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Donna Parker of Vague Meanderings of the Broke and Obscure  (Yadadarcyyada,com) is hosting one of her fabulous blog parties. In her introduction to the party she is talking about: What if there was no more  . . . blogs, books to read, chocolate, kisses, etc., you get the picture, or erm, at least you will if you are used to her hilarious blog posts and matching memes to go with her thoughts. Head on over to Donna’s blog to enjoy her humor and to add a link to yourself or one of your own blog links to join the party.




The Wonder of You Blog Party

Sometimes, trying to write, or trying to blog, I think, it’s all been done? Is there anything new under this sun or any other? This world is old, ancient, instead of getting discouraged that it’s all been done, why not be inspired? What piece can we add to the puzzle of flesh and blood? Why not add to the delicious soup of humanity?


2. Remember the first song you heard? Did you think, no need to hear any more music.


3. First joke? You laughed and thought, did that, no need to laugh anymore.


4. Can there ever be enough smiles? Enough laughter? Enough joy?


9. What if no one wrote more books because, what else could they possibly add? No more books that make you: smile, cry, cringe, laugh, ponder, hope, fear, flinch, surrender, suffer, wallow, leap for joy, Breakfast Club fist pump, stay up late (just one more page, one more chapter…). Please continue reading


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12 thoughts on “The Wonder of You Blog Party – yadadarcyyada

  1. Dear Debby, thank you so much for the reblog. I’m going to do longer reviews of your books for Goodreads, etc. next week and I’m sure I’ll mention them again, I loved them. Thanks for sharing the #bloglove I hope you can drop by and leave many links to your posts or to other bloggers who’ve reviewed your books, etc. WIshing you a wonder-filled week ahead. 🙂


    1. My pleasure Donna. And thank you again, much appreciated. I’m wondering if you got my FB message that I did leave 2 comments on your blog and wondering if they went to spam? 🙂


      1. You know I’m going to ring in to agree that the brain is a fascinating organ. We learn more every day and discover how much MORE there is to know — it seems to be a bottomless well (kinda’ like creativity itself).

        No more books? ALL has been written? NEVER!
        (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
        ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
        “It takes a village to educate a world!”


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