I Challenge You to Build Your #Email List – Nose Graze

  Building An Email List

Today I’m going to share a great website with you called Nosegraze.com. Ashley runs a fabulous blog there which is like a help site for all bloggers. She’s a web developer who, besides selling services such as coding, web design, themes, plugins, and so much more, blogs about wordpress and issues we can run into, as well as tricks of the trade to show us how to get the most out of our blogs.


In today’s post that I’m sharing, Ashley is talking about the importance of setting up a mailing list on our blogs.


3 Full-proof ways to grow your email list:


“I don’t care how hot Bloglovin’ or Feedly are, or even Twitter/Facebook/Periscope or whatever new social media is all the rage. The #1 subscription avenue you should be promoting is email. Above all others: email. Email is the best and most reliable way to get people to read your content. People check their email all […]”  CONTINUE READING 

Source: I Challenge You to Build Your Email List – Nose Graze 


27 thoughts on “I Challenge You to Build Your #Email List – Nose Graze

      1. Very useful but I’m going to need a dedicated site to really utilize the sign-up forms the way they should be used.


  1. Thanks Debby. It sounds like an awesome resource.
    You’re probably soaking up the last few days of Arizona energy about now. Even though you have to go back home, I’m totally envious of your long vacation there. Maybe one of these days…
    Have a superb Sunday. Mega hugs.


    1. Hi Teag! Yes, I’m taking advantage of the El Nino heatwave here we’ve been having for the past 2 weeks and running. It’s a nice gift after the 2 weeks of El Nino cold we had in the beginning. But I have to tell you, I’m not looking forward to ‘Taking off my rainbow shades’. ❤ xo


  2. Thank you for posting this. I have read a lot recently about how e-mails are the way to go for authors so have bookmarked this page to keep. I hope you are having a good Monday.


    1. You are welcome Adele. I try and post articles I’ve found helpful myself, for other writers. Not everyone may be at the email stage in their building of their platform, but these articles are great to file away for later reference.
      Happy week to you Adele. 🙂


  3. I know so little about email lists and not there yet to think about it, but this is one of your many posts I’ve bookmarked Debby, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful information 🙂 xoxo


  4. Thanks for sharing this resource. Very thorough and obviously knowledgeable. But I don’t know HOW to create an email list of subscribers. I assume there are resources to help me with that?


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