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Today I’m sharing a reblog from Amy Reade’s blog  .


For those of you in the blogosphere who haven’t heard of Sally Cronin, you are certainly missing out on a treat. Sally is a diverse author and blogger, and besides sharing a vast array of posts from her author guest shows and featured book fanfare to music series, funnie videos and her most informative health and nutritional series, Sally is a great promoter of other writers.


This post has been reblogged and featured on so many other blogs in the past few weeks that I thought I’d let it be shared around by others for awhile, and as rightly deserved, bring it back here to introduce Sally to new readers.


Please have a look at the post below, then go visit Sally’s fascinating blog at The Smorgasbord Invitation and have a look around her site. Check out her blog, her books, and her series. Sally currently has an invitation open to authors to promote their books on her site, as well as guest posting.

DSC_0869 a

“Please welcome Sally Cronin, author of a short stories, a copious and impressive blog, novels, and a number of books on health, wellness, weight loss, and media training. Her most recent book is called Tales from the Garden. I’m particularly thrilled to have Sally on Reade and Write because she is a tireless and selfless promoter of other authors. . .” Continue Reading  

Source: Meet Sally Cronin 


10 thoughts on “Meet Sally Cronin

  1. I just poked around on your website and noticed some buzz on Twitter. I like the descriptors about you and other authors: tireless and selfless. For me, one is easier than the other – ha!


  2. I see how you’re doing your best to keep it all going, Debby. I hope you can also give yourself plenty of rest. Maybe a massage? I hope your husband is getting stronger. Spring is on your side. I’m seeing bluebirds here. May all be well and may that be soon.


    1. Thanks so much Elaine. Yes, trying to keep it together is the perfect phrase. Unfortunately, hub took another turn for the worse, back in hospital. I’m fit to be tied. 😦 ❤


  3. Thanks for the reblog! I’ve been out of the country and had limited (read: almost zero) luck getting into my email and social media accounts. Glad to see Sally getting some more views! Have a great week.


    1. My pleasure Amy, and no worries. We all have so much going on, and I knew you were away. ) I also know the many difficulties I’ve had trying to log in to accounts while away. Nice to see you here. 🙂


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