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Blogging basics

Sue Vincent wrote an interesting post on the lifespan of our blog posts. In her article she gives tips on how to recycle older blog posts to give them new visibility.


Have a read about what Sue shares below:

Reblog and featuring


“It is the nature of blogging that there is a fast turn over and short shelf life for posts. I believe the average period of maximum visibility for a post is about four hours… it can take that long to write a good one! The sheer volume of posts and sites soon bury even your best work. On top of that, thanks to the vagaries of WordPress, the number of ways in which your work can be acknowledged without even being read… as well as read without being acknowledged, either by the reader or as a reflection in the stats… means that it is pretty much impossible for the average blogger to know what has been read at all. . .”  Continue Reading 


Source: 7 recycling tips for bloggers – make the most of your writing | Daily Echo

18 thoughts on “#7 recycling tips for #bloggers – make the most of your writing | Daily Echo

  1. I do this occasionally, but I can see the virtue in doing it more often.

    Another interesting wrinkle on this is updating links to other blogs, web resources, etc. After moving one site to another system, I needed to go back and alter the links. To make that task simpler, I used a plugin. Which had the added benefit of finding many broken links to sites that apparently folded, moved or were otherwise unlocatable. That was especially true of my series on Web Resources for Writers! So I updated them, which may have contributed to a sudden new interest in that post. But BEWARE, the plugin link checkers can consume vast server resources if run continuously (or even occasionally) so be prudent. The nice thing is that the newest version of WordPress has a linkchecker built into the post editor–but that does nothing about fixing old links in old posts.


  2. A great post which I have re blogged and kept because I`m still a newbie when it comes to tweaking word press. I will learn when the deadlines and all other stuff related to such, lol, allow me to breathe.


  3. Debby, thanks for reposting this interesting topic. It is something I’ve thought about but wondered if it was ‘cheating’…but Sue is so right that the earlier posts have little foot(eye) fall. Also good idea about sharing older ones and relating posts…given me a few ideas!


    1. Thanks Annika. It’s not cheating at all when you look back and see that when it was posted, you may not have had as many followers. There are new eyes all the time. And everyone tends to miss posts of even those they follow regularly. It never hurts to reshare good stuff! 🙂


  4. Interesting – I skimmed her post. I am a bit wary of reposting stuff, but that’s because I use Pinterest to promote my blog and I get thousands of refers from it to posts from WAY back. So I’m never sure if I should repost stuff when it’s still getting hits. My most viewed posts every year are still ones I posted two/three years ago, that’s the power of pinterest.


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