Sunday Book Review – The Fountain – Short Stories by John Maberry

Book reviews by D.G. Kaye

Today’s book review is on friend and author John Maberry’s newest book of short stories in the fantasy/sci-fi genres, The Fountain.Β This book contains 7 short stories that will make you pause and think. The book will be live on Amazon July 10th for purchase, but is available NOW on pre-order. I was fortunate to be gifted a copy from John and I’m sharing my review here before I post it on Amazon.


Fountain by John Maberry


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The Blurb:


Humor, twists and more in this collection of seven fantasy and sci-fi short stories. Karma can be painful in “The Fountain”–when a plunderer meets a long-dead shaman. A family adopts a retriever with special talents in “Lily, an Amazing Dog.” A vampire has a strange problem, in “Alfred’s Strange Blood Disorder.” A perennial favorite, dimensional travel, with a strange twist in “The Closet Door.” What could that column of fire be, rising from the Atlantic off the Outer Banks? Read “The Flame” to find out what it meant to troubled writer Carson. A wizard casts a spell that works well for a princess, but will it be as good for him? Check out “The Wizard.” Finally, “The Fribble” offers an alien encounter of an odd sort, to a pharmaceutical company rep searching for new drugs in the Amazon Rain forest.


My 5 Star Review


If you enjoy short stories in fantasy/sci-fi genres, and stories that make you think then look no further than Maberry’s tales which will engross you with stories about karma, greed, time travel, aliens and muses.

In this book you will read stories about: a dog with extra sensory perception, a writer battling his own sub-conscience, a wizard who wonders if the spells he casts for others will work for himself, a man who experiences 2 lifetimes by opening a closet door. These are just a few of the stories to stimulate your reading appetite.

Maberry is a prolific writer who knows how to keep a reader captivated till the end and finishes his stories with an unexpected twist. This book also offers an excerpt to the author’s next upcoming novel. As in true Maberry style, he leaves us hanging in anticipation with more to come. A great read!

38 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – The Fountain – Short Stories by John Maberry

  1. Yeah! Short story collections are really growing in popularity and this one sounds a treat – a great one for sci-fi/fantasy fans and the stories mentioned have me intrigued. Also what a terrific idea to include a taster/teaser of his upcoming novel…might just nab that concept…??


  2. I am humbled and amazed at the responses to your review, my friend! If I didn’t fully realize the power and value of networking, I do now.

    Thanks to all of those who have expressed positive responses to Deb’s review. πŸ™‚ I hope all of you will enjoy the stories. From what so many have said, I will definitely strive to alternate some short stories with novels now that I am finally getting the nonfiction train rolling down the track!


    1. That’s awesome T! But no worries. John is going to be my author guest next Friday and I’m sure you will enjoy learning a lot more about him! ❀


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