#BookReview #Memoir – Mourning Has Broken – Carol Balawyder

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Today I’d like to share my book review of author Carol Balawyder’s book, Mourning has Broken.

You may have noticed the date of this review was from two years ago, after I first read it. But as I have always enjoyed and reviewed Carol’s books, it only recently came to my attention that I’d forgot to post the review here.

Carol is a versatile writer. Besides her writing this poignant memoir on love, loss and grief, Carol also has a fiction book series about a group of girlfriends and how each of them deal with relationship issues, love gone wrong, and self esteem as they approach their middle years.  She is also working on a new crime series, as her background will tell you she was once a criminologist and taught Police Technology and Corrections in a college.

You can have a look at Carol’s books Here on Her Amazon Page.

Carol's book

5 Star – A Heartwarming Accounting on Grief

By D.G. Kaye on February 24, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

The author conveys her emotions she battled during the mourning process on the loss of her parents and more deeply on the loss of her sister. I felt as though her beautiful literary prose was her aid in announcing her healing.
Balawyder invites us in to share in her well-travelled life and shares her deep insights into her grieving process. She raises some of the valid questions we ask ourselves when we have lost a loved one or going through the transition of losing a loved one. Questions encompass things such as, could I have done more, did I say all that I had to say and there is much discussion about the sometimes difficult discomfort of saying “I love you.”
Her inner turmoil is expressed deeply and I would recommend this book to anyone who has loved and lost or perhaps may be going through the process of losing someone dear.

16 thoughts on “#BookReview #Memoir – Mourning Has Broken – Carol Balawyder

  1. You are a kind friend, always willing to promote others. You have found that sharing is a powerful business advantage, even though you do it out of the kindness of your heart.

    Great endorsement for a meaningful book – thank you, Debby.


    1. Thanks for your kind compliments Marian. I always like to put up my reviews of most books I read, especially author friend’s books who deserve the recognition. When I was going through my Goodreads books, I noticed I’d posted all of Carol’s books I’ve read here and forgot this one. I’ve always been a sharer of good information, long before I began writing books.
      I ask nothing in return from anyone, but the universe seems to have a way of giving back. 🙂


  2. What a wonderful review Debby and it sounds an emotional journey that your discriptive words convey as great read..

    ( and as you can see I am here having turned off temp for half an hour the offending wall lol )


      1. Hi Yes it is and it says you are a threat.. I sent a report via the various connecting things I clicked to find out as to why I couldn’t get here.. Crazy.. but the wall turned itself back on after a certain time frame.. And guess what you are still a threat.. I am gutted as I can find no way around it .. I will have to get one of my more computer brainy friends to give me a hand on this one..


      2. Omg, how infuriating this is. Now I feel terrible that you have to jump hoops to visit me here :(. I hope you don’t disappear on me and someone better than I can help you. I’m out of tricks too. 😦 ❤ xo


      3. Yes I am hoping they get back to me on it and address why your IP is a threat. It only did it after the anti virus programme did an update it was fine to begin with. xxx


      4. Oh, that’s interesting. Well you need to speak with them. And if they aren’t helpful, I would uninstall the software, and re-install. Sheesh, we have to be scientists just to read blogs, lol. 🙂 xo


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