What the Dying Want Us to Know About Living


I was compelled to share this most beautiful post I came across from Purple Clover . It’s a wonderful article reminding us all to take a moment and savor the small moments in life, as told by a dying woman.


We all get overwhelmed with our busy life and schedules trying to keep up, and sometimes tend to rush things we find insignificant at the moment, but turn out to be poignant parts of our lives we look back on. Please enjoy the article.


What the Dying Want Us to Know about Living:


“I was always in a hurry. Hurrying. Always. For what?” She took a deep breath, and gently said it one more time, “Always in a hurry ….”

What left me astonished and teary-eyed was not the surprise of her hating the picture, but that these words were exactly the ones my grandmother had spoken to me on the morning of her own passing. I had been sitting vigil at her bedside and she was growing weaker with each day in the hospital. Stroking her hand, I spoke softly to her, “Abuela. Abuela, do you hear me? Remember when you would take us to the grocery store across the street from our house at the start of every summer, and you began our first day of vacation with a popsicle?”


“Smiling, with her eyes still closed, she quietly answered, “I would tell you all to hurry, make your flavor choices, and to hurry. There was much to do. I would let you take your time choosing now, if I could. Things could have waited.” 

“Death teaches us not to rush past the things we’ll wish we had more of at the very end of life Continue Reading


Source: What the Dying Want Us to Know About Living 

16 thoughts on “What the Dying Want Us to Know About Living

  1. My mother used to tell me, “You don’t have any ‘sit’ in you, Marian,” chiding me for rushing around, always busy. I needed this reminder again today. Thanks, Debby!


  2. Such a beautiful post, Debby. My three sons were each 6 years apart and I got better at this with each one. By the third, I was pretty doing pretty well, but perhaps that’s the difference between being 25 or 37. With my grandchildren, I’ve got it down pat. Life gives us lots of precious moments to savor.


    1. I think there’s something about time that makes us wiser Michelle. Often people will become much more tolerant and attentive with their grandchildren than they were with their own children. I’ve seen it many times. 🙂


  3. So true. I am one of the worst for hurrying. Never savour a moment. Never really present. Always trying to do too much. It’s an excellent lesson because I really don’t want to get to my death bed and all of a sudden that to be the first moment I am truly present.


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