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How exciting to be invited for interview with author/blogger, bookreviewer, Christoph Fischer! 


Christoph has begun a new series of interviews on #blogging. He has a series of questions he asks on how we began our blogs, and how we manage to keep up with them. Have a look below at my replies:


Today I have the special honour of welcoming a dear friend and an excellent writer and blogger: D.G. Kaye, the author of Conflicted Hearts, Meno-What? A Memoir, Words We Carry, and Have Bags, Will Travel. She is a nonfiction writer of memoirs about life experiences, matters of the heart and women’s issues.

How did you attract the audience?


“I noticed that my following was growing after I began to establish myself more on social media platforms. I also started following several blogs which interested me, and through visiting those blogs, I came across other blogs by introduction of guest posts, etc. I also interact on those blogs, not just by ‘liking’ posts, but also by sharing them on various social platforms and leaving comments. I noticed that my comments had led to forming many wonderful friendships with fellow bloggers. Before I knew it, I was . . .Continue Reading


Source: Guest blogger: D.G. Kaye | writerchristophfischer

3 thoughts on “Guest blogger: D.G. Kaye | writerchristophfischer

  1. Such a great interview Debby and it shows again just how much time and energy you pour into your blog and your blogging community..
    I do not know how you find time to write books LOL.. 🙂
    And I started out life on Windows Live Spaces in 07 .. 🙂 then transfered to WP when they closed. 🙂


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