Happy Blogiversary to me! – jessicanorrie

Blogger recognition award

This is a short post in gratitude to Jessica Norrie who has nominated my blog with a ‘Blogger Recognition Award’. As I’m currently over my head in catching up with life and working on several projects, I don’t have the time to participate in this challenge, but nonetheless, I certainly want to thank Jessica and acknowledge her kindness for nominating me for this award.


I’ve only connected with Jessica in recent months, but am already enjoying her prolific blog and highly recommend that you visit her blog, particularly this post of hers I’m linking to here because she’s got a fun promo going on right now! Enter for a chance to win her book or a chance to have your writing critiqued by her HERE 


Source: Happy Blogiversary to me! – jessicanorrie

10 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to me! – jessicanorrie

    1. Lol, thanks Marian. It’s always a lovely surprise to find a mention of ourselves while blog-reading. And yes, it’s a nice positive reinforcement. 🙂


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