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Things that make you go Hmm?


I’m over at Sue Vincent’s blog today, once again sharing an eerie story for her Elusive guest post series.

Do you believe in spirits? Have you ever sensed a ghost in your home?


The Lady

Many people are skeptical about ghosts until they actually encounter an experience they have no other explanation for. I always believed in spirits. I may have been skeptical when I was younger, but through the years, I have had encounters several times with my dear father who had passed more than twenty years ago. Those encounters were enough for me to banish any skepticism I had.

My sister is very different than me in many ways, especially her beliefs in ghosts. She never acquired ‘the gift’ of having a sixth sense and many times throughout our lives, she’d laugh at my stories and tell me I was crazy, except when I told her about my visit to heaven. She believed without a doubt I had visited our father.

Something changed her beliefs though, when she moved into her current house over thirty years ago. She began to experience weird occurrences with electronics in her home. Often, her kids would watch TV in the basement and hear strange noises from upstairs when nobody else was home. Even the dogs would hide. Their TV had shut off and turned on many times through the years on its own, and they witnessed the channels changing on the TV, landing on bizarre stations, usually pertaining to death, right in the middle of watching a video on TV.

Through the years, my sister and her family began to accept the fact that a spirit was living in their home, and my sister no longer denied her belief in spirits. She had occasionally noticed an odd shadow cast on her bedroom wall which had no bearing on whether-or-not the sunlight shone through the window. She said the shadow was in the shape of a woman, whom she felt was with child. My sister presumed the Lady was the ghost in her house, which justified all the strange occurrences that often went on.

Fast forwarding to last year, something very frightening, yet bizarre happened. While my sister and her boys were out at work, a fire started in her home. Continue Reading . . .


Source: Guest author: D. G. Kaye – The Lady… | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

23 thoughts on “Guest author: D. G. Kaye – The Lady… | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

  1. I may have to steal that title–“Things that make you go Hmmm”. Who can’t read this post with that title? Completely aside from the article, you are really good with creating lead-ins that make me read (“Conflicted Hearts, Have Bags Will travel–yeah, more great ones).


  2. I imagine I’ll be The Lady haunting this place when I leave since I’ve been here since 1972. Vic’s presence is everywhere, but not in an eerie haunting way. Just the way he molded the land, the house, and our family. But the world is eerie in so many ways with the scariest coming from the country south of your border. We’re haunted by something.


    1. At least you would be a good ghost Elaine. 🙂 And yes, I’m appalled at what’s going on in your country. I follow intensely, as I know if I miss one day of news I’m way behind. I pray the GOP will come to their senses and boot him, not Mueller. 🙂


  3. Fascinating dear Debby… I like the story and your writing is haunting… I am glad the fire wasn´t that bad at the end… On a side note: I don´t now if you have ever read Isabel Allende, a great, very prolific chilean author. Your writing reminds me of her… particularly of the book “The House of Spirits” … There is even a movie based on this book, starring Jeremy Irons and Meryl Streep. You should watch it if you still haven´t done so… Hugs to you! 😀


    1. Wow, thanks for the wonderful compliment Aq! Yes I’m aware of Isabel Allende and I’m sure I’ve never missed a Meryl Streep movie, now I’m going to check it out. Thank you my friend. 🙂 ❤


  4. Very eery, Debby. Thank God everyone was safe. I believe there are things beyond our comprehension sometimes that reach beyond the grave. Scary stuff! Hugs xx


    1. Yes, I think she’s a sad Lady who lost a child and never left that house. She’s almost like an old friend to my sister now. Not eerie for my sister but anyone else I’d imagine might get creeped out. 🙂


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