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I follow many blogs and in doing so, besides enjoying so many, I sometimes come across some special nuggets of great information. Today I’m going to share an interesting nugget with you.


My friend and social media expert, Janice Wald from Mostlyblogging.com offers up a wealth of information on her blog about everything from blogging tips to interesting social media and SEO tips about gaining exposure for our blogs and brand.


Recently, Janice posted an informative article about Niume. This is a site offering writers to post content, or perhaps post content from blogs already written, to gain new readership and possibly earn some money doing so. Money you’re thinking? Yes, and here is how it works:


The lingo is a tad different there, whereby instead of ‘likes’ on a post, they call them ‘hype’. Niume pays you for views of your post if you link up your Paypal email address to your account. It also pays you $1.00 for signing up from an invitation to join from someone else, and subsequently, once you join and share your ‘referral link’ from your dashboard, anyone else signing up with your link will earn $1.00 as well as you each time someone new joins with your referral. How cool is that?


Okay, so now that I may have piqued your interest, I’m going to share my link here in case any of you may be curious to join. Why not make it worth your while in dollars?


Here’s my link: https://niume.com/?ambassadorID=66466  Clicking on the link will take you to the Niume site.


  • Once you join you can choose the ‘spheres’ (categories you want to blog under) and when you find an article you enjoy and wish to subscribe to that author, you just hit ‘subscribe’ at the end of their post. And remember, if you enjoyed the article, hit ‘hype’ to show you’ve enjoyed.
  • There are also lots of share buttons to share your posts around, and Niume helps to share your posts in their feed.
  • *Note: From what I’ve learned from Janice, Google search engines don’t appreciate us ‘double blogging a post’ and if their robots find duplicate posts in search engines they may frown upon it and stop pulling up your work. But, according to Janice’s research, you can post content from your website already posted as long as you change the Heading of the post, you’ll be okay with the search engines.
  • *One other caveat: Writing or copying and pasting over a post to Niume and writing ‘continue reading’ to get people over to your blog isn’t allowed. It’s called ‘click baiting’ so remember that whatever you choose to post should be a full article. There are plenty of places to add your websites at the end of an article and in your bio. And beware that this site doesn’t condone promoting your wares and books. Our links to our website is permissible.

If you’d like more details about Niume, you can visit Janice’s post Here 

Please Visit Niume Here through my link. And be sure to let me know what you think about it, and if you’ve joined so I can ‘subscribe’ to you too!

30 thoughts on “A New Place in Town to #Blog – Niume

    1. Oh that’s wonderful Adele. I’ll look for you and follow there. I just joined yesterday, but I think I’m really going to enjoy that site. See you there. ❤


  1. I went to the site, Deb, and it looked familiar. Then I realized that I’d bookmarked it several weeks ago. Don’t remember where I first came across it, but I found it interesting enough to save the link. It’s after 11:00 p.m., so I’ll check into it tomorrow and will use your link 🙂


    1. Thanks T. I thought of all your wonderful spiritual posts when I thought of you joining there. You have so many beautiful articles that could be shared there. (One of which is scheduled here tomorrow for reblog!) ❤


    1. I hit the “post comment” button too quick. Ha ha. I had a question about time. How much time do you think it adds to your blogging schedule? I get hives whenever I think about loading on more social media. 🙂


      1. Hi Diana. That depends if you feel like writing a fresh post or not. So far posted twice. I took content from posts I’d already published (copied and pasted in), changed the heading, added a photo and voila, 10 minutes! 🙂 If you join let me know so I can subscribe to follow you, and please use my link to join. 🙂


      2. I spend about 4-6 hours a day reading and commenting on blogs already. A terrible question, but…is the expectation that you’ll be visiting other posts and commenting? I don’t have time for FB anymore and hesitate to add another platform. My anxiety goes sky high! Lol


      3. Nice to know I’m not alone spending my nights in the blog world, lol. There is no expectation, although suggestions on how to grow your audience. It’s up to you how much time. It doesn’t take long to copy and paste a post over and add a photo. You’re work is measured by views you get and ‘hypes’ from others which push your posts into more visibility. You decide if you want to follow others, or maybe just a few friends, by ‘subscribing’ to them when you read a post. I look at it as more eyes on my work = more visitors to my blog here and hopefully more book sales. I have to say that I’ve read a few there already and enjoy the content. My first day, my post had 67 views.


  2. Hi Debby,
    Thank you so very much for the shoutout and the link to my site. I am getting traffic from your site today. Exciting!
    I want to add to what you’ve written:
    Regarding the duplicate content– from what I’ve read, I am so unconcerned that I don’t even change the headline. However, your readers should do what makes them comfortable.
    I am glad I could introduce you to a new site!


      1. Hi Debby,
        Thank you so much. I will check my dashboard and make sure I received credit. Have you made your post yet? Did you check your dashboard to make sure you received credit?


      2. I made 2 posts. I’m following you and Kathleen. Kathleen has visited and following. I checked earlier today and no credit. I also don’t think their support is very good. I had an issue with my name. I made a typo on my name – D.g. Kaye instead of D.G. Kaye. I clicked ‘message support’ because I tried to change it in settings and it wouldn’t. Support message said ‘we respond asap’. Well it’s been one day and no reply. I’ve sent 3 messages. That’s aggravating. 😦


      3. Hi Debby,
        I agree with what you wrote. I find their support disappointing too. I have a question, and they haven’t responded. I just followed you and Kathleen over there.
        As far as your referral, my dashboard says I have received a second referral, and there is another dollar in my account. Thank you!


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