Oh Canada We Stand on Guard for Thee – Happy 150th Birthday Canada in Gratitude

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!

Canada Day flag


Today I’d like to wish my country a Happy 150th Birthday and remember gratitude for the country I was raised and reside in.


Often we take for granted the many blessings we receive on a daily basis because we’re just so used to having them. But we should never take for granted the freedoms we enjoy, especially in this unsettled time of the world where there is discontent, hatred, division, fear and violence happening in so many parts around the world. The discord that so many others must endure on a daily basis, some just to survive, reinforces my gratitude even more for my freedom. So today I want to salute my country in gratitude for the many gifts we are blessed with to enjoy here.


I am grateful to be able to live in peace, in a democracy in a country with a government that is for the people.

I am grateful that I don’t live in the constant threat of terror.

I am grateful for our free universal health care system which is available to all of us.


We are blessed to have the peace of mind that so many others fight for. Every day I pray for peace around the world for the so many who live in turmoil, fear and war around the world. My wish is that all leaders of the world would one day find compassion in their hearts and take a page out of our book and offer their people what every human being in the world deserves – humanity, compassion, a sense of security and peace of mind.


Sure our winters are damned cold and it’s always nice to travel to somewhere else to escape the cold, but it’s also nice to come home.


Canada shirt


So thank you Canada for looking after us all. Today I’ll wear my T-shirt proudly and take in the beautiful sights of so many Canadian flags waving with pride around my city of Toronto. And I’ll be celebrating the day and weekend with family up in cottage country.


Happy 150th Canada!


*Note: Β Comments are always welcome. Just know that my replies won’t be as frequent throughout the weekend while I’m away in the great white north (which thankfully isn’t white at this time of year) with unpredictable wifi.

Happy weekend!

55 thoughts on “Oh Canada We Stand on Guard for Thee – Happy 150th Birthday Canada in Gratitude

  1. Such a lovely tribute to your home country, Debby. Wish I could feel like this about my home country but I always feel as if we live with one foot in England due to all the uncertainty here.


  2. Debby! Your words sing sweetly – and I will sing the anthem with you as we salute our beautiful country πŸ™‚ Enjoy the sunny north ((Happy Canada Day)) xx


  3. OH, Happy (Belated) Canada Day, Deb!!! I hope your day was wonderful and Canada enjoys another 150 years +

    Blessings to my great Northern Neighbor!
    Marianne β™₯β™₯β™₯


    1. Aw thank you my sweet friend. I’m wishing you a Happy 4th. I know it will be different for you than any other but chin up girl, the world is watching. Something is going to give. πŸ™‚ xxx


    1. Thank you my lovely. Often we take things for granted and complain about things we don’t like, which sometimes become so trivial in light of events of more serious nature going on in other countries. We need to all take a moment and pause. πŸ™‚ ❀


  4. I hope you had a wonderful weekend away in a sunny and green “high” country, Debby! Happy belated Canada Day. If I would be Canadian, I would be proud of my country (as well)!!


  5. I’m a little late, but thanks to you and to Canada for being the more mature younger sibling to the north of where I live. I’ve considered a move across that border a few times in this life, recently and during the Vietnam War. I’m still in the USA. Signing petitions, showing up at town hall meetings, and wringing my hands.


    1. I’m living in the north supporting all my American friends and part of a few groups supporting and cheering them on. #GodBlessAmerica ❀


  6. Where oh where is July going Debby.. as I hop backwards.. Yes we are so lucky to live in the places we do live.. And I too am grateful for the many things you mentioned here Debby.. Sending LOVE.. ❀


  7. Happy belated Canada Day! I love your pic with the birds. Like we Australians, you Canadians have much to be grateful for. It’s lovely to read your list and I support your wish for them to be more widespread.


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