How to Write a Top Book Review – ALWAYS WRITE

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I’ve shared quite a few posts from Marsha Ingrao in the past because Marsha is aces when it comes to publishing posts about helpful tips for bloggers – from using images, to WordPress how to, Marsha does her research and happily shares her findings on her most entertaining and informative blog – Always Write.

Today’s post is a reblog of Marsha’s post with detailed descriptions on how to write a proper review for books.




After five years of writing reviews, I’ve learned about what it takes to write a top book review. I get compliments, but my ratings on Amazon still underwhelm me. Nobody is grading you, so look at what other readers wrote. You are not going to plagiarize just by looking! However, it is not cheating to let Amazon help you write a great review. Other reviewers often offer insights you miss.



In my first years of reviewing, I thought the little Amazon box that says title meant to write in the title of the book. Every time I saw that box, I thought, “What a dumb box, the title is obvious, but oh well,” and I’d type in the book title. I looked at other people’s reviews. I never noticed that their titles read “Five Stars,” “Loved It” “Author’s Best Book Ever.” One day when I looked at other reviews critically, it hit me. The title should be mine. It reflects what I thought about the book, author, characters, or how the book affected me. Continue Reading . . .



Source: How to Write a Top Book Review – ALWAYS WRITE

30 thoughts on “How to Write a Top Book Review – ALWAYS WRITE

  1. Thanks, Debby for posting this. I have book marked the article for future use as when it comes to giving reviews I was always a little confused this article helps so much. xx


  2. Thank you for sharing Debby.. I just had to sign into your blog to follow using another email.. As I have not been getting these latest post Debby.. Grrrrrrr… Gremlins are having me play hide and seek on certain blogs too. As my comments are vanishing here and there. Sigh…

    Sending Love your way.. Now off to read the post in full.. xxx


    1. Grr Sue, yes I did find you in spam! If you’re having problems with this on other blogs too, please go into your Askimet and contact them again. I know it’s so annoying, and thanks for reminding me to check spam and go through the trouble to message me. ❤ xoxo Love received! 🙂


  3. When I started writing book reviews I scoured the internet looking for help articles such as this one – they’re invaluable and even now I like to take a look at suggestions and hints. One comment stands out and that I might look at including in my future reviews is ‘Depending on the purpose of the review; I included facts such as the number of pages, pictures, and other details about the organization or pedigree of the book.’ Many thanks for sharing, Debby!?


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