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Thank you Marianne Coyne of Leisure Lane, for posting this lovely post and linking it to my book, P.S. I Forgive You.

PS I Forgive preview cover


“You know, mothers are suppose to be loving, nurturing, and full of compassion – especially to their own children.  I had a wonderful relationship with my mother.  She was warm, generous, lovingly approachable, and to this day I can imagine her sweet humming throughout the house as she folded clothes or prepared a meal.  In fact, most recently, I find myself doing the same, and it always reminds me of her.  She had her flaws, as we all do, and some of them were not attractive.  But for the most part – the part that has left a remarkable impression upon my childhood and adulthood – she was, for me, the best.


Unfortunately, not everyone has had an experience like mine.  On occasion, I have heard people say that their mother was far from loving, but rather cold and distant, and some, even abusive.  My heart has always hurt for anyone who has had such an experience, and I couldn’t imagine the pain that such a relationship could bring.

D.G. Kaye is an amazing woman, who has journeyed within her soul and found the courage to write about her experience with her emotionally abusive mother.  She most vulnerably opens her heart to take you through her journey of abuse, guilt, and the power she ultimately finds in forgiveness.” Continue Reading . . .


Source: D.G. Kaye’s Awesome New Book | Leisure Lane 

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