You Don’t Have to be Famous to be #Pirated – Blasty Part 2

calm pirates

I’d like to thank the first three people here who must have signed up to Blasty, because they accepted me yesterday instead of the 12 day waiting period. And I’m willing to bet several more of you have also signed up. And if you haven’t, you may want to after reading this. And if you’re wondering what Blasty is, please see yesterday’s post Here.


I received my confirmation today, allowing me to add my other books to the site, as well as my blog. When I first signed up, they allowed me to enter only one of my books. So I entered my first book Conflicted Hearts, and WHAT DID I FIND?


I found 165 suspicious postings on Google about that book, and after going through the list, 135 of them were pirate sites offering free downloads on my book! I BLASTED them right off Google! Now I’m afraid to go back later and find how many more are pirating my other books. Sheesh! One would think I should be a famous author by now, lol.


But here’s the thing, I’ve read many articles by some well established Indie authors about piracy who say we can’t control all the thievery going on, so we can hope that those who are downloading our books for free are giving us FREE exposure. I certainly don’t have the time to send cease and desist letters to hundreds of sites. I can be grateful now that Google has banned them from being allowed to promote on the world wide web and now they will be small potatoes promoting to whoever happens to read.


Blasty is now just one more job for me to keep check on, but at least by Blasting them off Google, they are being punished. The site is easy to navigate. When you sign in, it will show you a list of suspicious Google posts and you will then have the choice to ‘Blast’ them away, or ignore. Note: Β Don’t just Blast away without checking the sites because there are legitimate posts from sites you may have advertised with, or a fellow writer or blogger may have featured you and your books on. If you ‘Blast‘ a site in error, you can go back and ‘Unblast’. The rules are simple but must be adhered to because you don’t want to blacklist a legit post in error.


Now, I suggest you take another look at this helpful site and start Blasting away the pirates! Blasty


I’d love to know what you guys who are using it think about it. I know I’m happy to have a free babysitting service with ‘Blasty’.

15 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to be Famous to be #Pirated – Blasty Part 2

  1. It’s good to hear from somebody who’s used Blasty. Pirates are such a nuisance. I get Google alerts almost once a week from sites offering one of my books.

    Usually they’re scam sites that don’t really offer my books, but just pretend to in order to steal personal information from victims, but it’s nice to know somebody’s getting them taken down!


    1. Thanks so much Anne for dropping by and commenting. I was blown away by the number of sites offering up my books and especially in PDF form, which I’ve never sent PDF’s to anyone (except an author friend for beta reading) or given away free myself. And yes, many of them were scam sites, which of course if they’re giving free books away, what would they be getting out of it? Precisely, unaware people are filling in their personal info to be scammed by those people.
      May I ask you, are you using Blasty? πŸ™‚


  2. That is awful Debby, and I am not up to ‘Press’ with this kind of practice, I know Piracy exists in almost everything that can be copied and for a time I know my own poems were being posted by one person passing them off as their own.. Many years ago and not on WP by the way.
    I will go now and read your previous post before my Wall kicks back in and throws me off LOL πŸ™‚


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