Spotlight on #Blog Visions for 2017 ~ New Year’s Delight | TINA FRISCO

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Tina Frisco has written a beautiful post after taking some surveys from a few authors and bloggers around the WordPress community about what they have in store for 2017. Please have a look at the post over at Tina’s to learn about some bloggers you may not yet be familiar with and check them out. I was honored to be included in this list of bloggers.



I’ve thought for some time now that I’d like to have a theme for my blog. Many of the blogs I follow have themes I find most enjoyable. I’ve asked several of these folks to be my guest, tell us what they envision for their blog in 2017, and include their images and links.


I want to thank all of those who responded and wish them great success in the New Year. They are listed below in alphabetical order by first name. Please visit their sites, like and follow, and perhaps download a book or two. Enjoy!  Please Continue Reading . . .

Source: Spotlight on #Blog Visions for 2017 ~ New Year’s Delight | TINA FRISCO

34 thoughts on “Spotlight on #Blog Visions for 2017 ~ New Year’s Delight | TINA FRISCO

  1. This was a fun read. I love how many kindred souls there are. BTW, I reviewed PS I Forgive You–what a wonderful book. It’s on Amazon and Goodreads and will be on my blog, maybe late February? I’ll let you know!


    1. Thanks so much Jacqui! Yes, I loved Tina’s invitation to bloggers to share our plans for the year ahead. And I am stoked that you not only read, but enjoyed and reviewed my book. Lovely way to start my day. ❤


  2. How wonderful you are to share this post that generously shares others – and thanks for the comment you left on my blog to remind this ADD Poster Girl to jump over to yours to see what you’re up to. I’m thinking you might be my new best friend. 🙂
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”


      1. Lol Madelyn, I have to laugh because although I’m boldly wearing stripes in my author picture, I’m mostly a person of color. When I’m not in my 4 walls working, my wardrobe is considered eclectic by many. I love wearing bright colors when not in black. 🙂 ❤


      2. My own fav is black (several decades in New York City honed a natural proclivity) – and black and white, of course.

        Some of my friends worry about what that says about my emotional health, lol, since my travel wardrobe has evolved to become a mix of black separates that don’t wrinkle (easy, I tell them – since packing is a bear for me otherwise and it’s the only way I can keep the luggage count down). Only folks who have spent much time in NY or Paris actually believe that my affinity for black is not mourning but fashion and function. 🙂

        But I also adore fuchsia — and red. On my body – my environment cannot be that bold or I implode. Those “bright pops of color” that make the decorators salivate are bright pops of distraction for my brain. I do love to visit homes of others with colors – wonderful for socializing — but, for me, not for getting much done (I often teased my late friend Robin that his favorite color was PARROT!)


      3. Lol, I love that term ‘Parrot’. I do love colors! But I also do love black. Maybe that’s why I have umpteen pairs of black pants, something my husband can’t understand, lol. Oh, did I forget to mention my shoe obsession?
        Now that you’ve informed me about possible implosion around too much color, if we ever meet, don’t forget to wear your sunglasses, LOL ❤


      4. ONLY if we try to write together – socially, I adore being around color.

        Black pants in every silhouette (with dups) and shoes! – men will probably never get it. A comedienne once compared shopping to big-game hunting – “fresh kill!” The waves of laughter seemed to missing its bass notes, however. 🙂


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