Why You Should Try a Style Sheet – Sue Archer

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Style sheets are used by editors to keep a succinct list of spelling, punctuation and capitalization uses of the author’s work to reference consistency throughout the manuscript. But style sheets are also beneficial for the author to use as well.

Using a style sheet for writers allows the writer to keep a list of their own preferences, for example: a certain way they prefer a word or phrase to remain with a different spelling or any other variation or preferred use to alert the editor to.


Below is a more detailed description about the uses of a style sheet by Sue Archer.

Your editor may have different ideas about style than you do. When you get your manuscript back, you don’t want to find out that some of your carefully capitalized words have been painstakingly lower-cased or that American spelling has been applied when most of your readers are in the UK. This will mean extra work for both you and your editor, which could result in higher fees. It pays to think up front about any preferences you may have, and call them out. . .”  Continue Reading 

Source: Why You Should Try a Style Sheet – Sue Archer  



4 thoughts on “Why You Should Try a Style Sheet – Sue Archer

  1. I agree! I’m all for style sheets. I keep one for each fantasy novel. I use different language and spellings there, and I need to keep it all consistent throughout the series. I recommend everyone should use style sheets.


  2. I actually have something I call my book bible. It’s similar except has a bit more information in it. So I keep stuff like eye colour or specific characteristics of major characters so i don’t end up with a blue eyed fat bloke who started out skinny and brown haired. The point is a fantastic one, a style sheet is invaluable It means you can do a quick find and replace for all those pesky capital letter errors!


    1. Exactly Sach. And what you’re doing is your own version of the style sheet. We can make them and use them as they best fit our own style and needs. 🙂


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