More wisdom on the universe by Mira Prabhu, and her explanation of the misconception people have of the renknowned ‘The Secret’. As Mira shares, there is much more to manifesting our desires than just thinking if we focus on winning a million dollars, it doesn’t just magically appear. Have a read of this fascinating article:



‘The Secret’—a ‘spiritual’ self-help documentary launched in Australia in 2006—hit the Western world with incredible impact, generating millions for its producers. I wrote the following article a year or so later but never published it. Today, although a thousand other scams have rushed in to take its place, the reasons why I reacted so negatively to it are still pertinent. The plethora of gross misinformation spreading across our planet has inspired me to write spiritual fiction, and all three of my novels in the MOKSHA TRILOGY (Whip of the Wild God, Krishna’s Counsel and Copper Moon Over Pataliputra—Whip is out and the other two novels are soon to be published) deal with the great eastern truths that helped me come to grips with reality.) So here goes….Continue Reading




Source: THE DIRTY LITTLE SECRET | mira prabhu

12 thoughts on “THE DIRTY LITTLE #SECRET | mira prabhu

    1. I couldn’t resist Mira. There’s more to than just wishing for tangible things, hoping they’ll happen without truly understanding how the laws of attraction really work. ❤


  1. I agree with putting aside material things… And I think that the energy we put out is what we get back.. so I enjoyed the read you shared here. I actually didn’t know about The Secret before so maybe I’ve been living under a literary rock 😉


    1. Lol Christy. It was a big craze around 2008 or so. But yes, you are so right, we get back what we put out. Things don’t just magically appear into our laps. ❤


  2. Fortunately, Debbie, like all inauthentic teachings (meaning half-truths in this case), the Secret fad sort of died away – however many speak of the Law of Attraction which is nothing but the law of karma recycled in tinsel – and missing the real point, which is that the goal of karma is to push us out of the relative dream and into our Self, immortal and blissful. Much love and thanks so much for sharing – love your peeps, and you!


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