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I was recently interviewed by Kathleen Aherne of  The Blogger’s Lifestyle , talking about writing in memoir. Please come and visit the rest of this interview on Kathleen’s blog.


Writing Memoir [Expert Interview]

Writing Memoir Intriguing interview with D.G.Kaye, author of 5 books in the memoir genre. 

“Everyone is unique and has a story to tell.  Observing other people on the street, in the mall or on the beach, I often wonder what fascinating tale they carry, a story waiting to be written. Let’s look into writing memoir, a literary bloggers genre.


What is your story? Most of us have given thought to one day writing our memoirs or assisting a parent or grandparent to write their story. Therefore, I am excited to have a guest today who has just published her fifth book in the literary genre of Memoirs.”


Writing Memoir with author Debby Gies


“Debby Gies is an accomplished nonfiction memoir author, writing under the name of D.G. Kaye. She writes about life, matters of the heart and women’s issues. I have read her first book entitled Conflicted Hearts. Any good book will keep your interest; a great book feels like you are right there feeling what the characters are experiencing. Conflicted Hearts is such a book, and that is why I read it cover to cover in one day. The sequel to this book has just been published.”


Debby lives in Toronto Canada with her husband.

She self-medicates with a daily dose of humor and is an optimist with a drive to succeed. She loves to cook, travel and play poker.

Her generous and warm personality is evident in her writing.  She writes about lessons from her very colorful and eventful life to empower and inspire others.”


Debby we are so honored to have you here to talk and share your knowledge with us.


Thank you, Kathleen, for taking interest in my work and inviting me here to your blog to talk about my writing and for the opportunity to offer some pointers about memoir writing.


Breaking Free


Debby, you were born in Toronto Canada, and describe your childhood as being emotionally neglected, leaving you with a severely deflated self-esteem.

You could have remained a prisoner of your past influences. However, it is evident that you have overcome and broken free from these invisible shackles.

Was there a trigger where you realized that you could break the mold and effect positive changes in your life? Is this what set you on the pathway of writing your memoirs?  CONTINUE READING THE INTERVIEW HERE

Source: Writing Memoir [Expert Interview] – The Blogger’s Lifestyle 

9 thoughts on “#Writing #Memoir [Expert Interview] – The Blogger’s Lifestyle

      1. I did Deb, just left a message on FB to let you know, found it in spam and approved it so should be fine now. Darn it though, it’s such a pain when that happens, I’ve had the same thing. Thanks so much my dear friend, I’ll reply tomorrow, just wrapping up now, better get off the laptop and give hubby some attention lol!!! Have a wonderful evening, see you tomorrow! 🙂 ❤


  1. Wonderful to know you’re being featured all over the place. I’m always amazed how you keep so many balls in the air. Congratulations again on your new book. Do you have one or two more in the pipeline? Go Deb!


    1. Lol Elaine. I was fortunate to be invited for interviews when my book released. They all seemed to fall at the same time. It’s tough keeping up but I’m grateful. And yes of course I have something in the pipeline! 🙂


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