When I Am Not Enough… Guest Post by Tina Frisco… Inspiration

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Time for a little inspirational guidance from our compassionate and wise friend Tina Frisco.


Tina’s words are empowering. In this wonderful article she wrote as a feature on Chris Graham’s blog (The Story Reading Ape), Tina talks about self-love, gratitude and forgiveness.


When I am not Enough by Tina Frisco


Throughout our lives, we hear ourselves say:  ‘I’m not that good!’  ‘I’ll never make it.’  ‘I wish I could write that well.’  ‘If only I had said. . .’

Words are powerful. Energy follows thought. The words we speak to ourselves drive our subconscious minds. Diminishing thoughts tell the subconscious we are not enough.

The subconscious mind is self-serving. Its mission is to fulfill our every desire, and it sets in motion the means by which to do so. It takes our words at face value and strives to manifest what they represent. It assumes that what we think and say is what we hope and dream.

How often have we heard ourselves utter, ‘Did I say that’? Unless we’re channeling spirit, the mouth speaks what the subconscious mind thinks. If thought rests in the conscious mind, we are aware of it and can choose whether or not to give it a voice. If thought rests in the subconscious mind, we might find ourselves surprised by our own words.

Negative off-hand remarks might seem benign, yet they are potent energy viruses that infect the subconscious mind through repetition; repetition which, over time, becomes emphatic. The virulence of this self-denial is potentiated by the subterranean stream of thought that mirrors the spoken word and continues feeding the subconscious. The subconscious then compels us to speak what it believes to be our truth.

This might seem like a vicious cycle that can’t be broken; yet anything is possible, because nothing is set in stone. Even dense matter can be converted to energy.

The way out is the way in.


If we wish to realize our full potential, we need to become witness to ourselves. We must remain alert to and aware of all we manifest in word and deed. And we must do this without judgment.

Labels proclaim. Proclamation reinforces. Reinforcement cements. Cement imprisons.

Your mind is a powerful thing.

When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.


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Source: When I Am Not Enough… Guest Post by Tina Frisco… | TINA FRISCO

41 thoughts on “When I Am Not Enough… Guest Post by Tina Frisco… Inspiration

  1. Debby, my sweet and lovely friend, I am so grateful for your sharing and kind words. I see the bright light of your soul, the shining star that is you, and know the world is a far better place with you in it. You bring joy to so many. Sending much love to you, dear friend, and endless hugs… ???


    1. Aw Tina, you have the biggest heart. I would have to say the same right back to you my wise and compassionate friend. Sending you back love, light and huge hugs! ❤ ❤ xoxoxo


  2. Tina, your advice is spot-on. It’s easy to forget the power of our mind. How long has it been since Norman Vincent Peale’s “Power of Positive Thinking”? It’s still true.


  3. Glad you reblogged Tina’s post with these wise and important words! I’m reading a book called “Me, Myself and Lies; What to Say When You Talk to Yourself,” by Jennifer Rothchild. It is powerful, uplifting and full of great advice on how women especially, talk down to ourselves even if it’s within our own minds. If we focus on our creator, we can manage this.


    1. Thanks Terri, for chiming in on Tina’s lovely post, but for also recommending what sounds an interesting read to boost self-esteem. I will be checking it out. 🙂 x


    2. Thank you for your kind words, Terri, and for the book recommendation. I’m so glad we women are learning to empower ourselves. Most great movements in human society have been started by women. We are, after all, the mothers of our species ♥


  4. Beautiful post by Tina, Debbie. Thanks so much for sharing and popped over to have a read. Loved the line ‘The way out is the way in.’. It’s something I believe. When we get up, show up to what we love doing and accept the changes around us, that’s when we learn the most and be and feel the most productive. Hope all is well with your writing and take care 🙂


    1. Thank you for the lovely and insightful comment, Mabel. Introspection is the most effective element of change, and it seems you’ve discovered its magic. It’s a pleasure to meet you ♥


  5. This is so true Tina, Debby, words really do have such a strong impact on our sense of self-esteem. Perhaps we should all get up each morning and verbalise one positive point to start the day. 🙂


    1. Great advice Marje. And that is something I already do. Even when life is throwing crap my way (as it’s often doing) I dwell on the things I’m grateful for. Staying away from the dark side is imperative. 🙂


    2. Thank you, Marje, and it’s interesting you mention that. It reminds me of Dorothy Bryant’s book, The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You. Every day when the people wake up, they tell each other their dreams, because they believe their dreams hold great meaning and direction for their lives ~ a positive affirmation with which to begin their day ♥


  6. Thanks for sharing Tina’s post, Debby. I agree that we must take control of our thoughts and speak with kindness, encouragement and positivity to ourselves.


  7. The world goes round thanks to positive thinking and wondrous minds! Also, when one compares oneself to others… negative energy seems to take over. Yet, I cannot help myself from doing so and looking up to more successful beings and feeling such a thing is out of reach. But, I will reach my own heights, one that is devoid of comparisons. 🙂


    1. I hope you will turn that around Liesbet, not feeling deflated when you compare yourself to others, but rather feel inspired to achieve higher goals. 🙂


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