Glad you’re settled in Hugh. Soon it will begin feeling like home for you.
      As you know I’ve been quite busy trying to take in all that I can here in Arizona for my upcoming last week 😦 😦 I’m already feeling separation anxiety. Hence, it’s been hard enough just keeping up with blogs. I look forward to partaking in more of your fun challenges soon. And I know some of my followers have enjoyed your posts too and now following you too. Isn’t that what our blogging community is all about?
      Happy weekend my friend! xoxo


    1. Lol Teagan. You would know well what it feels like! I’ve been in serious anxiety mode just thinking about leaving. I had thoughts of making it permanent from my first visit here two years ago. Unfortunately, our Canadian dollar is atrocious and couldn’t afford me that luxury, at least until the economy turns around. A tough pill to swallow my friend! xoxo ❤


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