Sunday #BookReview: “P.S. I FORGIVE YOU” by D.G. Kaye | writerchristophfischer


I’ve taken the liberty to feature my own new book, P.S. I Forgive You on my Sunday Book Review post. While I was blog reading I was elated to find that Christoph Fischer had read and reviewed my book. I thought I’d share Christoph’s review here today for the Sunday review edition.




Review by Christoph Fischer


“I’m a declared fan of DG Kaye and expected nothing less as the moving, touching and inspiring memoir she has delivered here. Plagued by a narcissistic mother and the effect of this on her own life, DG Kaye tells with honesty and great psychological insight into the situation about her ordeals, then and more recent, brought on by the troubled relationship.

This is heart breaking and heart-mending at the same time.

This is an important book that should be read by many who are struggling to forgive and move on. It’s not an easy task but one very well worth your while. . .” CONTINUE READING


Available on Amazon. Now available in print! Click Here! 


Source: Review: “P.S. I FORGIVE YOU” by D.G. Kaye | writerchristophfischer

24 thoughts on “Sunday #BookReview: “P.S. I FORGIVE YOU” by D.G. Kaye | writerchristophfischer

  1. Lovely review for a well deserving book by a special author, D.G.Kaye, who helps us feel like we are her friends, Christoph. 🙂

    Debby, wow! It is good to have an astute friend, like Christoph Fischer. I will go over there and say the same things over on his own blog. ❤


  2. A heartfelt review for a heartfelt book. In writing and reaching out to others like this, your loving courage will have healing ripples for so many, more than you can ever know. ❤ Debby, always. xXx


    1. Awe, thank you sweet Jane. Your complimenting is so touching, and I do hope that my book can reach those parts in readers that could use some of experience. Big hugs Jane. xoxo<3


      1. It takes such courage to lay vulnerability open for others to see Debby…such courage my lovely and bless you for that. ❤ xXx


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