7 Things You Need To Know to Master Your Genre’s #Book Cover | Sacha Black

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In case you’re not aware, Sacha Black runs a blog and a newsletter with a wealth of information on just about every topic you can think of on the art of writing.


Every week Sacha shares her discoveries, thoughts, wisdoms and critiques. She also posts writing challenges, and is currently working on several books for publication, at the same time. She’s brilliant, funny, quick with words, and doesn’t hold back with her emotions or her saucy language sometimes, and those are all wonderful attributes that comprise Sacha Black.


Now, for this edition of Sacha’s, I thought I’d share her logic and wisdom and research on the art of choosing covers for your books. Go grab a coffee, sit back, scroll and enjoy!


Book cover




Book covers are without doubt, THE most important marketing decision you’ll make. F**k it up, and you can watch your readers Foxtrot Oscar into the sunset, never to return to your bookshelf! So, I’m sharing my research and the lessons I’ve learnt in preparing to have my book cover designed.


Know your genre. I know. Sounds like I took my stupid pill this morning cause of course you know. But seriously, think about it. You go into a bookstore and you can identify ‘your’ spot, you know the exact location your fave books will be in, just by looking at the shelves. No one reads the signs anymore, we just look at the covers! Continue Reading 


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Source: 7 Things You Need To Know to Master Your Genre’s Book Cover | Sacha Black

18 thoughts on “7 Things You Need To Know to Master Your Genre’s #Book Cover | Sacha Black

    1. So glad you enjoyed Annika. No doubt Sacha is not only so informative with her writing posts, but always entertaining when doing so. I just love that girl! 🙂


      1. You are most welcome Debby.. sat here for 4 hours already today.. I really now must think of a blog of my own.. 🙂 hehe.. Hugs and have a special day my friend xx here it is just a normal day xxx


      2. I hear you Sue. I’m Canadian, so we had our Thanksgiving. But we spend so much time online with our American friends, I feel like I’m right in the thick of things. No doubts you will be posting something brilliant and inspirational before the day is out. 🙂 xoxo


  1. Hey you sly dog you! Sneaking in a little reblog – then I come to read all your posts and I’m like wait what? Who’s Sacha Black!! :p You da best. I’m all blushing and shit. I literally squirmed in my chair. Be proud, not many people can illicit that much of an emotional reaction from my cold dead heart. *lol* Thank you, made my day. AND at last I have your posts back – I like Ali, lost everything for a while it was a nightmare. Anyway, the gremlins seem to have gone. Hurrah.


    1. LOLLLLLLLLLLL you crack me up!!!!!! Nice to see you here. My readers have been enjoying you, lol. You never know what you will find here with me. : 🙂 Grrr, so glad the gremlins have gone. Don’t say the word too loud or they’ll hear us! :)xo


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