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Today’s guest feature is Adele Marie Park and her newly published book, Wisp. Although Adele has published stories in two anthologies, this is her debut book, so we are both excited for her visit here today.  You can visit Adele’s blog at firefly465  where she posts on everything from writing tips to conservation, wildlife, and world affairs. She is a generous supporter of other bloggers and reblogs some of the most pertinent articles from other writers.


Adele’s passion as a writer focuses on the genre of horror, fantasy, urban worldbuilding. Adele lives in Rousay, one of the Orkney islands off the northeast coast of Scotland. Her blissful childhood was spent among farm animals and learning about tales of folklore. No doubt her childhood was the catalyst which stirred her creative juices. Adele writes character driven stories from where she claims they live in her head. Today we’re going to get to know a little more about Adele and her new book.

Adele Marie Park


About Adele:


         I am from a small island called Rousay. One of a chain of islands that make up the Orkney Islands.

My childhood was idyllic on the island. It was just on the cusp from the old way of life to the new.

Stories of supernatural beings such as trows, (trolls) selkies, (seals who change into humans), Finn folk and witches were told to me and swallowed by my imagination.

I wrote about these legends in small stories at first and then in novels where I created worlds that held dragons, elves and magic.

My Mum was Irish so I also had the rich legacy of Celtic tales as well and the music. I was always singing, I still do.

Throughout my life and various jobs I wrote and read. The passion was deep within me but it was not until nine years ago that I decided to make it my career.

I’ve had several breakdowns and the most recent one was the worst. The doctors also discovered that I had Functional Neurological Disorder and that I would most likely remain disabled for the rest of my life. Not one to be discouraged and born with a stubborn streak I decided that writing which was my passion would now become my career.

I have hobbies when I’m not writing. I paint and draw. I make crochet dolls which are my own creations and not perhaps for the faint hearted. I love them.

My wife and I are happy in our home and our own particular way of seeing life. Our dog Dante is as always an angel whose antics make us smile daily. Our daughter Tara has gone through some difficult times in her life but is now living her life, despite her epilepsy and doing outstandingly well.

Wisp by Adele Marie Park

Get this book here on Amazon! 



Edra; a world where magic flourishes and where dark secrets are concealed by those who rule. Secrets which can get the innocent killed without a thought. When the body of an elf is discovered in a treacherous area of the city, Wisp a young Law Enforcer is assigned the case. He soon realises the case is far from simple. As soon as he finds one thread another one leads him to unravel a tapestry woven from lies, secrets, corruption and evil. When friendship turns to love, Wisp`s life, as he knew it will completely change. What started out as a murder case ends in a grisly battle which Wisp and his companions seem to have no chance of winning.

Now let us find out some more interesting facts about Adele and her writing!


How do you manage your writing time? Are you a disciplined writer with a set writing schedule?

I try to write in the morning and early evening.


 When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always written since a child but made a career choice after illness made me             unable to physically work again.


 What in particular inspired you to write this book?

A thought popped into my head as I was sitting in our garden last summer. I wondered how a murder investigation would take place on a different world. From that thought words flowed and a new world was built


 Are you currently working on a new book?

Yes. Wisp 2 is already half way written. I also started a book called Betwixt for November writing month. I am still writing Rockabilly Red, Suleskerry and Loves Son.


 Have you published any other works?

I have been lucky to have been included in two anthologies this year. Fantasy Writer’s Group Anthology “Betrayals of Another Kind” and Ghostly Writes Anthology.


 Every writer encounters writer’s block at some time. Could you tell us how you deal with it?

Three things help me all the time. Music and video together help my imagination get kick started. A favourite TV programme e.g. Wynonna Earp or a favourite movie e.g. The Secret of Rohan Inish”. I read copiously in the genres I love and I find a combination of all of these help me get back to writing.


 Please tell us a little about your new book and please share an excerpt with us.

Wisp is a murder mystery, an adventure in a new world, a character driven plot where the protagonist goes through changes and finds love. It is also about the greed for power and secrets which twist and turn evil. Predjudice rears its ugly head as does colonisation. Here is a taste of some of the things mentioned:



One pack member sat away from the others. The sisters targeted him. They doubled back and crept down another alley that led them to the lone Elite from the other side. It was gorging on what appeared to be the victims liver. Aradia raised her true heart, took aim and fired. The arrow sped and found its target, burying itself in the Elite’s neck. It let out a hiss, but Fern was there already. She whispered a word and the Elite slumped.  Fern dragged it away while Aradia kept watch. 

 The pack was too busy gorging themselves to notice one of theirs had fallen. All of them except one that stood up. He was taller than the rest with intelligence shining out of his red eyes. He let out a piercing scream and went into a defensive stance.

 Fern and Aradia backed away as quickly as they could. Aradia kept her true heart targeted on the screaming Elite. “Once we reach the open, run.” Aradia yelled the last word as the pack of Elite surged forward. She let go with an arrow and caught the front one in the chest, then she turned tail and helped her sister carry the body as fast as they could.

“The goblin better be where he said he would be,” Fern shouted.

 They ran on, dodging shadows and slithering on familiar streets that had become a battlefield. Elite scrambled up walls, ran on all fours and pursued them without bringing them down. 

“Who the hell have we captured?” Fern shouted.

 Aradia shook her head. Her lungs were burning with the effort it took to breathe as she ran.

 On and on they ran, the Elite playing with them, loping behind them, hissing and shrieking. They no longer felt the need to hide in the shadows; they were furious and wanted blood. The sisters stopped suddenly at a solid brick wall. They turned and faced the Elite. The pack howled in triumph and the leader pushed through them to stand in front.  His eyes burnt with hatred, the intensity of them mesmerising. 

“Give,” he said.

 Fern closed her eyes. Aradia lifted true heart and aimed it at his heart. “No. Leave our city and we might think about it.”

 The leader laughed, a dreadful sound that spoke much about what kind of elf he had been in his past life. “You are stupid.” He folded his arms. “Or very clever.” He looked around him, sniffed the air then, growled.

 The goblin and Bartholomew burst through the false wall. The goblin threw a small brass ball into the pack and then helped the sisters into the back of a black Law Enforcer armoured van. The doors slammed shut and they sped off as the bomb exploded into radiant light. The explosion could be seen all over the city. The Elite screamed in pain as light pierced their shadow bodies. It would not kill, but it would render them useless until they healed. The leader screamed the loudest and raised his fist to the sky.


Thank you so much for guesting here today Adele. It was lovely getting to know more about you, and I commend you for being such a warrior woman, overcoming what life throws at you with such determination. Wishing you much success with the book and all your future writing endeavors.


Visit Adele’s Amazon author page here. 


You can find Adele at her social links:


Twitter @Binky567

Facebook at Adele Marie Park

Blog: firefly465.wordpress.com

50 thoughts on “Who Has a New Book? Guest Author – Adele Marie Park

  1. Lovely to meet you Adele and hear about the magic you imagine and inspire others with. AND yes Thankyou for being a warrior woman, living life as a celebration is the magic that makes us all whole. Love barbara x


  2. I enjoyed learning about Adele – her life, her beautiful upbringing where her imagination was unfurled, and her new book. I was raised in eastern part of the US, and yet as a child, I imagined elves and dwarfs and ‘the little people’ often. Don’t know why, but that romantic imagination has always stayed within me, as it’s in Adele.


    1. Thank you for visiting and learning more about Adele. I don’t think geography could hinder a creative soul, although I’m sure it could enhance one. 🙂


      1. Grr, thanks for letting me know Diana. I spent 3 hours on with tech support yesterday and they assured me everything was smooth sailing. Please let me know if this happens again because I’m going to have to blast them back after all my time and trouble and money I spent to get everything to work smooth. 🙂


      2. Lol, ain’t that the truth. Yesterday I had a few lagging issues which I hoped my readers didn’t encounter but I know they did due to some of the duplicate comments received, yet still grateful my traffic was high yesterday, showing me that people persevered and kept trying. That’s inspiring! 🙂


  3. First interview I have read about Adele, Debby (at least I think it is). Learned a lot, including that she lives in a lovely part of the world. It’s lovely to connect with somebody else who has a great imagination.
    Good luck with the book and with the other books you’ve got lined up, Adele.


    1. Thank you Hugh for your encouragement toward Adele. Adele is a wonderful supporter of our blogging community who tends not to share the spotlight on herself but on sharing more of others. That’s why I was thrilled to have her over and introduce her and her book. 🙂 ❤


  4. Great Interview with a really interesting writer whose gifts and personality shine through in the excerpts of her work. Thanks Debby for highlighting this writer


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