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Bad blog post

Leave it to Sarah Brentyn of Lemon Shark, to think of a humiliating blog challenge, lol. Sarah has chosen me among her 5 picks to reblog my very first post on WordPress.


Now we all now how we cringe when we look back at some of our earlier works, especially when we first begin blogging and have no real concept of what on earth we want to blog about. But Sarah has chosen me as one of the blogger’s  to visit the depth’s of my archives and I’m not going to chicken out.

Ironically, although this was the first post showing up, February 2013, WordPress has recently congratulated me on 5 years of blogging. I’m not sure where they got that first year from, possibly when I began blogging at ‘Myspace’ and moved over to WordPress and had copied over some of those posts, and maybe I had deleted them when I moved over to self-hosted WordPress, but whatever the case, I SWEAR SARAH BRENTYN, this is the first one I found. LOL. As Sarah had made it blatantly clear, we are not to substitute for the first post we’ve made.

Now, I can’t remember that far back, but seeing as I like to read and write about inspirational things, I’m guessing I chose to write this post categorized in ‘inspiration’.



Awakenings – My first blog post from the Hall of Shame




DGKaye ©2013
Yup, I copied it over, caps and all!


Here are Sarah’s rules for being abducted participating in this challenge


Obvious rules:

  • No cheating. (It must be your first post. Not your second post, not one you love…first post only.)
  • Link back to the person who tagged you (thank them if you feel like it or, if not, curse them with a plague of ladybugs).

Other rules:

  • Cut and paste your old post into a new post or reblog your own bad self. (Either way is fine but NO editing.)
  • Put the hashtag #MyFirstPostRevisited in your title.
  • Tag…um…ten two twelve five (5) other bloggers to take up this challenge.
  • Notify your tags in the comment section of their blog (don’t just hope they notice a pingback somewhere in their spam).
  • Feel free to cut and paste the badge to use in your post.
  • Include “the rules” in your post.

Completely silly rules that I’m making up as I type:

  • Drink a glass of wine, bottle of beer, cup of coffee, mug of herbal tea or whatever floats your boat after you hit “publish”. (In other words, toast yourself. Go you!)
  • Read the post out loud in a Mickey Mouse voice.


Now go over to Sarah’s original post and read her first blog post, which, quite frankly, I don’t think is terrible at all.


“I’m calling out bloggers to publicly share their very first post. I want to see them all. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether you’re thrilled to have an excuse to dig out that old post and give it some fresh air or you’re seriously considering deleting it after I tag you, I want to see it. .  .”  CONTINUE READING

Oh, and who are my 5 victims bloggers I’m choosing to join in?


Sally Cronin

Tina Frisco

Sherri Mathews

Hugh Roberts

Shehanne Moore

Lol Enjoy! I can’t wait to read them!


Note* I wasn’t intending on posting anything new until I reached Arizona, but I couldn’t say no to Sarah and being that this post will be live the day before I travel, please bear with me on the time lag it will take me to reply to your comments, but rest assured, I will be reading and replying while I’m away. And I will be checking up on those of you who’ve I’ve dragged into this too! 🙂


Source: My New Blog Scares Me #MyFirstPostRevisited | Lemon Shark

Caribbean Tales and Tips and Shopping



I was armed and ready in preparation for our flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


My list was prepared well ahead of time with reminders of what not to forget to pack, particularly the medications. Besides the prescription meds, I had to remember to bring along some medication that is available off the shelf here in Canada but requires prescription in the U.S.

Being a frequent visitor to the U.S. and one with an unpredictable sore hip, I learned quickly on a past visit to Las Vegas that Robax – muscle and back pain pills, are not available in the U.S. and I wasn’t leaving home without those babies. Advil sinus tablets are also not available in the U.S. and come in handy if a cold strikes.

Another thing on my lengthy list was to make sure I got us some masks for us to wear on the airplane. I couldn’t chance either of us catching another cold or flu from the recycled air on the plane from the sickies who travel and spread their germs, knowing we had to stay healthy to come home and fly out again. I’d often threatened to wear a mask on the plane every time I came home and caught something else, but thought I’d look ridiculous and people would think I was the germ carrier. But this time I didn’t care what we looked like. I had already stockpiled quite a few masks from my husband’s hospital treatment visits.

The stewardess looked at us a few times, smiling, yet I could see she was wondering why the two of us were wearing masks. I replied to her silent questioning by telling her my husband had a compromised immune system, which wasn’t too far from the truth. Her smile broadened as though she found relief in that information.

Lauderdale bridge
A view from our room. The intercoastal allows boats through and the bridge on the road has to open to let them pass.

We spent 3 1/2 days in sunny Fort Lauderdale, did a bit of shopping in my favorite department store, Macy’s, and spent some time at the pool. One night we headed down to the beachfront restaurants to one of our favorite places, H2O Restaurant for dinner and a stroll down the boardwalk shops. I was surprised to find the area wasn’t too busy with tourists, and mentioned it to one of the store owners who confirmed the season was relatively quiet this year and he added that he thought a lot of Canadians didn’t come down due to our lousy dollar and perhaps because of politics.

Lynn and Deb dining in Fort Lauderdale
Lynn and me dining in Fort Lauderdale

As we were about to finish our meal while dining outside, I heard what sounded like Frank Sinatra singing loud and clear in a microphone. I had to investigate, so I got up from the table and walked about 1/2 a block to find a man singing in a microphone with a loud speaker plugged into something of which I have no idea. He was singing away to anyone who would listen. Naturally I pulled out my phone and taped a minute of his performance. (Unfortunately, I can’t load it here.)


Friday morning we boarded the Celebrity Equinox and set sail around 4pm for the Caribbean and were to arrive in St. Thomas Monday morning at 7am. We spent the weekend at sea moving through the Atlantic ocean, which was sometimes a rocky ride, until we got into the Caribbean, when the rocking settled down and the sun became much hotter.

At sea


The 4 island ports our cruise stopped at were: St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Barbados, and St. Martin. We’ve been to these islands several times throughout the years and St. Martin is my favorite island. We no longer take excursion trips as we’ve done those when we first began cruising. Our cruises now are all about fun, sun, relaxation, and oh ya , . . shopping. All the islands have many beautiful beaches, but hub and I prefer to lounge at the pool rather than the beach. But our British friends spent some time on a few of the beaches and came back lobsterized (my word).

Docked in St. Thomas

Monday morning we docked in St. Thomas and scooted off to do a little port shopping in the Havensight duty free mall. I was surprised to find that although duty free, the prices had risen considerably. I did buy a silver necklace for my sister there but still nothing for myself.

St. Thomas Facts:

It’s a beautiful island with magnificent beaches, namely, Megan’s Bay. St. Thomas is one of 3 sister islands that make up the U.S. Virgin Islands, the other two are St. Croix and St. John. It is also the commercial trade capital of the Caribbean. In the 18th century, the island was a bustling hub for pirates, particularly Blackbeard and Drake who used the island to trade stolen wares.

St. Kitts port

Tuesday morning we docked in St, Kitts at 7am. I found myself waking at 6:30am every morning on the ship as soon as the sun began to rise and peeked through my cabin window curtain through the tiny crack where the drapes failed to meet. But that morning it wasn’t the sun that woke me, but the sound of motorcycles revving their engines.

I jumped out of bed wondering if I was dreaming of hearing motorcycles. Upon opening the patio door and stepping out onto my balcony, I saw a fleet of motorcycles and riders lined up on the cement pier, waiting to drive off onto the island.

Bikers on St. Kitts

Later, when I got into port, I noticed a Harley Davidson duty free store there. I also later discovered after meeting 2 of the lady bikers, they were from Toronto and had paid dearly to have their bikes stored on the ship just to ride through St. Kitts.

St. Kitts Facts:

Basseterre, St. Kitts is the capital of the Federation  of St. Kitts and Nevis, West Indies. It hosts gorgeous green hills, pink beaches, and dormant volcanoes. The island is relatively quiet and only a few years ago did they build a huge duty free port to attract cruise ships to generate tourist revenue.


Wednesday we docked in Barbados. The photo above was taken from my cabin balcony facing the shipyard where they load imported cargo.


A shuttle bus pulls up to the ships at this port and takes passengers to the terminal where people can shop, grab a taxi into town, or meet up for their shore excursions. I haven’t gone into town for the last 2 visits here, and I find the island is more expensive than other places I’ve been. But my friend Lynn and I got on the shuttle bus just to visit one store we favor in the terminal where we always find interesting beach cover-ups. And of course I did find something I liked, And that was the only thing I’d purchased for myself yet on the cruise.

Barbados Facts:

Broad St. is the main drag in downtown Barbados. There are beautiful beaches as well, namely, Turtle beach, which my British friends love to spend the day at. There are also sugar cane plantations you can visit.

St. Martin port


And then we docked into beautiful Phillipsburg, St. Martin. St. Martin is an island split by 2 countries, France, and the Netherlands, Dutch Antilles. Depending on what side of the island you’re on it will be called Sint Maarten (Dutch) or Saint Martin (French).


Our ship was docking at 3pm and staying overnight till 5pm Friday. I was thrilled for the extended stay on my favorite island. I’d been to that island many times by cruise ship and for land holidays. The weather was gorgeous and the water is always many shades of turquoise. The people are friendly, and the food is delicious on the French side in Grand Case. And of course, the shopping is the best! The best duty free island of all. The Dutch side in particular is known for it’s spectacular array of jewelry stores at real wholesale prices.The main street is called Front St. (the Dutch side where the ships dock . . .naturally!). There you will find various shops of duty free stores among the rows of jewelry stores. It’s truly jewelry heaven for those who adore jewelry like me, and the dreaded island for many husbands, lol.

A short clip of what it sounds like when passengers get off a ship in the ports.


The shopkeepers know how to entertain as they try to keep you in their stores, knowing well that there is competition all around them. They serve you beer or virtually anything you want to drink, and even allow people to have a smoke in their store as they are deciding on their purchases.


Most of the jewelers are reputable. and some have sister stores on other islands. The trick to finding a good deal is to be savvy about the stores you’re buying in and be well versed in price values. You should have lots of patience and good bargaining skills, and NEVER take the first price you are given. I’ve had lots of practice through the years, and after my first few times of store hopping and doing price comparisons, I found my stores where I became loyal to, so I no longer had to store hop, combing the streets for comparison shopping.


I mention stores because through the years, I have changed jewelers a few times. One store we used to buy from got a new manager and didn’t recognize our business, which is usually stored in their computer. We felt like brand new customers who had to start over with negotiations and weren’t getting same good value. We also send many friends to these jewelers, which helps our own discounts considerably.


Another store we became clients for didn’t give us the same service because we hadn’t been there for two years, so we moved again. Then a few cruises ago, hub and I were strolling down Front St. where I spotted a fantastic ring in their window. We went in to have a look and wound up spending over an hour in there as my husband and I chatted with the shop owner and negotiated what I thought was an excellent price. But I wound up leaving it behind because I was afraid to take it home through customs. I never stopped kicking myself for leaving that beauty behind.


Fast forward to 2 years ago when we visited the island again, this time with zero intentions of buying anything. We were walking by that same store and I couldn’t believe that ring, or almost the same ring, was once again in the window. I took it as a sign. We went inside and 2 hours later, that ring was on my finger. I was basking in the glory of owning such a stunning ring, yet frightened about bringing it home. But I did.  And as always, I took it to my own jeweler for appraisal upon my return home and found that the ring was valued at 4 1/2 times more than I had paid for it. I knew we’d found our new store to shop in and send our friends to visit.


The store is named Zhaveri Jewelers and this family owned business has the nicest staff and gorgeous, unique jewlery. Shawn, Dee, Henna, Naaz, and Tony are all a pleasure to work with.


When we docked that afternoon, my friend Lynn had already visualized the ring she wanted to buy, she couldn’t wait till we took her to Zhaveri’s. We arrived at the store around 5pm, fully expecting the stores to stay opened till 8 or 9pm since we were the only overnight ship in town with 3000 passengers ready to shop, but found out the stores were closing at 6pm. I wasn’t planning on buying anything that trip, but we took Lynn, and within minutes she’d found her dream ring and my husband (known as the negotiator, terminator) went to work with Shawn, and within half an hour Lynn had her ring.


Of course, while Lynn was shopping, I, out of instinct perused the jewelry cases and cast my eye on the perfect ring for my index finger. Shawn gave me a quick, good price but I wasn’t about to make a purchase in half an hour on a ring I really didn’t need. I told him I’d sleep on it and come back in the morning. And I did both, and headed back to the ship with my new purchase the next day.



As a seasoned shopper, I’d highly recommend anyone stopping by the island looking for a sparkly souvenir to drop in to Zhaveri Jewelers, and feel free to tell them I sent you, to make sure you get a good deal! And you will also get a free Tshirt and beach bag. Lol, this Tshirt came in handy when hubby ran out of clean Tshirts.




So back to the ship Lynn and I went. And just before we were approaching the ship’s pier, while walking through the duty free port, Lynn wipes out, landing on all fours. Her flip flop must have tripped up on an uneven slab of cement. It was nice to see around 6 tourists rush to her aid to see if she was okay and help pick her up as I collected her things. We sat on a bench for a bit so she could collect her composure, then we linked arms as she hobbled back to ship. Her arm was already beginning to swell as it took the brunt of her fall.


Later, Lynn went to the ship’s doctor. They gave her x-rays and told her it was sprained. She couldn’t move her arm for the duration of the next few days at sea on our return to Fort Lauderdale, but she had a beautiful ring.


The day after we returned home, Lynn went to the hospital with her ever swelling forearm and hand. She found out her elbow was indeed broken! She had a 4 hour surgery Thursday and now is the bionic woman with 2 pins and a plate, which were put in. She’ll be in a cast for a few weeks then who knows how long she’ll need therapy for. I might have heard the words ‘lawsuit’ whispered. But that, I’m sure will be another story.



Zhaveri team
Zhaveri team. Naaz and Shawn with Lynn and me.


St. Martin Facts:

The island is a total of 37 square miles. It’s the smallest land mass in the world shared by 2 nations, France and the Netherlands, Dutch Antilles by a treaty signed over 350 years ago. Residents and visitors can travel to either side without red tape or borders. Both sides host some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. I’ve stayed on the French side and the food along with the beaches in Grand Case are spectacular with equally beautiful views. The marina in Marigold, French side, is a beautiful place to visit and have a meal outdoors while watching the yachts pass by and dock, as well as having some beautiful European stores to visit.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the highlights of our beautiful Caribbean getaway. Thanks for taking the tour.



Smorgasbord Blog Sitting Special – I Spy by author D. G. Kaye | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

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I was delighted when the tireless blogger/author, Sally Cronin of Smorgasbord Invitation had asked me to write a post and fill in for her as ‘blogsitter’ while Sally took a RARE week off to visit her sisters and have a little reunion. I wrote the post and sent it off to Sal so she could pre-draft her sitter’s posts before I  took off. I’d written something similar a year or so ago and never published it, and thought it might be a fitting post for more current times.




“I am delighted to welcome author D.G. Kaye (Debby Gies) to the Blog Sitting team and Debby has been very much a part of Smorgasbord since I began posting in 2013. Hugely supportive of all those that she follows, her presence is a constant reminder that virtual friendships are as real as those that are face to face.”


I Spy – Is There Any Privacy Left Anywhere?


Remember that little game we used to play when we were kids in the car to keep us entertained on a long drive—I spy? Back in the day, it was a game. In today’s world, it’s not so much a game as it has become an invasion of privacy.

I spy, is all around us, from governments knowing every detail about us, down to the color of our underwear when going through airport security. Public places abound with cameras—our every move caught on tape. Be careful not to be caught picking your nose in public, for surely someone is watching.

All these cameras were initially intended for theft surveillance, but have been taken to some extremes to a point where there are no sacred private moments left, and that can be held as evidence somewhere—should the need arise. Continue Reading . . .


Source: Smorgasbord Blog Sitting Special – I Spy by author D. G. Kaye | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

In Between Vacation Update – Caribbean and Canada Customs

Welcome Aboard

Hello lovely people! I’ve just returned from the beautiful Caribbean, and although I’m in between my return and part 2 of our winter vacation in Arizona next week and doing lots of laundry, sorting out emails and details for the next trip, and having a few follow up doctor appointments for hubby, I’m dropping in here with a short post.


We had a spectacular vacation of fun and sun. We were blessed to have everything flow beautifully from our departure to Fort Lauderdale, all the way through our return journey home.


Fort Lauderdale
A view from our balcony in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I had hoped to post more on social media, but between our constant busyness and unpredictable internet, as anticipated, I was pretty much absent on the web. While at sea, the days magically turned into night so effortlessly that time drifted by.


We were up early daily, eating breakfast on the balcony before we headed out by 9am-ish to either our lounge chairs at the pool or exploring on the shores. All the years I’ve been with my husband on vacation, he’s been the one to get out by 6am to secure the deck chairs with a towel and chair clips to ensure we ‘got a good spot’ to soak up the rays without being squashed in by too many other chairs enabling us to turn our chairs around as the sun moved. This time was different.


Balcony view on the Caribbean
A view from my cabin balcony in the Caribbean


Our friends who my husband had always got chairs for as well, repaid the favor to allow him to sleep in, and took turns waking at dawn to secure our seats. Chair saving and positioning is an art, and one the six of us are conveniently all fussy about.The weather was gorgeous and hot, particularly when we got out of the Atlantic into the Caribbean.

Balcony view Equinox
Our lovely balcony


We traveled with our friends Lynn and Gary who we’ve been friends with for 6 years now and actually met them on a cruise. They also live in Toronto, and now book our cruises together. We also met up with other friends we’ve made on past cruises, Deb and Sean from the U.K., who also booked the same cruise to once again spend time together. We soaked up the sun daily, laughed a lot, and met more interesting people, Holly and Brad from Vancouver.


The last supper
Last dinner night with friends: Sean and Deb, Hub and me, Lynn and Gary


Travel pals
Holly and Brad


The routine was simple: Get up early, get into the sun or off the ship and back into the sun after a shopping trip, grab a cocktail to go at 4pm back to the room to shower, lounge on the balcony and get ready for dinner, meet at the bar before dinner then go listen to music or dare to visit the casino, or on occasion head to bed at 930pm when we’d all taken in too much sun and fresh ocean air that knocked us right out. That combination is a great sleeping tonic and had me hitting the pillow and knocked out many nights before I could even read a book.


Amazing sunset in the Caribbean
Gorgeous sunset view from our balcony in St. Martin


So, with our busy agenda and lounging life, I didn’t have much opportunity get on the computer. When I did attempt to use the computer by getting up at 6am to try to steal an hour’s time on it, I found every page load was taking 5 minutes and decided I wasn’t going to spend hours in my room on the internet. Intentions were there but I wasn’t going to allow shaky, lagging internet to take over my vacation. Thus, I didn’t visit many blogs or even get to post pictures more than once on Facebook. Eventually I got over the computer withdrawl stage and relaxed in island time. I have to admit, it was quite freeing to do nothing but relax, laugh, chat, and of course, shop, lol.


St. Kitts

I hope to post some notable moments of our trip and some of the places we visited by the weekend. I have a few short days this week to get organized here and get ready to leave for Arizona early next week. And for many of you who have read my book, Have Bags, Will Travel, and know about my struggles with all my luggage and Canada customs, I’ll share an enlightening recap here of my return home to Toronto airport.


First off, I’m proud to announce that I was quite disciplined when it came to shopping this trip. Subsequently, I stayed within my customs allowance, AND BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE. I’ve made a bit of travel history for myself! But, just because I stayed within the limits doesn’t necessarily mean that Canada customs would take my word for it and may want to have me pulled over for further inspection, so I still felt a little apprehensive.

This time, as usual, they asked me questions about how much I spent and what I was bringing back. And as part of the system, they hand back my declaration card stamped and write a ‘secret code’ number in big red numbers on the card. These numbers always have me perplexed, leaving me guessing as to what fate will be in store for me, so I try to snoop at other people’s cards to see if anyone has the same number as me, or if mine is different, as has been the case many times in the past.

After picking up the luggage from the carousel, we get to either exit the terminal to freedom once handing over that card, or find out we’re being pulled over to the investigation room where they rummage through your luggage to see if they can find something we haven’t declared. I call it the ‘scary room’. I’ve been sent there too many times and done some fancy talking, and gratefully I always managed to get out unscathed.


I had a glimmer of inspiration this time when I noted that the number written on my card this time was ‘111’. Many of you who know my obsession with being guided by angels, may also know that triple sequence numbers, particularly 111 are messages that the angels are around you. I immediately felt calm when I noticed that number.


This was the first time of all my returns home from the Caribbean that I handed in that card after picking up my luggage, and sailed right through customs through the exit doors! A fantastic finish to a fantastic vacation!



 I found this little notice from WordPress in my notifications. Has it really been 5 years?

ACHIEVEMENT5 Year Anniversary Achievement

  1. Happy Anniversary with!
    You registered on 5 years ago.
    Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Vacation Interuptus – Some Sort of a Break

Vacation time

Well, I’ve threatened to do it a few times, yet could never bring myself to do so, but I’m taking the blogging break plunge . . . I think, sort of. I’m going to try, LOL.


I’ve been blogging for just short of four years now and have never taken a break. I’ve blogged through vacations, illness, and some of life’s most challenging times, but I now feel the time has come to take this well needed break.

I know 2016 wasn’t a most spectacular year for many of us, and I can say with certainty, it was an extremely challenging year for me with many life and health issues with my husband. I am grateful that we have managed to be able to fulfill our plans for traveling this winter with all the extra health insurance costs in place and my husband’s remarkable progress.

Everything I’ve been through has helped me re-evaluate just how precious every moment of happiness is worth. Being cooped up in my four writing walls and most outings consisting of doctor and hospital visits with my husband have enforced my desire to take in every moment of our upcoming vacations, meaning, I will be prying myself away from blogging to take in all of my vacation time.

I’ve always felt that if I didn’t blog for a few weeks, people would forget me and abandon my blog, something I’ve worked hard to build up with readership and friendships along the way. You know, that old fear, ‘out of sight out of mind’? Yes, I’m a great worrier of all things, but despite that, I don’t feel I should even pre-schedule drafted posts because I would be compelled to reply to comments – because after all, isn’t that what blogging is about, engagement?

And being that we are soon happily on our way to Florida for a few days before joining on a ten day Caribbean cruise, I want to be busy doing social activities, given that I’ll be let loose out of my solitary writing confinement, not to mention, internet is always unpredictable while at sea. Plus, I FINALLY get to catch up on some reading! So my plan is to forego blogging and when time and internet affords me a connection, I may at least show up on Facebook with some fun fact or photo snippets of my surroundings.

This break also means I won’t be spending my usual nightly three to four hours reading and commenting on your blogs, as it just won’t be possible. But don’t be surprised if I poke my avatar in on a blog randomly if I manage a few spare moments and a connection. On the off chance I find a way to post a video or a few photos on my blog, and forget to close the comments, please know replies will come sporadically.

My next treat comes in March, after barely returning from Florida, we’ll be heading back to our beloved Arizona for that month. We have lots of plans for things to do, places to go with friends and relatives who will also be meeting up with us there. Lots of fun and sun and spectacular mountain view sunsets to be had. But at least while there, I’ll have access to internet, so don’t be surprised if you find me posting randomly in March.

With all this being said, my plans for after my return are to continue on with my ‘author with a new book’ series, once or twice a month instead of weekly, book reviews on new books I’ve read as I finish them, more ‘memoir bytes’ stories, and of course, my usual posts about writing and anything else I find useful or newsworthy to share.

I also plan on getting back to writing my roughly drafted next book throughout the spring and summer, and may be taking the plunge into doing some freelance content writing. I would also like to spend more time learning about doing video and podcasting.

As you can see, my calendar is full. And, oh ya, I forgot to mention, I have FULL INTENTIONS of going to the UK and visiting my bestie in June, timed perfectly to be able to attend the annual BLOGGER’S BASH in London!

Sooooo, with this all said, and my plans laid out, I want to ask that you guys to don’t forget me! Do check your WordPress Readers, or if you’re subscribed to my posts from my blog, you may find the odd surprise post in my absence. I just wanted to let you know why it will be quiet around here starting next week.

Oh, and one more thing . . . DON’T FORGET TO COME BACK!

Happy Blogging!

Author of the Month… D.G. Kaye!

Thank you gratitude


Wow! What an amazing send off! I found this post by surprise this morning! Thank you so much to Kevin Cooper for choosing me as author of the month for my book P.S. I Forgive You.


Author of the Month… D.G. Kaye!

D.G. Kaye has done it again! D.G. Kaye’s book: P.S. I Forgive You has won her the Book of the Month Spotlight which means a direct link to purchase her book from Amazon will be posted in my widget column for a whole month! It’s there now… Check it out! Well done, Debby!

P.S. I Forgive You

If you missed my review on  Book, check it out here: P.S. I Forgive YouDon’t forget to click on the book cover in my widget column for more information and to buy from it from Amazon.


Original Source: Author of the Month… D.G. Kaye!

Taking Your Broken Heart and Turning it into Art | 365 BLOGS in 365 DAYS!

wounded heart


Turning Your Broken Heart into Art


I recently became friends with a talented author, Michelle Monet. Interestingly enough, we connected through Twitter. Michelle had tweeted to me, telling me that she’d read my book Conflicted Hearts, and how much it resonated with her. We later got gabbing on Facebook and naturally, I went over to her blog to check out some of her posts after finding we had quite a few things in common.


This post is a reblog of a recent post I read on Michelle’s blog that resonated with me because it speaks from the heart and asks a poignant question: Do writers write to turn their broken parts into art or can joyful experiences also become their creative inspiration? Oh and was I ever wowed when I saw her mention my name and book in her blog. Have a read below.

Reblogging is flattery



“MERYL STREEP ended a recent speech with this quote by the late Carrie Fisher.

I like it.

I think it is a very appropriate statement, especially in these times with so many people seemingly experiencing broken hearts. Politics, the world situation, health care issues, joblessness—people definitely have broken hearts lately.

No doubt about it.

Some people feel the need to go protest and write letters but I think many creative people more than ever feel the need to focus and dedicate to making more art.

Make something good out of the craziness. Out of the madness. Out of the uncertainty.

Turn their broken heart into art.

I’ve always believed this to be true. I am sure there are happy joyfully glee artists who make art merely to express their existential bliss and contentment,  but my guess is that many artists express art from pain and broken hearts and some sort of angst.” Continue Reading . . .



What use are your analytics for your blog? – They tell an interesting story. | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

Reblog and share


Sally Cronin is sharing her thoughts and experience tracking her analytics in her WordPress dashboard. Like she says, we may not all be interested in all the statistics and numbers of followers on our blogs, but Sally breaks down how to use your analytics to grow your following, and shares what’s working for her. Sally also talks about the views we get on our blogs from having them shared and tagged on different social media sites. Have a look at what Sally has to say below:


What use are your analytics for your blog? – They tell an interesting story.

This time of year I like to look at the analytics of my blog and social media to find out where my views come from and where my efforts to develop the blog should be focused.

Firstly my reasons for writing my blog are twofold and they are not about the numbers.

One… I love doing it and it gives me an opportunity to write every day about subjects that have always interested me and also allows me the privilege to promote my fellow bloggers and authors.. As you will see in a little while, that actually is a very important aspect of blogging. Continue Reading


Source: What use are your analytics for your blog? – They tell an interesting story. | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life