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Today I’m excited to have friend and author Shehanne Moore here. Shehanne is a Scottish author who writes sizzling historical romance fiction books, no doubt her blog is tagged: Smexy Historical Fiction.


For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Shey’s blog, her humor is injected into every post and her blog is co-hosted by the ‘dudes’ as we all fondly call her ‘hamster buddies’ that love to comment and sometimes behave badly to Shey’s guests with their saucy remarks because of their jealousy of her writing and their own desire to become writers.

Shehanne’s latest book, Lady Lazuli is getting a lot of buzz for its strong storyline and has been reviewed as having such great elements as: smouldering hot passion, revenge, lies, betrayal, sex, humor and suspense. What more could we want from a book?

Author Shehanne Moore

About Shehanne:

Shehanne Moore is a Scottish born author who writes gritty, witty, more risky than risqué, historical romance, set wherever takes her fancy–stories that detail the best and worst of human behaviour, as opposed to pouts and flounces.

For years she did various jobs while pursuing her dream of becoming a published writer, so she was thrilled to be offered a contract by Etopia Press for The Unraveling of Lady Fury, six days after subbing it.

Shehanne still lives in Scotland with her husband Mr Shey. She has two daughters. When not writing intriguing, and of course, sizzling, historical romance, where goals and desires of sassy, unconventional heroines and ruthless men, mean worlds do collide, she fantasizes about cleaning the house, plays the odd musical instrument and loves what in any other country, would not be defined, as hill-walking.

The Hills are alive with Shehanne Moore


Lady Lazuli by Shehanne Moore


Get this book on Amazon! 



Only one man in England can identify her. Unfortunately he’s living next door.

Ten years ago sixteen-year-old Sapphire, the greatest jewel thief England has ever known, ruined Lord Devorlane Hawley’s life. Now that Sapphire’s dead and buried, all that respectable widow Cassidy Armstrong wants is the opportunity to keep her good name, and prove she is not that disreputable girl. Especially when it means so much to her handsome new neighbor, Devorlane Hawley.

Hawley believes he knows precisely who his new neighbor is, and he’s been waiting ten years to exact his revenge. All he needs is a bit of evidence, which has proved quite impossible to procure. But the lovely widow might just have something else he desires, some other way to sate his vengeance. Deciding a direct approach might be in order, he asks Sapphire to choose her fate—take him as her lover, or take her chances at the end of a rope…


Now that’s hot! So let’s get know a little bit about Shey, and discover how she comes up with these characters. And I’m grateful she has brought lead hamster, ‘Bobby Bub’ with her to meddle a bit in our interview.


I have to ask you how you came to incorporate ‘the dudes’ into your blog and where did the inspiration come from to create them? They are so entertaining, sarcastic and saucy, but we can’t help but love them. Can you invite one over here, maybe Bobby Bub? (Please tell him to try to be on his best behavior.)



Bobby Bub 1


Shey:  Okay okay Dudes, can I speak? Thank you.

bobby bub 5

Firstly, thank you my special friend for asking me here today. I’m really sorry I didn’t manage to lose the dudes. But hopefully they will go play with their whiskers or something. Anyway, I was writing a post on writing. It was to do with these great story drivers, with goal/motivation/conflict. That putting in everything from the kitchen sink to the druids of Stonehenge and the emancipation of women, was not what drove a story. At the last for some very odd reason I changed women to hamsters…..  And I put a little piccie of one with a placard saying  ‘free us hamsters from the cages,’ as you do. Antonia then left a comment asking  would I do this. I not only did it, I let them on the blog.  It just all went from there.


What is your inspiration for the ‘Smexy’ heroines and villains you create?

bobby bub 2


Shey:  Can we get real here Bobby Bub? Thank you. Now that’s a hard one.  Oh, all right Bobby Bub you found me out. What can I say but that I have defo been rumbled. Of course it is you. I mean, who else would it be?


When did you realize you wanted to become a writer? And what was the push that made you want to become a published author?


Shey: You know I caused a sensation at the age of seven when I wrote my first story. It was called The Hore House Mystery. Yep. Of course it was not what people thought, my parents in particular. Anyway I spent a lot of time lying about with chest problems as a kid and I read nonstop.  I think that was when I decided it was what I wanted to be. I always wrote. I’ve worked in various aspects of the industry. I’ve even written comic scripts. I knocked on a lot of doors. I will confess I was driven that way. But it is such a brutal business. I hit brick wall after brick wall over writing sweeping, historical sagas with a cast of characters, being told to make it about one character etc etc.  I decided eventually, although I had never written a romance, even really liked , or read, the genre—big confessions here—that it might be the way in.


Are all your books traditionally published? And if so, would you consider self-publishing?


Shey: All my books are traditionally published. But I am absolutely heading down the avenue of self publishing. It’s not just that publishing has changed out of all recognition in the last few years, and that lately I’ve had contracted two books sitting waiting for a release date, it’s the need to move with that change and to take control of my work.  So while it was nice to have that seal of approval it’s not nice enough.


I know you have a passion for ‘hill walking’, can you tell us a bit about those little jaunts you often take? Are they part of your inspiration for your stories?


Shey: When it came to His Judas Bride, yep. I was totally inspired by Glencoe which is our favorite walking haunt, to write that book and use the area as the backdrop to the story.  I renamed it Lochalpin but I used the whole idea of the small clan, the impregnable glen, to make that story.

Glencoe, Scotland

I like how you have put hill-walking in italics, cos in no other country would it be called that. I do have a passion for it. It’s about being away from it all in scenery that’s good for the soul, putting yourself in some difficult situations, getting out of them again. Where we stay in Glencoe, is in the heart of the mountains. It’s a hotel for walker,s climbers, kayackers, bikers. There’s great food and drink there, usually live entertainment . So our jaunts are always fun filled.

Clachaig Inn, Scotland


Do you find that your books attract male readers as well as female?


Shey: My mister always reads my books. But yes, I’ve had  a few male readers. I say I write romance. I should add it’s romance Shey style.

You’re such a dynamic creative woman with a great personality. How much of yourself do you think you put into your lead characters?


Shey: And you are way too kind.  Of course I like to say I put none. That I am this really nice, quiet woman who is a completely economical with the truth. Okay, I don’t base them on me. I mean me, a shoe-aholic?  A can’t stop spending? A bossy boots? A hardened night-clubber?  I will put their determination not to bow down, in any shape or form to life, in any shape or form either.  I put it into both leads, so that makes for the odd clash.


What are you working on now? Are there more books to the London Jewel Thief series to come?


Shey: Indeed. I did mention a book that has sat. That is the second book in the series. I took a  sideway step there and wrote about the ladies’ skivvy.  Right now I am working on a story called O’Roarke’s Destiny, it’s a bit of a battle over a house, shall we say. I am also reworking one of my ‘sweeping’ epics. And yes, I do plan to write more on the Jewel Thieves. There’s quite a number of these ladies and I want to tell some of their stories.


Please tell us a bit about how Lady Lazuli was created. And please do share an excerpt with us!


Lady Lazuli was the first romance I started to write. You will notice the word ‘start.’ I only ever start with a scene that flashes through my head and what flashed was a woman kissing this man and sticking a stolen necklace on him. It was in a coach and the coach grinds to a halt. While he gets out to deal with this, she vamooses and he’s left with this stolen necklace. That was it.

Anyway I ‘started’ to write this using this scene as the backstory.  If it was one of my ‘sweeping’ historicals, I’d have started there and then moved on to the kind of things that would have happened to thieves in those days.  But this was a romance. I gave a bit to a certain well known romance publisher who were quite interested. But at that point I thought, I can’t write this. My greatest fear was not staying unpublished, it was being published as someone that just wasn’t me.

Me is damaged leads, it’s flawed people, people who have been round the block, it’s human foibles, it’s fighting an attraction every step of the way.  So I shelved it. I’d two books out with a publisher who had let me write my books my way and an editor who was totally supportive about how I saw my characters and how I wanted to write, before I took it back off the shelf and sat down to write it my way.

Okay here’s an extract….

If she could get this information it might focus her search. Perhaps for that matter she was a niece? It might mean getting into bed with Devorlane Hawley one last time, but if it was anything like last night, it should not be a problem. Then she could leave secure with the knowledge of who she was. And what—finally—she was going to do about it.

“This man was a—a cousin, a brother perhaps?”

He shifted on the rug to avoid a shower of sparks. “Actually she said it was a tinker.”

“A what?”

Of course it wouldn’t be anything good if it was meant to be associated with her, although she had not the slightest idea what that was, only that whatever it was, Devorlane Hawley bent his head forward so she could not see his face for his hair.

“A traveler.” He took up the poker and beat the burning log into submission. “Tilly said he hung about Barwych for a time because—how should I phrase this…”

Why would he be troubled to wonder, when he hadn’t shrunk from divulging what he just had phrased?

“He had a certain predilection for the ladies.”

What was that supposed to mean exactly? He couldn’t leave them alone? Keep his hands to himself? Or had he, like Devorlane Hawley, made outrageous demands? Demands, it shamed her to think she’d actually not just met—had enjoyed—to now be told… traveler? She could not be descended from a traveler. Certainly the breath rushing down her nose in that second said not. Was this some equally vile decision on the part of this impertinent bastard to humiliate her? Tilly too? She raised her chin. At all costs, she would not let him see it.

“Maybe he did, Lord Hawley, but that does not mean he had anything to do with me.”

“I never said that he did. I just wondered—”

“Well, don’t.” The cheek of the damn man. “You would know about such things yourself?”

He rose to his feet, brushing bark flakes from his otherwise immaculate trousers, as if it was all the most natural thing in the world, this. “Don’t you see, a predilection would suggest there being children—”

Oh, and now she was the living proof of that? Some tinker’s daughter? A man who liked women. Lots of them by the sounds of it. She supposed it could have been worse. She supposed he could have liked men, then she would not be here at all.

bobby bub 4

bobby bub6



A woman not even the ghost of Sapphire could haunt.

Ten years ago sixteen year old Sapphire, the greatest jewel thief England has ever known, ruined Lord Devorlane Hawley’s life. Now she’s dead and buried, all the respectable widow, Cassidy Armstrong, wants is the chance to prove who she really is.

A man who knows exactly who she is.

 But not only does her new neighbor believe he knows that exactly, he’s hell-bent on revenge.  All he needs is the actual proof.  So when he asks her to choose between being his mistress, or dangling on the end of a rope, only Sapphire can decide…

 What’s left for a woman with nowhere left to go, but to stay exactly where she is?

 And hope, that when it comes to neighbors, Devorlane Hawley won’t prove to be the one from hell.


Thanks so much for visiting here today Shey, and sharing your wonderful stories and some of your eclectic self. I believe we connected a few years ago when I fell in love with ‘the dudes’ and later found out we both had an obsession with shoes, LOL. Wishing you lots of luck with the series and the new books when they are gratefully released from publisher’s prison.


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Visit Shehanne’s Amazon Author Page Here to visit all of her fabulous books!


119 thoughts on “Who Has a New Book? – Guest Author Shehanne Moore – Lady Lazuli

  1. Hi Deb and Shey! Deb you always ask such great questions and loved finding out more about you Shey! I was particularly interested in your views on both traditional and self-publishing. Great fun this, wonderful read and congratulations on your latest novel Shey. My TBR list is getting way too long!
    Deb…I’ve been having WP problems again, hence only commenting here. Hope this comes through… ❤ xoxo


      1. Grrr is right Deb…and that’s a big fat PHEW lol!!! Thank goodness, so glad it seems to be okay now…and long may it remain so! Thanks my friend 🙂 ❤ xoxo


    1. Sherri, lovely to meet you here today on Debby’s wonderful blog–always so much going on here. Re the publishing, it is always good to get a publisher at your back but sometimes you have to wonder if it is the right thing in the long run. When I was first published I came across traddy published authors going on about the length of time it took to get a book out there so they were heading into self publishing. At the time I thought, why? But not now. The industry is in such a state of flux I think you have to take control. I see you have also had WP probs. Join the club! There’s a lot of folks complaining so there must be amny faults right now.


      1. Lovely to meet you here too Shey, and yes, Debby is amazing with her wealth of excellent posts…are your ears burning Deb, lol! Yes, I’m always very keen to read the argument for both sides of the publishing fence and I can definitely see why self-publishing is the way to go for so many authors. Thanks for expanding on that. And yes, darn WP gremlins are on the rampage it seems, sorry you’ve had problems too. Never a dull moment eh? Great chatting with you Shey! 🙂


  2. Debs!!! Yes, I got here finally. The dudes have gone in such a huff they would not eat the carpet so I had to cut it up and take it away mahself for the new floor to come in tomoz. I bet you thought they had savaged me to bits… And were coming for you. Maybe the are , I dunno. Thank you THANK you for this wonderful post. It is so lovely to be here on your blog. Well, I am enjoying it. I think Bobby B might need a hard hat though xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. Omg, you crack me uppppppppppp! Not the carpet! Well thanks for trying your best to protect me, I know you can only do so much. At least Bobby Bub is my ally and I’ll protect him here, but he better look out for me next time I come over to your place! LOL xoxoxo


      1. Yeah the carpet. They left me in the lurch. The flooring was not meant to be fitted for another fortnight. We just got told on Tuesday it would be tomorrow and I really thought I could rely on them dudes but no no.


  3. Debs, I posted a comment, don’t know if it vamoosed… probably the dudes ate it I was saying that they refused to eat the carpet for me and as we are getting the new floor tomoz ( I bet you thought the dudes had taken me out and were coming for you. ) I had to take the carpet up myself and get rid of it. SO SO SO lovely to be here on your blog which I have admired from afar. Thank you for asking me. I am now off to buy hard hats for Bobby Bub, you and me


      1. Oh noooooooooooooo. Please don’t be hard on Bobby. Guys, set a good example. Show all of Shey’s readers that you are capable of being bigger than that. 🙂 Hugs for you all. ❤


  4. Dear DG.
    Ah knowed it would be who was accomanyin’ them there Shey to your blog. Doan you worry none about them other pesky critters settin about you and Shey. cos ole Bobby Bub sure carah them


      1. Thanks Sal. Everyone loves the dudes. Until next week when they’re back home at Shey’s place. Then all hell will break loose because they weren’t all here, lol. ❤ xo


  5. What a treat this was from the usual interview. The dudes sure liven things up. And they’re so dang cuuuute! Oh, I almost lost sight of who this post was about … Shey! Great to learn more about you, your writing, your books … I hope you find self-publishing very rewarding. It sounds like you’re in a category all to yourself, which should up your Amazon ranking. Best of luck to you! Thanks for a wonderful and very entertaining read, Deb ?


  6. Great to see the dudes on their travels. I loved Lady Lazuli. I’m not generally a reader of romance but your books are as far removed from slushy romance as I can imagine, Shehanne. Strong characters, strong plot, great atmosphere and sense of time and place. Hope the new stories are out there pronto!


    1. Cat my darling, how lovely to see you here. So kind of you to come by. And thank you for that comment. The new stories will be out soon. That is many times my day has been made today! I have to smile and think I am not really reader of romance either and I am probably even less of a writer of it!


  7. What a fun interview! I’m running over to look at Loving Lady, but first, I found the interview insightful and inspiring. I’ve come to the same conclusion about self-publishing-I think so many of us have!


    1. Well, I dunno about the dudes but my day has just been made. Thank you so much for that lovely comment. I’m glad we agree re self publishing. Traddy moves at the speed of molasses. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  8. Yeah! Debs & Shehanne together, a brilliant combination. Great post guys. I finally get to find out where the ‘dudes’ came from! I have read ‘Lady Lazuli’ and it is a cracking read. I like my heroines ballsy and sharp as tacks and this book delivers. Love to you both xxx Kate


    1. Yay Kate! Thanks for visiting us! And thanks for the kudos on Shey’s book. I am most certainly looking forward to plowing my way to it on my TBR ❤ 🙂


    1. Thanks for sharing the link to your latest post here Shey. I’m sure those who’ve read this interview here will be curious to know how ‘the dudes’ have recovered and reacted from not being here, lol. 🙂 ❤


      1. Uhm…well Debs, alas but SIlv is roaming my house hitting everything in sight with a baseball bat and I can’t get near the pc to take down that pic she has now bunged up of the Pendle Witches….you me and Catherine Cavendish.


      2. Ya, I saw that! Silv better not be destroying your new pretty floors. Calm that dude down! How many holes in the dartboard now? LOL 🙂 xo


  9. Thank you for this great post, and the story on the origins of the hamster dudes! You made me laugh out loud with the “Hore House Myster” xoxo


  10. Well NO WONDER I missed this interview initially — I was expecting to see the house fires all the way across the pond! The Dude’s were on their best behavior, those sneaky little devils.

    it is always fascinating to read interviews like yours, with a glimpse into the process of creation. Non-fiction brain-based self-help is rarely as interesting a story.

    The only “fiction” I have ever tried to write myself was primarily back in my acting days, with a partner who was brilliant with dialogue and actually drove the projects. I enjoyed coming up with plot permutations, but experienced nothing like having a scene blink into my mind and going from there like you describe. My involvement was driven by the desire to have an original project in which I could cast myself. I guess it is true that what you read shapes what you write. I must have read a bazillion scripts in my day – and I’ve been on a cognitive neuroscience jag for quite some time now.

    I can relate to shelving a project, too — my one-woman show has been languishing for decades now – and I may have to do it from a retirement home if I don’t finish the darned thing and get it out there soon! Production costs, venue booking and marketing (and the time “left over” from making a living, etc.) stay my hand, waiting for that big lottery win that would allow me to hire it all done.

    THIS is a great intro to your own personal genre, Shey: “gritty, witty, more risky than risqué, historical romance, set wherever takes her fancy–stories that detail the best and worst of human behaviour, as opposed to pouts and flounces.” Very compelling.

    Good job, both of you. Sorry I’m late to the party, but you really must blame the Dudes. I never expected them to behave their furry little selves. (Did you have to promise to mention their genesis and contribution in the interview?)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


    1. Wow, thank you dear Madelyn on your wonderful praise for both Shey and me! And now, I’m interested in this one man show Madelyn. And don’t be praising them there dudes too much, considering Shey’s post this week had them retailiating! Ya! They put my face along with Shey’s and Cat’s together on a dartboard! 🙂 ❤


      1. Lol, well that’s a bit of a story that started way back with Shey and Cat and the dudes. I think that Shey would be best to answer that one. That was before I even met any of them. 🙂 xo


      2. Yeah, once upon a time Cat came to the blog and the dudes had aright notion of her. Hamstah Dickens was so excited that he showed off his book jackets, ‘A Tail of Two Hamsters,’ ‘A Christmas Hamster,’ etc and Cat flung a few more ideas his way. Alas but Hamstah Dickens got a little carried away and assumed that Cat was about to offer him a publication deal. When Cat gently explained to him. this wasn’t possible because he’d eaten his manuscripts, Hamstah Dickens backed by Silv went berserk. SInce then he has been too sadly crushed to write his work of incomparable genius, Alastair the Happy Hamster and blames poor Cat. Now there are other folks on that list of those they have it in for, but poor Cat is their number one enemy. And it was really most unfortunate that she was their next guest after this interview…….


      3. Thanks for your interest in my 1-woman show, btw — didn’t mean to ignore that part.

        I have developed sort of a habit of not saying too much about it in “public” because some of my material has been stolen. Not that YOU would – or *any* of the writers – but some of the coaches have greatly disappointed me and I do NOT want to see anyone else’s name on this one, or I might end up in jail for life! 🙂

        So until/unless I have a script to copyright, I’m no longer even releasing the title.

        Basically, it is a stream of “break the fourth wall” monologues from different characters of all ages who each have stories, some of which interweave and some that are stand-alone. It will be a romp to perform!

        I conceived of it initially as a companion piece to my seminars, to be shopped in tandem ( before I moved to an all-virtual platform when I left NY) – using the characters themselves to illustrate the points in the seminar, to be held the following night.

        I was hoping to do the college circuit and target orientation-weeks, etc, times when many parents would be around to buy the tickets and attend WITH their offspring – which monies would reimburse the venue, since they would be hiring me – maybe encouraging them to believe they would reap a bit of a profit.

        Since it was designed to travel, it is what they call “a black box production” – no set or costumes to speak of. Each character is distinguished by a prop or a costume piece. For example, the AD*H*D ADD coach has a pogo stick and a couple of other things, a 9-year old boy wears what I call one of those “doofus hats” – brim backwards, etc. My base costume is all black and close-fitting to facilitate rapid on and offs.

        To get an idea of the format, think about Whoopie Goldberg’s career breakthru one-woman that brought her to the attention of NY when Mike Nichols caught it in Atlanta. I think it was filmed or video’d.

        If that doesn’t do it, it’s not all THAT different from Lily Thompson/Jane Waggoner’s ‘Search for Signs of Intelligent Life …” – with a lot more characters on a completely different, integrated topic.

        There is little “tech” to speak of so I would only have to hire a one-man crew. Lights and sound only (there is a voice-over expert character to allow me time to transition – a doctor who reveals himself to be a TOTAL flake in his monologue at the end).

        When I still lived in NYC I was going to debut it there, off-off-Bway, which would have helped with marketing, even if not a soul showed up to watch besides my show-biz buds, many of whom offered to review it so I’d have program quotes. Would have to rethink that strategy now, of course.

        I was hoping to sell it to Samuel French, since each of the parts could be played by a separate actor, making it perfect for little theaters, High School or small college drama departments, etc.

        Gosh, for somebody who doesn’t talk about it, I sure went on, didn’t I? I’ll bet you’re sorry you asked (and I answered). 🙂


      4. Wow! What a brilliant concept! Yes, it sounds as though that’s something to put a copyright on. And yes, I had to laugh, because well, you weren’t going to talk about it LOL. But thank you for sharing the plan. 🙂 ❤


      5. LOL – that’s the trouble with these comment boxes for people like me — touch-typists who “think through their fingers” and ADDers who seem incapable of NOT answering!! Before I know it, I’ve posted an epic. TMI! 🙂

        That, and trying to describe the show without disclosing much about the “plot” or the characters themselves. The format concept wouldn’t be so likely to get pirated – and even if it did, the show would end up vastly different, I’m sure. In talking *around* I’m often wordier than simply saying “best friends walk into a bar and meet the same love of their lives!”

        I don’t know how you fiction writers DO brief book synopses or interesting interviews like this one without spoilers – or pick excerpts without rattling on about context. My hat’s off. Really sorry to be so wordy 😦 — feel free to delete!


      6. Lol, you’re such a delight, I’d never delete! You are definitely a one woman show my friend. And FYI, I”m not a fiction writer, but just the same we still have to write enticing blurbs to arouse interest and curiosity, and choose excerpts without giving away the goods too as a nonfiction/memoir writer. 🙂


      7. Abject apologies – please forgive. Because you are so funny, I guess I was thinking that you tweaked your experience for the sake of humor, which would put you in the “fiction” category vs. “memoir” (which can tend to lean towards the disturbing and sad, even some of the most compelling.) Truly sorry.

        NOW I know better: “Meet my new friend Debbie, the nonfiction/memoir writer.” I’ll practice. 🙂

        It will also help me during my trip to the library – they’d never find your books in fiction, even if they already had them.


      8. Lol Madelyn, no worries. It can be hard to keep track of who writes what. And hey, only 2 of my books are sad memoirs. When I’m not talking about my growing up in dysfunction with a narcissistic mother, I tend to inject humor in my works. 🙂 We’re good buddy! ❤


      9. But how do you get the books IN to begin with?

        Is there a memory limit? Is there even memory – or does it sort-of stream the books? I *really* don’t grok the platform. (It was regifted from a friend who had another kind of e-reader she liked better, so she’s no help here).


      10. Ok, first of all, if it belonged to someone else, therein lies the problem. You must register it to YOUR name. Make sure you have an Amazon account, if you don’t go to amazon.com and register an account. Here is a link to register your kindle in YOUR name, once you have an account.https://www.amazon.ca/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201733370 Once your kindle is registered and linked with your Amazon account any books you buy or download free will automatically go to your kindle when you download them. Hence, when you open it you will then find a menu of all your books, you just click on and read. 🙂 ❤


      11. Amazingly simple – but not “intuitive” to anyone with any sort of computer background.

        I have bought books from Amazon, but don’t know if that means I have an account, since I’ve never purchased eBooks. I’ll check – thanks for your link!

        Rambling has it’s benefits sometimes – I guess I’ve never included the gift part to anyone before.


      12. Lmao 21st century! Yes!!! Get Stevie’s book! She’s a wonderful writer and although she writes fiction, this book is a memoir which I can’t wait to read too. 🙂 xo


      13. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, you can’t stop me! Just wait to see how many reviews I’ll have to post on newly read books after my vacation! On your mark get set, go. Catch me if you can! 🙂 xo


      14. You crack me up! Man I’m gonna miss my buds while away. But don’t be surprised if you see me popping in just to say hi when I get a late night chance. ❤


      15. How wonderful to read this encouraging nudge. Thank you so much, Shey.

        Does that mean that you are volunteering to handle the admin? 🙂

        You are, after all, one of the juggling queens of follow-through to completion. I stand in your shadows, you and Debbie both.

        Even thinking about everything involved *after* a work is completed has me tearing my hair out (and bald is such an unfortunate look once one begins to age). 🙂


    2. Madelyn! Lovely to see you. I bet these furry dudes secretly kidnapped you so you couldn’t get here and you are too traumatised to remember. I am going down to read about your one woman show . You are an angel to leave this wonderful comment. Now I go to answer the other ones!!


  11. How wonderful to see Shey’s work front and center here at the blog! I consider her a dear friend, as I do you Debby. Shey, how exciting that you may pursue the self-publishing in addition to the traditional form! I have a book through a publisher and the other one is self-published, so I can relate to wanting to take more control over your work. Wishing you all the best with your books xx Wonderful questions you posed in this interview, Deb! ❤


    1. Thanks so much Christy for dropping in here. And thanks for your lovely comments for both Shey and me. I’m with you, Shey is one fascinating lady! 🙂 ❤


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