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I was recently interviewed by author/blogger John Mayberry.  Besides John’s book writing, 2 blogs he runs and various forums he manages on Linkedin, he also runs an Ezine called Eagle Peak Press Quarterly. Below is a snippet of my interview on writing.


Quarterly: What do you find most challenging about being a writer?

D.G. Kaye: While I wouldn’t have it any other way, self-publishing is most challenging because it takes so much time from writing. Self-publishing means editing, book cover creation, formatting, social engagement and promotion. While I sub out the editing, cover and formatting work, I’m still very much involved in the process. Becoming successful requires putting time into connecting with and attracting readers. I write a blog, follow and comment on blogs by others and interact on social media–all of which eats up lots of time but it’s essential. This is all part of promoting our own work if we want to give our books any visibility in a very crowded market.

Quarterly: It’s obvious from viewing your blog that you do indeed follow and engage with many other bloggers. That appears to have paid off with a large number of interviews and guest posts on those other blogs. Right? Do you believe that’s getting more reader interest and book sales? 

D.G. Kaye: Absolutely. I’ve noticed my following growing immensely in this past year. I follow many blogs, leaving comments on many posts. I believe the interaction has created friendships with other bloggers and inspired them to take interest in my blog in return. Ultimately, when readers enjoy what we write, they’re often inspired or curious to know more about our books. The engagement between me and my readers has led to numerous invitations to guest appear on their blogs, and subsequently has led to increased book sales. This isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time building and establishing those relationships by interacting, putting out informative blog content and replying to comments readers have taken the time to write. Continue Reading


Source: An Interview with D.G. Kaye – Eagle Peak Press

18 thoughts on “An Interview with D.G. Kaye – Eagle Peak Press – Writing

  1. You have such an approachable personality, Debby! You are so warm and caring. I have had a list of writers featured on a blog post but time has gone by since then. . .
    Your blog helps remind us to be open and share those who create books which make great Christmas gifts. It will be one of my December posts! xo


    1. Thanks so much Robin. Wishing you and yours happy holidays too. Nice to know we’re on the same page. 🙂 ❤ (PS just found your 2 comments here in my spam 😦 )


    2. Thank you so much Robin for your lovely comment. Sorry for the delay, I just fished it out of spam! And it seems my other reply to your comment on my Christmas gift post has placed itself on the post too, lol. You should report your spam comments to Askimet ‘contact’ in your dashboard. It’s been happening to all of us sporadically these past few months. ❤


  2. Love these interviews. It’s like girl talk with a friend. I agree about interacting with bloggers. I shake my head at bloggers who have long lists of comments with no reply. Isn’t it like inviting someone to your home, not greeting them and then not answering their questions? It’s seems like a basic.


    1. Right on Jacqui! That is not good blogging etiquette. And thank you so much for reading my interviews. 🙂 BTW you had asked me how I feel about Instagram I wrote a post last week on Apps that are working for me. 🙂


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