I’ve Been Musically Challenged – Songs bringing back Memories

Musical blog challenge


There’s a new blog challenge going on in town and Sue Vincent invited Sally Cronin to this challenge, then Sally invited me to participate, and then Sue invited me too on Day 3 of her challenge! It’s a musical challenge. Do visit both Sally and Sue’s musical challenge posts and have a look at their beautiful song choices.


Today’s song choice from Sue was Stairway to Heaven


Today’s song choice from Sally was A Woman in Love


The challenge is titled: Music that Means Something to you

The challenge rules are: to post a song (video) a day for five days and what the songs means to you, name of the song, and to challenge one or two other bloggers each day.


Well, as time is short for me these days, I choose not to post for five days, but to post two songs here today one for each challenge I’ve been invited to participate in.

These two songs hold great meaning for me. And as always, I invite any of you here to join in this challenge and post your own songs which have deep meaning for you. And if you do, please leave me a link in comments here, or ping me back so I can visit!


heart holding love


I’m a romantic at heart and since I was a child, always loved all the ‘mushy’ love songs. When I was in my twenties I fell in love with the beautiful, voice of Luther Vandross. I had many favorite songs sung by him, but one in particular always resonated with me, So Amazing, because not only his smooth, romantic, passionate voice moved me, but the lyrics are about a love song that speaks about finally finding a true love. At that time in my life, I had yet to find my true love but the song had me dreaming of that one day that I might.


When I finally did get married, I chose this song as my ‘untraditional’ song to walk down the aisle to, The lyrics begin:


Lyrics can be read here:  http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/118330/



The second song that holds a treasured place in my heart is What a Wonderful World, sung by Louis Armstrong.


This song takes me back to my childhood. I’m not quite sure of why this particular song out of so many always reminds me of when I was a little girl riding in the car with my dad. I’m not sure if it was the melody or the lyrics, but I do know that whenever I’d hear the song it brought me fond memories of the special times I’d spent with my father.


Fast forward to 2006, the day I found out the devastating news that I had a tumor on my heart, I had just returned home after having the echo cardiagram on my heart and receiving the diagnosis. I was petrified, still in shock, trying to figure out how I would tell my husband, while wondering at the same conflicting moment, if I was going to die.

Instinctively, I’d turned on the radio to help sooth my jangled nerves and the song that played was What a Wonderful World. Something within me just knew in that moment that my father was around to comfort me and I knew I was going to be alright. Many more times through the years, particularly in difficult times, I will hear that song come on at a most needed moment. For me, it’s a visit from my dad, always letting me know he’s still around.


Lyrics can be read here:



Don’t forget to share your links here if you want to jump in and share some of your own favorite songs holding great meaning to you.

51 thoughts on “I’ve Been Musically Challenged – Songs bringing back Memories

  1. There are a lot of memories tied up with that Louis Armstrong song. So many that I almost posted it myself. And the lyrics are beautiful. One of the most vivid was sitting on the assembly hall floor, the whole school cross-legged and singing it as we waited for Apollo 11 to be launched. xxx


  2. I checked the lyrics of both. “So Amazing” is new to me but perfect for a wedding. Of course I know “It’s a Wonderful World” too.

    My submission: “A Strada,” soundtrack to the movie, no lyrics just a haunting melody, evoking the early days of young love. /Users/marianbeaman/Desktop/A Century of Movie Soundtracks Vol. 2.jpg


  3. I was reading through the start of your post, Debby, and thinking about songs. “What a Wonderful World” popped into my head as one of my favorites and I kept reading. Yes, I also really like Luther Vandross. And then…. there was Louis Armstrong, ready for a listen. Thanks for starting my day with a smile. 🙂


  4. Both are wonderful choices Debby.. And What a Wonderful World is a favourite of mine also.. Its amazing how often music imprints a memory, a time of year or an event..
    Sending love and hugs your way.. Wishing you a very Happy Easter Weekend.. Enjoy.. ❤


    1. Thanks for reading Robbie. It certainly was a frightening time. Open heart surgery is a frightening experience. I mentioned in one of my books. Lucky to be alive and wear my scar proudly.
      It seems everyone here resonates with Louis’ song. For me it’s a comfort to hear. 🙂


  5. Music is so very powerful. I had no idea the memories I would release when I started posting a song a week. Certain songs can really make all the difference, especially for me when it comes to writing. It’s almost as if it’s speaking to me and encouraging me as I tap away at the keyboard.
    Nice choices, Debby. Thank you for sharing them with us.


    1. Thanks so much Hugh. Yes, that’s the magic of music, it pulls us in to a place and time, different for each person. I need music on wherever I go, except when book writing, then I need total silence, most likely so my mind won’t wander to the music. 🙂 ❤


  6. Music has no language and though I heard these songs much later in life, they do make their impact. Lovely choices Debbie.
    P.S.I have reviewed your book on forgiveness at Goodreads and Amazon.


    1. Thank you Balroop for both, leaving your lovely comment and for reading and reviewing my book. I look forward to reading your review and reblogging it. BTW, I have your book I reviewed slotted for April 30th for my Sunday book review post. I hope you’ve seen my review on ‘How to be a Better Person’. I recently noticed Amazon wasn’t showing my name, but ‘Amazon customer’, lol. I’ve fixed that now. 🙂 Happy Easter!


      1. Thank you my friend. And I’ve just returned from reading your heartfelt review. Thank you so much Balroop for sharing your thoughts. I will fit it in for a post on my blog after the busy weekend. ❤ 🙂


  7. Thanks for opening up and telling us about your songs and why they mean a lot. I love them both, but of course for different reasons than yours. From now on when I hear IT’s A WONDERFUL WORLD (one of my favorite songs) I’ll think of you!


  8. How sweet it is! The music of my life is all in my head now because of hearing loss, but I’m filled with Joni Mitchell songs and lyrics, Motown, Puccini operas, and lots more. Music is so important during the grieving and healing process (as when you found out about the heart tumor), and I miss that solace and uplift every day. Thank you, Debby.


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