Sunday #Bookreview – Plateau by Inspirational author Tina Frisco


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Today I’m sharing my review of a wonderful and thought provoking book by Tina Frisco, Plateau, Beyond the Trees.

Tina is an author, singer/songwriter, RN, activist, and a student of Shamanism. Her writing is always full of compassion and offers insights to helping the world in justice, peace and harmony. Her first book, Plateau was written before the doomsday prophecies were to take place in 2012, which the Mayan calendar had predicted.


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The protagonist in Plateau is a 15-year-old tribal female who, through great adversity and while honoring the wisdom of her elders, discovers her strengths and destiny. Her will is relentlessly tested, daring her to face her fears and trust blindly without fully knowing why she was born the Keeper of the Crystal Heart, the key to the Great Mosaic of Life. She ultimately comes face-to-face with herself in a battle that would shrink the will of the most intrepid warrior, unaware that realizing her destiny will irrevocably impact all beings on earth and beyond. Her people inject humor and wisdom throughout this tale of mystery and adventure. Will love prevail over fear? Millions are asking this question. Plateau offers hope with its underlying message: We must keep our hearts open and act from love instead of reacting from fear; and we must practice gratitude and compassion within every moment and with every breath, so that we might help elevate the human species to a higher consciousness and facilitate both personal and global peace.

My Review: 5 Stars


Plateau is an imaginary world inhabited by a tribe called the E’ghali. This is a place where kindness prevails, where nature is honored, no technology exists, and where the people live in peace and live solely off the land. W’hyani is a young girl of 15, whose life we follow as she takes in her life lessons and demonstrates the power of love, wisdom, healing, and facing fears. As we become engrossed in W’hyani’s world, we too will be reminded about the value of natural resources, the importance of compassion and gain a sense of faith that all these elements factor into a better world. In the end, after W’yhani has found the meaning of the Crystal shard she carries with her and made to understand the Great Mosaic of Life, she will set forth for the outside world. We are left with hope, and wondering if she can spread her wisdom into the outside world. This is an inspirational read, beautifully written in storyline and prose.

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