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Dorothy Sanders is a memoir writer. Her blog Aging Abundantly is a place she shares her thoughts and wisdom on life and notable changes  and gratitudes, – changes in attitudes, growth, experience and how experiences affect the choices we continue to make after fifty.


About Dorothy:




I write to put words to the feelings, truth, and intuitions that live within me, to find answers to life’s most pressing questions and to share what I discover along the way with those who are searching and /or suffering. I share my words, my discoveries, my thought processes, and my love and support  through articles, books, workshops and one-on-one coaching.  As I continue to search for my voice, my truth, my raison d’être, I love to share my journey and support others who are doing the same. Read more about Dorothy HERE 

Dorothy has started a new series, Voices of Wisdom, where   she has invited several memoir writers, including myself, to share some of our own wisdoms on subjects that became important in our lives. You can read my contribution Here.


Recently, Dorothy has written a beautiful article on memoir writers, and how our words have the power to encourage others who resonate with the emotional and physical abuse that we share in our stories, offering hope to the many who have yet to find their voice or claim their power. I was honored and humbled to find that me and my book Conflicted Hearts was chosen to add to her article, and I was deeply moved by her synopsis of my story. Please have a look at this article below.

“As part of The Women of Wisdom Series™, I am introducing three memoirs, each addressing the issue of abuse. Though the stories are different, the message is in many ways the same.  Each memoir sheds light on the impact of abuse on us and provides lessons in survival. The women describe their journeys from a place of strength and courage, characteristics they undoubtedly honed through their difficulties.


These women are people just like you and I and what I love about memoirs. Thanks to modern technology, and the increase of Indy Publishing, we are able to see into the lives of everyday people  It’s so exciting  that women are stepping up, one by one, and sharing their stories. They benefit from the telling, we benefit from the listening.


We all can learn from an author with a compelling story to tell. It doesn’t matter whether or not the book is worthy of a literary award. What matters is what we take away. . . Continue Reading

I want to share here, the beautiful statement Dorothy wrote regarding my book Conflicted Hearts:


CONFLICTED HEARTS:  A Daughter’s Quest for Solace from Emotional Guilt by D.G. Kaye


Conflicted Hearts Cover SMALL revised

“A girl’s relationship with her mother lasts a lifetime, but it is often not until we reach midlife that the complexity of a difficult connection comes into focus. What we come to believe about ourselves as adults through our interactions with our mother’s as children, is often not an accurate reflection of who we really are. This conflict, this inner disparity, either drives us toward disintegration or the truth.

D.G. Kaye took on this battle. In her book, Conflicted Hearts, she shares her story as she struggles to come to terms with her challenging and complex relationship with a mother she both loved and despised. It is a journey that all of us can relate to in one way or another. Kaye writes with honesty, candor, humor and courage as she peels back the layers and gains understanding and perspective. In the end we not only learn about the author, we learn about ourselves and may even come to see our own mother/daughter relationship a more clearly.

Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy this journey into one woman’s world. When you put down the book, you will feel as though you’ve gained a friend.”

As a memoir writer, I can honestly say writing in this genre is often difficult.  There are days when I have to walk away from writing to put my head in a different space, like coming up for air. I began writing Conflicted Hearts after years of journaling about my life, and consequently it led to writing a sequel, P.S. I Forgive You, a closure to that part of my life that existed within me for most of my life, written after my mother’s eventual death. But through the writing, it became a release of the emotional pain, and the best part about sharing pain and learning how to overcome is the reward that comes along with it. It’s inspiring to find that I have helped others in some small way, others who have endured similar paths with their own emotionally abused issues. We are not alone. And together we have the power to lift and enlighten one another and those who’ve yet to find the courage to walk away from what doesn’t serve them as healthy.


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Source: STORIES OF COURAGE & SURVIVAL– ABUSE — Women of Wisdom Series™ |

12 thoughts on “STORIES OF #COURAGE & #SURVIVAL– #ABUSE — Women of Wisdom Series™ |

  1. Thank you Debby for sharing this important series with your readers. The women of our generation have such a strong and powerful voice — their memoirs are not only a slice of history, but a reflection of the leaps in personal growth and consciousness we are are making en masse. Our earlier years of suffering have led us to this place and our individual healing is contributing to the healing of the world. Your books are an important thread in the tapestry.


  2. I will be sure to hop along there next Debby . And yes writing is such a healer in helping release pent up emotions.. And what a great review of your own excellent book too Debby.. not going yet till I catch up lol 🙂


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