#Tech Woes – Are #Firewalls blocking you from Websites?

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Today’s technical issues relate to some problems I’ve been informed about by some of my readers. They can’t seem to get to my site.


Naturally, my FBI instincts were alerted. After finding from those who took the time to inform me that they had to shut off their firewalls just to allow them to visit my site (thank you devoted readers), I began to do some research on the problem.


I found the common thread with those who’ve had this problem seemed to be they are all using McAfee antivirus software. Although this didn’t make the task any easier for me to solve, I decided to call my web host, Godaddy, to see if there was a problem with my site. The rep told me everything was running smoothly.


I continued to tell him that the problem seemed to be with users of McAfee software and this was his response:  He told me that it’s possible that when McAfee did recent updates, they have added protection from safe sites that don’t have an SSL certificate. Ya, you may not know what that is either. I wasn’t aware of such certificate. But apparently, this is a certificate many sites add if they’re selling products from their own site to enable buyers to know their credit card info is safe on their site. But I’m not selling anything?


It got me thinking. Is this a money grab? Do I now need to purchase this annual renewal expense for $100? This is not in my budget right now and a techy, author friend mentioned that he was leery of this sounding like an upsell.


I didn’t receive any concrete answers from the rep, only possible theories, as he re-iterated that my site had the ‘green light’. And I wondered why only McAfee antivirus users were having this problem. So I continued to do my own digging around with my best friend, ‘Google’, because I’m concerned that those readers may potentially not bother with the hassle and leave my blog.


I found some interesting articles on Google from other McAfee users who are encountering this same problem. It appears to me that there are a few ways around this issue, by going into your McAfee antivirus program and manually adding the websites they are deeming unsafe.


Below are two relevant links that may help you with this problem.


https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB76314&actp=LIST Here’s another one http://www.ehow.com/how_8494740_unblock-mcafeeblocked.html


If any of you have been experiencing this problem, I’d be happy to hear about it below in the comments.

12 thoughts on “#Tech Woes – Are #Firewalls blocking you from Websites?

  1. I have bullguard and it blocks smarturls and some trusted blog sites. Posts from one trusted blogger regularly go to my spam. It’s not a problem for me with the sites that I already know, but I am more cautious with newer blog posts.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us ❤


    1. Thank You for sharing your experience here too Christoph. That’s interesting that yours blocks smarturls, I use that for my universal book links 😦 But yes, we do have to be cautious of new web sites. 🙂 ❤


  2. Here I am today dear Debby and on my other PC that runs Norton.. No problems what so ever with this one..
    My daughters partner was busy the other evening but I will ask him to look at my other one and hopefully get me sorted out… It is so frustrating not getting connected to your site.. And I did try looking into the adding manual myself.. but was still a bit unsure If I was clicking the right things or not.. so will leave to the experts 🙂
    Thanks again dear Debby for all of that digging around and trying to figure it out… And as I said it only started after McAfee’s last update..
    Love and Hugs Sue xxx


    1. Thank you so much Sue for going to the trouble to use another laptop to get here. So annoying, but at least there is a fix and hopefully this week you’ll get the help to just click on your antivirus and ‘add a website’, so you won’t have any further problems. And at least you will know after what to do when you come across any other sites you can’t get into. 🙂 Happy weekend my friend. xoxo ❤


  3. I haven’t heard of this problem. I sell my books through a website, but collect no credit card info (everything goes through PayPal) so haven’t invested in an SSL. I do get constant alerts about updating SSLs and stuff I don’t have a clue how to do, which makes me glad I don’t have one. Besides writing and marketing, we writers must be geeks. Yikes!


    1. I know Jacqui, there’s always something more to learn on the tech side, which unfortunately eats into our writing time, but sometimes becomes necessity. But now that I’ve found and shared a cure for those who seem to be getting blocked, I think I’m going to also hold of on the certificate. 🙂


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