3 Stupid Questions That Will Make Your Blogging Great – ALWAYS WRITE

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Today I’m sharing another blogging friend’s awesome post that all bloggers should read. My friend Marsha Ingrao of Marshajustwrites.com is a wealth of information on everything blogging. Marsha’s blog talks about all the little nitty gritty things we sometimes don’t even realize why they’re in our dashboard and what they’re for. Well Marsha is a great communicator and explains things to us in simple terms.


Have a look at one of her posts here titled 3 Stupid Questions that will make your Blogging Great!

Don’t you know what an alt text is? Don’t you hate asking stupid questions? Even if it will help your blogging? Let me do it for you. I mean everyone knows about alt text by now, don’t they? Do you even know where to find alt text? I did not. And who thinks up keywords … Continue reading “3 Stupid Questions That Will Make Your Blogging Great”

Source: 3 Stupid Questions That Will Make Your Blogging Great – ALWAYS WRITE

26 thoughts on “3 Stupid Questions That Will Make Your Blogging Great – ALWAYS WRITE

  1. Great timing for this, Debby – I’m going to try and tweak my blog a bit today but it’s always laborious. Did manage to get the ‘search’ widget in yesterday! Going over to read her post now! ?


    1. Thanks Sal. I too didn’t know enough about the Alt tags. At least when an image doesn’t show up it will say what it represents instead of a hollow square. 🙂 xo


  2. I’ve learned in two and half years, no question is stupid everybody started out clueless. Most bloggers are more than happy to help out a newbie, and I myself have noticed I take a shine to new bloggers that are trying to figure it out.


  3. Hi Debby, thanks again for reposting this. I love the way you introduced it, and I appreciate all your reader’s comments. So, did you press the article? I haven’t tried that yet. 🙂 Thanks again, my friend. 🙂


      1. So when you press, it seems just like reblogging. You add an introduction and voila? Sounds pretty easy. Can you schedule it, or does it go up right when you press go? See what I mean about stupid questions? 🙂


      2. You Press and a draft window opens up and adds a bit of text and a link to the source. You hit ‘save’ not publish. It goes into your drafted posts. From there you can go in and edit. I go open a new tab with original post and copy and paste what I want from it onto the draft and add images, etc. then publish or schedule for when I’m ready to post. 🙂


  4. Sometimes I marvel at my ignorance. There’s no end to it in relation to digital technology. The sad thing is that I have little interest in learning the stuff. But I have this FBI girlfriend who posts wonderful articles on her blog that help me keep my head above water. Thanks, Deb. You make me look less pitiful 🙂 ♥


  5. Another little spin on tags. Google’s Webmaster Tools dinged me on having a tag cloud on a sidebar. Seems the tags are “too close together.” So use tags but you might want to skip the cloud of them on your site.


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