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Twice a month I host author guest interviews here on Fridays. I try to keep my in-between Friday posts relevant to books and writing, and because I’m deep into revisions in my latest WIP. I chose to reblog a fantastic and entertaining post about writing with a muse by Diana Peach. I hope you enjoy this and I hope you don’t have a muse that is as tough as Diana’s muse is, lol.


(Please note: My website crashed yesterday and I’m trying to recreate everything that went out since last Tuesday. This post came out earlier Friday and vanished, so I’m reposting and hoping you all will reshare. Thank you. <3)


Muse for Hire


The day is half over and I open the door to my writing room. My coffee sloshes over the rim at my sudden halt. The man’s jaw swivels my way, and I swallow. “Um…Who are you?”

“Your muse,” he growls.

“Oh.” I edge into the room and leave the door cracked for a quick escape. “Where’s my other one? You know, the… usual one?”

He stares at me like I’m a bug. “She hired me.”

“You’re a mercenary muse?” I trap a nervous laugh behind my lips. The guy looks cranky. Dried sweat coats his bulging muscles, and bloody grit etches the gold lions adorning his skimpy outfit.

He points a finger at a wooden chair, my humming laptop on the table beside it. “I’m here to make sure you keep your commitments.”

“What commitments?” I sit, my smile as shaky as my hands.

“Summer off, then a new series, full time, starting September first.” He taps his ragged fingernails on the armrest. “Your muse thinks you’re an oil-tongued shirker who’ll attempt to cut yourself a part-time deal. I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Oh, that. Well, I’ll have you know, the prep work is coming along nicely.” I lift my chin, every speck of rickety indignation putting on a solid show, and I turn my laptop so he can see. “In fact, I’ve created a map!”

His lips curl in a sneer. “Don’t get cute. She says you love making maps, so that doesn’t count. What about the rest? The bios?”

“Ninety percent done.”  I show him the files – images and profiles for all main characters and most secondaries. “I’m still tweaking, but you know they don’t settle in until the story starts. World building is progressing too. I have sea-cliffs, waterfalls, and cities with layers of arching bridges. And, I’ve got a great magic system.”

I wasn’t expecting applause, but a smidgeon of encouragement wouldn’t have hurt. Instead, his little pellets for eyes are waiting to pelt me. Continue Reading . . .



Source: Muse for Hire | Myths of the Mirror

24 thoughts on “Muse for Hire | Myths of the Mirror

  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Debby. You’re a trooper to recreate all these lost posts. So sweet of you. I hope your system is back in order and working smoothly. Now you get to enjoy your weekend! 🙂 ❤


    1. Thanks Diana. I really wanted to share your post, so I did recreate it. The plugin issue is yet to be resolved and I have much to do with rewriting posts this weekend. You can be certain I’ll also wrote a post about what happened for others to beware of. 🙂 xx


  2. Great to see you’re back. Lots of challenges at our house too this week and today in particular, but that’s not pertinent here. Fecal matter happens in everyone’s life now and then. You’ve survived and overcome it! As for the muse–woof! Yes, self-discipline in the form of a mythical muse is a serious thing. 🙂


    1. Lol, thank you my friend. After yesterday’s shyte show I closed the computer for the rest of the day and night, I just couldn’t look at anything. I’ve spent the last 6 hours today recreating the posts I had already written for the coming week and also managed to write a post (which will post this Tuesday) about what happened, how I handled it, and tips for others to hopefully avoid the nightmare. 🙂
      You don’t have to tell me there’s a lot of ‘fecal’ matter going on with the planets. Yesterday’s agro with my blog was just the start to a terrible day on all fronts. This eclipse is upsetting many people’s apple carts and I’m sure will continue to do so for another month at least. Just because the eclipse is over doesn’t mean its effects disappear. 🙂


  3. Wishing you good luck with all these pesky tech issues…they are like vampires to me!
    Diana’s real muse is very sweet, I don’t know why she hired this monster!! 🙂 Discipline issues! Great share Deb. Love and hugs.


    1. Thanks for the well wishes and for visiting B. Good description – vampires! Lol. At least I can smile now and still trying to catch up.Yes, I think Diana is missing that lovely muse, maybe she’ll come back. 🙂 Hugs back my friend. 🙂 xx


    1. Glad you enjoyed Patricia. Diana’s writing is a pleasure to read, and especially now with her new ‘brutal’ muse, we never know what we can expect from her. 🙂 xx


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