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I wanted to share this beautiful post I was surprised to find over at Tina Frisco’s blog while doing my nightly blog visits. I say surprised because Tina hadn’t informed me she wrote it, and I was most touched to find, not only Tina’s kindness for posting a feature about me, but the beautiful comments left on the post.


Sometimes we’re just all busy doing what we do without realizing the impact we’ve made on others. My heart was truly touched when I read these comments, affirming my friendships with these other bloggers and writers and confirming that the words I share across the Web do in fact form a connection with others and offer value.





While I was on break preparing my first novel for republication, I missed several wonderful posts by my lovely friend Debby Gies.  Debby is one of the most supportive authors it is my privilege to know. She writes compelling memoirs and has five outstanding books to her name. Find them HERE.


Debby’s latest memoir, P.S. I Forgive You, was published in October 2016 and has received nothing less than 5-star reviews.

P.S. I Forgive You by D.G. Kaye

Aside from sharing the work of fellow authors, Debby also writes thought-provoking articles and regularly shares helpful tips.  I’d like to share a few of these now. Perhaps you missed them as well. Since I’m still in catch-up mode,  I’m including a few of her later posts.


I hope you enjoy these as much as I have ❤


#Kindness Rocks Project – #WATWB – How it Began – How to Participate 

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Source: #Author/BloggerSpotlight D.G. Kaye aka Debby Gies | TINA FRISCO

43 thoughts on “#Author/BloggerSpotlight D.G. Kaye aka Debby Gies | TINA FRISCO

  1. Deb, it was a pleasure to put you in the spotlight. You are one of the kindest, most supportive and informative bloggers in our community. As you say, we sometimes do not realize the impact we have on others. Receiving compliments with grace and gratitude is the highest honor we can bestow on those who offer them. And you do this so beautifully. Hugs, dear friend ?


    1. Isn’t always a lovely surprise to find yourself featured somewhere else without our knowing? Kind of like finding a lovely book review from SOMEONE YOU KNOW and didn’t know the review was from them, lol ❤


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