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I stumbled across another wonderful surprise today while checking my social media. I found this most beautiful review of my book, Have Bags, Will Travel, written by Terri Schrandt of Second Wind Leisure. Not only is it a delight to have our books reviewed, but some reviewers use some beautifully creative methods to write their reviews and Terri has done a most wonderful job.


Have Bags, Will Travel D.G. Kaye


 My Five Star Review:


What I love about this novella-length book beside the fact that it’s a fast, entertaining read, is Kaye’s hilarious look inward at herself and her serious addiction to shopping. Her book reads like a series of fun blog posts, highlighting her signature, conversational style, while sharing useful travel information!

A seasoned traveler (well, except for the over-packing part—but life is short, right?), Kaye deftly reminisces her early days of travel when life was simple and “travel was a joy.” (Before TSAs!). She then describes how her obsessive shopping habit has created the need for smart packing and planning.

With everything she has purchased over the years, one would guess she has an extra house for all her goodies! Kaye’s love for travel and adventure is evident as she shares hilarious exploits and nail-biting moments on her many trips that include London, Paris, Venezuela, the Greek Islands, and on to Las Vegas and Arizona.

Kaye shares valuable advice for navigating airport security, Continue Reading , . .


Source: My Book Review of Have Bags, Will Travel | Second Wind Leisure Perspectives –

34 thoughts on “My Book Review of Have Bags, Will Travel | Second Wind Leisure Perspectives –

  1. Another well deserving review Debby.. 🙂 I had a strange encounter then, while reading from the reader, I clicked onto your post to find no post just a form to log in again..
    I had to come out of it to go to your home page.. Seems the gremlins are haunting me.. 🙂 ❤


    1. LOL, and thanks Jacqui. But I admire that you can travel light. See, if we were somewhere together you could always borrow something from me because most certainly I’d have it. LOL 🙂


  2. I like the sound of your book in Terri Schrandt’s description, as well as other positive reviews I have read of this fun-loving travel guide. I would suggest this to all, but particularly to those who need to restrain themselves from over-packing. 😉
    You deserve accolades for your use of different styles of writing. Your kindness to fellow bloggers is displayed in how you share others’ writing on your blog. You’re an author with a big heart, Debby. ❤


  3. A lovely review of your book, Debby! I could really identify with many of your travelling experiences however the one and only time I was seriously over the weight limit I was kindly let off by the authorities in Germany. The American couple ahead of me only had two bags extra, as opposed to my five (after a year abroad, mind!) but I think the poor tired ‘starving’ student look did the trick! So happy for you with this review – go celebrate!


    1. Thanks for the compliments Annika. And I have to say, you were fortunate to be let off without charges. It seems you have the right ‘poker face’ to evoke sympathies when traveling, lol. 🙂


    1. Lol Thanks Balroop. I’m not sure about popular, but a coincidence that I found 2 reviews of my books within 1 week. I’m going to say fortunate. Thank you for being supportive. 🙂


  4. Great review, Debby! My mom was addicted to shopping, too. But she didn’t travel so all of her purchases were made with a click of a button! She was on very good terms with the UPS driver. 😉


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