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Today I’m sharing a recent article I was invited to write and share on Dorothy Sander’s blog, Aging Abundantly.


Dorothy writes about the wisdom we gain as we age. And her new series, which I was thrilled to be the first in, is entitled ‘The Voices of Wisdom’ – The Value of Gratitude.


Read the article below and you can continue reading on Dorothy’s blog.


Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and just listen. No more is needed. Being still, looking, and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions. ECKHART TOLLE


I’m so happy to introduce Debby Gies, our first contributor to the The Voices of Wisdom Series.  Debby, an author and prolific writer, captured my attention somewhere in cyberspace.  I  was drawn to her enthusiasm for life and read her book, Conflicted Hearts, a memoir in which her strength and courage is made visible and her zest for life contagious.


The Voices of Wisdom series is an ongoing series featuring guest posts by women of wisdom. Each guest will share some piece of wisdom gleaned from their life challenges. Stay tuned. We have more captivating reads ahead!

My Journey Through Mid-Life and What I Learned

By Debby Gies

Have you ever been on a ride that was completely smooth – no bumps, no valleys, and no inclines? I can say with certainty that I haven’t, and naturally, my journey through mid-life was no exception.


When I was young, I thought I was invincible. My plans to battle age developed decades before I hit my mid-life years. My arsenal of age-fighters were nothing short of trying to maintain a healthy eating and exercise regime, and an ongoing supply of whatever beauty aids, creams, potions, and lotions I would read about, in efforts to preserve myself from aging.


But the truth is, aging is a natural process of life. And, it entails much more than just our physical attributes. As I transitioned into my middle years, many things changed. My perceptions and values changed, my evaluations on friendships changed, even my tolerances and gratitudes changed.


Time became more apparent; not all of these things happened simultaneously, but as the hands of time began pointing in the direction of fifty, I noticed several changes within myself.




Although the healthy measures I adapted to when I was younger were moderately paying off, staving off wrinkles as best I could, my attitude towards life in general had changed.


I became a lot more aware of how quickly the days were passing, and how illness can change life in a flash. And I became concerned about the fact that I hadn’t accomplished anything that made me feel like I would be leaving my footprints behind when it came time for me to go to the next world. I felt time closing in on me. Continue Reading . . . 

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14 thoughts on “THE VALUE OF #GRATITUDE – Voices of Wisdom Guest Post |D.G. Kaye

  1. What a beautiful post, Debby. I too have come to terms (am coming to terms) with the grace of aging and the gifts of a shifting perspective. Gratefulness is a big part of a positive attitude and happiness in the wise old owl years 🙂 ❤


  2. I have come to realise that lots of things dont matter as I hit my 40s Its clear I have been focusing on too much detail while missing the detail, if you get my drift. Worrying about the dirty dishes instead of spending a playfull hour with my children. Worrying about the mes in the bedrooms instead of being thankful that I have children in the house. Now I face my first heading off to Uni and I miss her already…I know its gonna be along year I am intending to treasure every moment and create a deeper bond that, I hope will mean she misses me enough to cal me once a week at least 🙂 How time flies huh! Thanks for sharing at the Pt stop!

    Julie syl Pit Stop Crew


    1. Thank you so much Julie for visiting and leaving a peace of your heart. I believe that it’s no myth, as we grow older we grow wiser. The little things are just that, little. We have to cherish what’s most important and appreciate them more than taking them for granted. 🙂


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