Dear #Spanx – Letting Go -#Self-Esteem

letting go


Dear Spanx,


You’ve left me no alternative but to break up with you. You may appear small, but your mighty powers have stretched my patience. I will not subject myself to your abuse any longer.


You pretended to be my friend by complimenting me when all you were doing was sucking the life out of me. You led me to believe with your hugging and squeezing me we’d be good friends. But you deceived me. Your broken promises to hold me tight in times of need began to smother me. You just wouldn’t let me breathe till I felt as though I was bursting at the seams; gasping for air.


I am breaking free of you now. I will no longer allow you to cause me discomfort and pain. I can’t go on fighting with you every time we get together. You misled me, pretending to shape my self-esteem, yet, I see through your manipulative ways. You give me a compliment, and in the next breath your making fun of me by pinching my unflattering parts, only to create new flabby spots. You can’t fool me anymore. The rolls aren’t going to magically disappear, they only get squished to another location.


I don’t need this expanded version of your dishonesty. My insides are splitting as you persist to maintain your tight grip on me. I’m sorry we couldn’t play nicely together. I no longer wish to be restricted by your confines. I need my freedom. I choose not to use you as a crutch any longer, hiding behind your overbearing shadow.


It’s time for me to bust out and own who I am without needing you or anyone else to support me. I don’t need you to embrace me. I will embrace myself for my courage to walk away from you as I learn to love and appreciate myself for all that I am.


So thanks for all of your support in the past. The time has come to part with things that no longer serve me in kindness and comfort. Your welcome has worn out.




50 thoughts on “Dear #Spanx – Letting Go -#Self-Esteem

  1. Fabulous, Debby!

    I’m keeping my Spanx for two reasons and only two: (1) I need the support on Sundays when I lift 2-year-olds to the diaper changing table. (2) I must fit into my little black dress I bought for funerals years ago, regardless of whatever happens to my waistline.

    This piece may be of interest to Dr. Christine Northup, women’s health guru:


    1. Lol Marian, I do hear you. I just thought about these as I was tossing a pair out I never even wore because of the sausage effect. But sometimes we must endure. Although, I’ve found alternatives to them which don’t make me feel so compacted. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the link. I”m checking it out. I have a few of her books. πŸ™‚


  2. Ha Ha! Spanx totally lies when they say their shapewear is comfortable. I bought a camisole off of QVC that promised to be comfortable beyond belief, yeah right! I sent that puppy back after barely being able to get the darn thing on. Rolling shapewear over and up your body is not pleasant. I literally could not breath once I got the darn thing on. I’ve embraced the tank top with unbuttoned shirt look for Summer.

    I still have a pair of the footless hose that do work for the occasional dress pants look. I crack up when celebrities talk about wearing Spanx. I’m thinking “Hmm, you are trying to cover up what probably amounts to the flab hanging from my upper arms.” Sorry celebrity, I will never be able to relate to your excess weight of maybe three pounds.


    1. LOLLLLLLLLLLL, so true. And you also have to be careful of wearing the short ones with fitted pants. When you sit down you can see the indent of the legband through the pants. So uncomfortable! πŸ™‚


  3. πŸ™‚ Now you are going to Laugh at me Debby, but I had to Google what Spanx was, so I so laughed out Loud when I re-read again your post then knowing what you were talking about LOL..
    Very cleverly written Deb πŸ™‚ Hugs Sue xxx


  4. I love this! πŸ™‚ It’s a really big step to accept who you are and the body you are in. You can eat right, meditate, do yoga, work out, and it will never be perfect according to the magazines. Toss it out the window it doesn’t serve you. You have a much higher purpose being here, far greater than worrying about how you look πŸ˜‰ ❀


  5. Here’s where I stand on the subject of Spanx. I had no idea what it was until I read your piece and realized I was missing something. At first, I thought you might be talking about a computer program. I REFUSE to be squeezed or compacted by clothing, so that settles it. No first date.


    1. Lol Elaine. I was surprised by the amount of women here who weren’t familiar with Spanx. And for those who weren’t, like you, declaring you’re better off without them, you are, lol. πŸ™‚


  6. Oh I wondered what those spanx were… sounded a bit dubious!! I never liked those as they stopped me wanting to eat. Having a Malaysian mother food is pretty much the no. 1 topic of conversation. Life without food is dull so I gave up on them superpronto.


    1. Lol Marje!Dubious is a good word. But I had to laugh when you told me they stopped you from eating. Hilarious! Hmm, maybe a good diet gadget? πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting. ❀


    1. I hear you Jeri. Although the days of sky rocketing heels are done for me too, I refuse to give up the 3 inch heels when necessary. Funny, I’m thinking about writing about those next. πŸ™‚


  7. So cleverly written Debby and I am with you…the rolls move to elsewhere and then you’re unable to sit down! Breathing is more important and hey, you are fabby just as you are…as we all are. Beautiful souls who do not need to be fenced in….. ❀


  8. haha this made me roar! I own spanx, I am too attached to throw them out. Although I’ve lost 16lbs in the last 3 months so I might need a smaller pair. It’s funny because some days they work and others they simply dont. I wore a particular dress and they worked amazing wore another one and I had to take them off cause they scrunched all my fat up front – was SO weird!


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