Impossibly Connected – #Auras, #Energy and #Universal Life Forces | Sacha Black

Things hmm

My fascinating friend and writer, Sacha Black, wrote this post about Universal Life Forces. In this article Sacha discusses the source of energy which guides our intuition and gut instinct. In the post you will also find an intriguing video she has attached which will teach you a little bit on how to see auras.


“I’ve had more than one of those jaw dropping moments. The excuse me while I demonstrate my gormless look and allow my brain to crap itself.


I’m talking about when you meet someone for the first time and are so overwhelmed by the ‘we must have been separated at birth‘ feeling that your soul has an orgasm over this impossible, unearthly connection.


I’m not sure I even have the word to describe?! But I’m better you know what I mean.


It’s not always positive either, have you ever met someone, or seen someone from across a room, and taken an instant dislike to them? . . .” Continue Reading

Source: Impossibly Connected – Auras, Energy and Universal Life Forces | Sacha Black

16 thoughts on “Impossibly Connected – #Auras, #Energy and #Universal Life Forces | Sacha Black

  1. Hi Dear Debbie.. Thank you for this share.. I look forward to going to read it..
    Lovely to be here again.. I had to send my PC into be repaired.. Hence the time it took to get here.. Hope all is well with you.. 🙂
    Love Sue ❤


  2. This is an excellent post by Sacha… great choice for a reblog, dear Debbie…
    Also, this makes me think that I need to check out if I can see auras above/around someone… the video sounded original… I will have to find out a strong candidate in order to prove so… no conditions or previous ideas, you know… * smile*… love and best wishes. Aquileana ⭐


  3. Though I wouldn’t blog about it at my own site (since I’m trying so hard for that illusive job out west)… I’ve been completely blocked from all things metaphysical since I moved to DC. However, I used to see auras (and I don’t mean intuitively). Among other things. Lots of other things… The first time I saw as aura, it was so unexpected that I freaked out.
    I look forward to reading Sasha’s post. Hugs.


    1. Wow Teag. Thanks for sharing that. You need to get yo azz back to the west to get all your mojos back in finely tuned working order. 🙂 ❤


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