New #Paypal #Scam and More #Windows10 issues with #Kaspersky Antivirus

Don't be scammed

Today I’m sharing a few annoying issues I’ve experienced this week with a couple of technical issues I’ve encountered. One is a #Scam warning, and another is more bad publicity with #Windows 10 and antivirus issues with Kaspersky.


I’ve spent countless hours, disrupting my writing time this week fighting with my antivirus renewal with Kaspersky. My one year subscription had ran out and I purchased a new licence for another year, good for 5 devices.


The installation went smoothly on my other Windows 8.1 computers, even on my older Windows 7 laptop, but the nightmare began with my newer Windows 10 Surface Pro laptop.


After removing the expired antivirus program, preparing to install the new one, the program wouldn’t install on Windows 10. I spent a few hours looking up the potential problems and reading numerous complaints from others on Google who experienced the same problem. I tried several of the fixes offered by Kaspersky, which was eternally time consuming, removing, rebooting, and reinstalling the software program, only having to uninstall over again several times.


After I wasted one complete day, I called their support. They went over the same things I’d already done, then sent me an email with another fix. That didn’t work either. By then I could have punched someone there in the head after going through the same procedures repeatedly to no avail. I asked to speak to someone who knows what they’re doing to fix the darned program. I was told that was a premium service and I would have to pay to have a tech go remotely in my computer to get it working.


I won’t repeat here my reply to that, suffice it to say, I was not pleasant, and I reprimanded the person on the phone for selling antivirus that clearly isn’t compatible with Windows 10, that I had paid for, and sending me around in circles to keep trying new fixes they were emailing me, but I had to pay to someone who knew how to do it quickly.


After threatening them with bad publicity from me, there were more apologies, and another fix that came in the mail yesterday. Once again, I spent a good hour following their instructions, removing programs, cleaning disks, reinstalling and rebooting several times, again, to no avail. I just got finished chewing out another ‘support’ person, who obviously is of no support, letting them know I’m going public with this issue. And so here I am. This is a warning for you Windows 10 users, Do NOT use Kaspersky antivirus for your computers if you value your time, because IT DOES NOT WORK. Or be prepared to lose a week of your life trying.


So, with this said, I currently still have no antivirus on my favorite laptop, and am awaiting, yes, another email fix from this helpful company. If I hadn’t already installed it on my other computers, I’d send it back. As it stands, after several futile hours spent on this shit, I’ll be taking my laptop and the product back to the box store I purchased it at, and tell them to make it work. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


ADDENDUM: Since the writing of this post. There were two more email requests from Kaspersky, asking me to download files and a lengthy lists of technical things I should do to make THEIR program work. Besides the time factor, I have no clue what half of those instructions even mean. I have since downloaded AVAST antivirus and Malware Bytes. And here was my final response to their last email telling me I didn’t respond to ‘their latest ideas for a fix’.


“I did not respond because I don’t have hours to do the multitude of things you sent me. I am not a technician. Your support is unsatisfactory. You sell products, yet a tech won’t resolve issues immediately. You send us the onus of the work to make YOUR software compatible with our computers. You should be making your software compatible from the get go. I am a writer, I don’t have hours and days to spend to make your product work.
I find it appalling that after all you’ve put me through, someone couldn’t go in remotely and do whatever is necessary without threatening to charge me for it. I am done with your product.
I will be publishing an article about the incompatibility of Kaspersky with Windows 10. Fix your stuff. I don’t have time to fix it for you.”



On another note, I want to warn you all to be very careful with email scams. I had written a post on some scams awhile back HERE. But today, I also received an email from Paypal, alerting me that my account is under suspension.


At first I was concerned about what had gone wrong, worrying about having no Paypal to use with all my author business I use it for. But after my suspect investigation, I smelled another scam. I opened the mail but didn’t click on any links. This scam was better than their previous ones. The Paypal logo was there, and no funny names in the URL. The notice told me I had violated their policies and to rectify, I was to click on the link provided to verify my information.


Everyone who deals with money and credit cards with a company should know those companies and institutions will never ask you for personal information in an email. The notice didn’t even say the usual ‘Hello Deborah’ that Paypal usually states your name in salutation, but merely, ‘Dear Customer’. That was my number one flag.


I was certain it was a scam, but being that Paypal has my credit card number on file, I called support immediately to make sure my account wasn’t compromised. Gratefully, the support girl told me it was a scam, and my account was fine. I shared the email info with her, and she told me the scammers are hoping to get some poor unsuspecting, perhaps tech unsavvy person to click on the link and fill out their account information. And it’s hard for me to believe, but people do this.


The support girl advised me to forward the email to their, where I’ve sent a few to in the past. By sending them these emails, it helps them keep on top of the latest scams using their name.


So remember people, you have to be diligent with emails. People are trying to steal from others every day. It’s up to us to do the proper investigations. And if any of these emails are asking for verification on accounts, DO NOT ever email back any information. Either go to that website direct and sign in to your account and see if there is personal mail to your from that company, or better yet, just pick up the phone and call direct before you even think about replying to these scammers.


I hope I’ve been helpful in today’s lessons.



41 thoughts on “New #Paypal #Scam and More #Windows10 issues with #Kaspersky Antivirus

  1. Thanks for the heads-up about Windows 10, Debby. I am dreading having to upgrade. I wish these tech companies would learn the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule. It’s fine to have new more complicated systems for people who want them, but some of us are very happy with the Windows we have.

    I got one of those PayPal things too. And I was surprised at how legit it looked. A fancier version of the old scam. But I knew enough to go to PayPal through Google instead and saw, of course, there’s nothing wrong with my account. Good to remind people of that. Thanks!


    1. Thanks so much Anne for chiming in here. I know you are one of our best advocates and patrollers for internet scams. I like to share them here as I come across them to warn others too. And yes, as if we don’t have a mountain of things to attend to, like I told Kaspersky, “I don’t get paid from you for my time trying to fix your errors.” 🙂


  2. As I’ve noted here and there, I came to Windows 10 kicking and screaming. I’m surviving. I rechecked the Microsoft site and found that the extended support date for Windows 7 is January 14 2020. I need to replace our 5-year old desktops soon and can still get Windows 7 Professional through October 31. May not be a great deal for stringing out 7 a little more than 3 years but I could do it. Who knows whether the successor to 10 that comes out in 2020 will be any better.

    Try Avast or another free antivirus for now on you Surface Pro or don’t go online.

    Yes, the phishers are only getting bolder.


    1. Thanks for the tips. And may I suggest if you’re going to buy a new computer at least move to 8.1 it’s great, so much more functional than Windows 7.
      I’m just about to try yet another fix from the Kapers, and I’m going to take it to the store if that doesn’t work. I’m on my other laptop now, so I’m not out of computers, lol. Don’t go online? Lol, who are you talking to? For now, Windows Defender is supposedly babysitting. 🙂


      1. Ah, have to consider 8.1 but I had heard so many complaints about it. Maybe we’ll bite the bullet and do 10 anyway. BTW: I just meant don’t go online with the one that didn’t have antivirus; you have lots of devices to choose from it seems. 🙂


      2. John, I love 8.1. And Windows 10 isn’t bad, it’s similar to 8.1 with added functionalities, which I don’t really use and have learned to close them off. The bad thing about Windows 10 is that if the computer didn’t come with it already installed, installing it to an older version is where the troubles begin. I find working on the computer so much more functional since 8.1 came along with touchscreen capabilities. Funny 8 came out and 8.1 was out shortly after 8 because I feel they weren’t ready to put out 8 yet. If you get a computer with 8, just download 8.1 first thing before setting up anything else.
        PS I hear you on the antivirus. After receiving the latest email ‘fix’ from Kaspersky 2 days ago, I couldn’t even bring myself to reply to them again. They sent me 2 pages of instructions, basically to turn my computer inside out and do things with files I’ve never even heard of. A bloody shame, I should have to do all that damn stuff to make their software work. I didn’t even reply and downloaded Avast. Now I’m only worried the free version isn’t safe enough if I’m doing banking, etc. on that computer. I can’t see myself paying for a 2nd antivirus when I’ve already paid for Kapersky’s with 5 licences.
        So annoying! 🙂


  3. Thank you, Debby. I had two scams this week. Six phone calls that I owe CRA money and if I don’t call back immediately or have my lawyer contact them within 24 hours, I’ll no only have to pay the outstanding funds but pay all court costs. Six times in one day. Could not trace the number because it is toll-free.
    Also received a waning from Outlook team: last warning. Reactivate your account.
    Thank goodness I ignored and did not engage with either of them.


    1. Holy crap Tess, there must be something in the air, a contest or something for these baddies to see how many vulnerable people they can snare. It’s downright awful.
      Just five minutes ago, I received a text, supposedly from my bank, stating, my accounts have been closed, to reactivate, click this link. Really???? First of all, my bank doesn’t text me, they don’t even have my cell number, the link didn’t even have the bank’s name in it, and a bank would NEVER ask for account information in an email or text, you’d have to go to your account on the encrypted bank page and sign in. I didn’t even bother calling the bank it’s so blantantly sleazy and obvious it’s a scam, lol.
      And by the way, when I was speaking with the fraud squad a few weeks ago, reporting a scam for one of those types of email scams where I’m being sued for something ridiculous, they told me the most popular scam keeping them inundated is the CRA scam where sadly, many seniors were falling for it. So glad you didn’t! ❤


  4. I had a similar scam with PayPal awhile back. I called PayPal as you did. It’s so annoying and time consuming.
    You might want to try another antivirus. I use AVG and it’s free.
    Have a great weekend, Debby. 🙂


    1. Lol Teag. I just got one this evening from the bank. Does it ever end? Grrr! Happy weekend my friend. See you in the morning for a little coffee and Guitar Mancer. xo ❤


  5. Sorry to hear of your frustrations with the antivirus software, Debby. I hope the store can get it sorted out for you. I’ve read good and bad reports about Windows 10, but I wouldn’t want to be using it right now. I can’t imagine not being able to use my computer. It was bad enough when we had no broadband for three weeks after our move last Summer.

    As for PayPal, unless they address me personally in the email, then it goes straight to spam. Some companies are now also including your postal code and your full name when emailing you, but I’m sure it won’t be long before the spammers get around that one.


    1. I remember when you had no broadband, a brutal thing for a writer, lol. Thanks Hugh, I’ll have this darned antivirus stuff sorted by Monday. And I’m glad to hear you just trash the trash! Just remember, Paypal, like any other bank institution would never email you anyway asking for any account information. They would email asking you to log in to your account to see the message they left you there once you’ve logged in. We must be vigilant with the amount of cyber crime that’s going on now. We are susceptible because our lives are so much online. 🙂


      1. Exactly, Debby. Plus, we are so busy these days that to save time we are prone to skim over emails rather than read them correctly. Good point about organisations would always ask you to log into your account to view any message they’ve sent you. Never click on any links in these emails including those that say ‘click here’ to log on.


  6. Hi Deb, here at last my friend.. Oh dear so many issues about at the moment in this technical world of ours.. I have to say some one we know of last year fell fowl to a PayPal scam, This is what puts me off using the net to buy things.. I am very ‘Old fashioned’ in this area .. And do not do internet banking either..
    As for Windows 10 well I am still finding my way around.. and dislike all of these Apps that came with it that are out to make money.. I have unpinned most of them Yet they will still be loaded in there somewhere,
    I am still navigating that area of unistall etc. 🙂
    I hope you get your anti-virus sorted out my friend..
    I had not heard of Kaspeersky over here..
    Hope you have a good weekend Debby xxx
    Love Sue xxx


    1. Hello Sue. Welcome back to blog world, lol. Arg, I’m sorry to hear you know someone caught in a Paypal scam. There is so much evil out in the cyber world, we just have to be vigilant with anything to do with our identification and monies. I used to be just like you before I started publishing books. I had even closed my Facebook account. But when I became published, I needed to create a platform, thus I can’t sell books hiding out. As a self published author, it’s almost crucial to have a Paypal account for services I use such as promotional ads, paying editors, formatters and designers. People who work for themselves don’t often have a Visa machine at home, so Paypal is the way to go. And I have to say, they are quite good and run safely. They have a great support system too. But not even the banks can stop the baddies from trying to scam. Heck scammers even send emails saying they are the government, trying to scam pensioners, they go to any lengths. So like I said, we just need to be diligent with practicing safety with emails and links.
      Hope you’re getting the hang of Windows 10. And happy week to you my friend. xoxo<3


      1. Yes Deb I am getting the hang of W10 slowly..Its crazy, you would think I would be on my new PC all the time.. In fact I have been on it less.. Perhaps my next post may explain how I have been feeling ..
        And Yes I am always wary, thankfully my email has a good junk mail, which although it sometimes gets it wrong usually gets those scammers first.. 🙂
        Enjoy your Sunday 🙂 Hugs xx


  7. I am glad to be avoiding this–so far. My computer expert son set me up so I’m not even asked to update to Window10 anymore. But sometime I’ll have to switch. My son thinks they will get better and more user friendly because there has been such an outcry. I hope so. Luckily, he’ll engineer the move. I have anti-virus protection and offsite backup in a few ways. But sooner or later, this boat will rock. Thanks for leading the way.


    1. Thanks for sharing your ammo here Elaine. You are lucky to have a son to help navigate the ways of technology for you. And yes, I’m hoping with enough protests and complainers like me making our voices be heard in the cyber world, that perhaps Microsoft may find the error in their ways and make things easier. 🙂


  8. Once again Deb, you give us great advice and warnings of those scams out there, thank you so much. It’s disgusting how these scammers prey on the vulnerable and more trusting in our society. We really have to be constantly vigilant. I have a great anti-virus from the computer company (locally run) where I got my laptop and haven’t had any problems (dare I say it?), but then I don’t have Windows 10, still on 7 as you know! So sorry for all your trouble, you know I know what it’s like after all my own shit last year…and then they lost my laptop!!!! I really hope you get it sorted out and soon..those people better sit up when you go in to the store lol!!! 🙂 ❤ xoxo


    1. Lol, I replied to your last comment instead of this one. So glad you subscribed to KM Weiland’s newsletter. It’s a wealth of information. 🙂 xoxo


  9. I swapped to Mac a few years ago – actually when I started writing seriously and honest to god, the number of problems I use to have that were related to shoddy anti virus software – I swear its worse than the viruses themselves!


  10. So sorry for all the precious time wasted on these frustrating things. Nothing worse than having to explain things over and over. Probably none of the antivirus lots are perfect, I have Norton and as soon as I contact them they go in and fix the problem. On one occasion the helper was not helpful but the other times they were great. I sure hope your problems soon clear – exposing them for their slackness is a great idea.

    Thanks for the info on PayPal too.


    1. Thanks a lot Kathleen for commenting. I used to use Norton years ago, when life was simpler, lol. And yes, I share this info to save others the grief. 🙂


  11. Hi Debby 😀
    I have been using Malwarebytes for a couple of years now. It is free and does the job. Initially I was just using Windows Defender and thought it was okay until a friend recommended that I tried Malwarebytes
    It frightened me silly on the first scan as it found 64 Trojans, viruses, pups etc which Defender had completely missed. You can upgrade to real-time, but I am quite happy with doing the scan myself at the end of the day. 😀 ❤


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