#Indie Authors: An Overview of Self Publishing

self pubbing

When it comes to self publishing, there are a myriad of things we have to learn to become publishers and marketers. Our writing time will begin to dwindle as we begin to learn to split ourselves between writing, publishing, and marketing.

I came across this article from Digital Pubbing.com which shares a comprehensive list of links that self publishers, new and old, may find helpful along the journey. It’s quite an extensive list and at first can look overwhelming, but it’s a great article to bookmark for reference when you need a little guidance or instruction.




“When it comes to self-publishing, there’s a lot to know: business models, library distribution, marketing, research, and more. Below is a list of helpful links I’ve compiled over the years . . .” Continue reading

Source: Indie Authors: An Overview of Self Publishing 


23 thoughts on “#Indie Authors: An Overview of Self Publishing

    1. Happy weekend to you too Sue. Yes, this post has some wonderfully informative links. Too much to read in a sitting, but excellent to book mark for when you’re ready to dive into ‘that book’ you’ll soon be writing. 🙂 xo


    2. There’s just never enough time, even for half of the things we’re “supposed to do”… Admittedly I knew that when I started me “grand experiment in Indie”… but I still wish there were more time! LOL… Thanks for this Debby.


      1. I wholeheartedly agree with you Teag. But still, eventually all these tips will come in handy at some point, so it’s worthy of bookmarking for those times we eventually get there. ❤


  1. Thanks, D.G. There’s always more tips/links to take in. That too will suck time away from writing but then if you can’t market a well designed and well edited book what’s the point of writing it?


    1. Exactly John. And yes there is so much we have to do in order for our books to be successful. Of course we can’t always read everything, or do everything, so I thought this would be a handy guide for those times we’re looking for some help. 🙂


  2. Oh absolutely. I’ve already saved the link. 😀 Someday, somehow, I’ll have time. I figure they’ll eventually manage to add more hours to the week, just so corporations and governments can keep us working more so… LOL, more hours… Maybe I should be careful what I wish for — that still wouldn’t be Indie time! Have a marvelous Monday.


    1. Lol, I hear you Teag. And one of my favourite sayings is, ‘be careful what we wish for’, lol. Not sure more hours would help. The more we work, the more tax we pay. It almost feels like a lose – lose. Happy week to you! xo ❤


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