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Aging and Wisdom


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“Just how old are you?”
Although youth has long died,
“As young as the moment,”
My body replied.
“If I want to play out
In the sun, or climb trees,
Run laughing through dewdrops,
…I’ll do as I please.
I have a few wrinkles,
My hair’s going grey…
Inside I’m a child
And I still need to play.”



“Just how old are you then?”
My body asked mind,
“As old as conception,
Just think and you’ll find
I’ve been here all along,
In your cells and your brain,
Learning forever and seeking to gain
From experience, wisdom
That I can impart…
But perhaps we should ask
Just how old is the heart?”



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Source: Eldest | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

34 thoughts on “Eldest | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

  1. Lovely – Today is my birthday and I’m not revealing my age except to say I hear “76 Trombones” playing in the distance. My grandson Ian heard about my upcoming birthday and said, “You’re too pretty to be old, NaNa!” Best gift ever!


      1. I’m bowled over! I would never have guessed! Honestly, I thought you were in early/mid sixties! You look marvelous dahling!!!! I hope your day is special! ❤


  2. This is profound and I shared it too. Sue has exceptional talent. Hugs for you my lovely buddy. ❤ xXx


    1. Thanks Jane. I knew this post would resonate with so many so I wanted to share it with more eyes. Lovely to see you too my lovely friend. ❤ xxx


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