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It’s that time of year where many of us are getting our scary on – costumes, pumpkins, decorations and scary stories, and Colleen Chesebro got the ball rolling on her blog, Fairies, Myths, and Magic, with guest posts from authors and writers sharing their eerie stories. I hope you enjoy my share here. And if any of you have any related stories about the Ouija Board, feel free to share them here or at Colleen’s blog in comments. ??


Today, I have a spooky tale to share from D.G. Kaye. Do you remember when you were a kid and how certain things scared you more than they do now? Or do they still scare you? Take a deep breath and prepare to hear a tale that will give you a spine-tingling scare!


“The Ouija Board”

By D. G. Kaye

Seeing beyond


My fascination with the occult and spirits began at a young age. As curious as I was to learn about magic and mysticism, I was also afraid of it and always the skeptic until I had my own encounters with spirit eventually proving to me there is more to life than only the world we exist in. If you haven’t been visited by spirit, it’s sometimes hard to become a believer.

My curiosity for magic and spirit evolved when I was a child. Entranced by TV shows such as Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie, I was inspired and fascinated by the phenomena of making things appear and disappear by the twitch of a nose or by folding my arms and blinking as I’d nod my head to make the impossible happen. I’d practice in front of a mirror after watching a new episode, hoping I’d see something move or change, to no avail. And soon to follow in that era of my childhood, I discovered the Ouija Board.

As curious as I was about using my Ouija board, I was apprehensive and afraid of the dark, which I believed from the things I watched on TV, to be a requirement for concentration to call up spirits with a Ouija board. So, I convinced my younger brother to ‘do’ the Ouija board with me for protection, and we went downstairs to the dark den where Pedro resided on the wall to begin my investigation.


The den was decorated in a Spanish theme – black slate furniture, black leather couches, and heavy red drapes always drawn and blocking all signs of sunlight. On one of the walls hung a dark wood-carved portrait of a Matador bust. That room was where our hi-fi stereo was, and my brother and I used to sit in there and listen to music after school.

I was brave when my brother was in there with me, but I was petrified to be in that room by myself because I was convinced that Pedro, the name we christened the Matador on the wall, was always watching us.

Something about the way his eyes were carved into his face seemed to have a 3D effect, making me feel as though his eyes shifted to watch me wherever I moved in the room.

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Source: #Fairies, #Myths, & #Magic October Spooktacular Author Spotlight Guest Post – “The Ouija Board,” by Author, D. G. Kaye – ✨Colleen Chesebro✨The Fairy Whisperer ✨

33 thoughts on “#Fairies, #Myths, & #Magic October Spooktacular Author Spotlight Guest Post – “The Ouija Board,” by Author, D. G. Kaye – ✨Colleen Chesebro✨The Fairy Whisperer ✨

  1. I had a bad experience with a Ouija board when I was a teenager. I’d grown up in a house where there was ghostly activity, and my friends and I thought we’d try to contact the spirits. I don’t recall the question we asked, but the reply was “f… you” (feel free to delete that, Debby, if you think it’s not appropriate to have on your blog!)

    Needless to say, we closed down the Ouija board and watched a nice, wholesome movie instead. 🙂


    1. Wow Kate! And lol, no deleting here. Imagine a Ouija board talking smack to you! I’ll assume those weren’t very friendly spirits, so I’m glad you had the good sense to put the board away. Honestly, so many commenters have had such weird experiences. Those boards are certainly not toys!
      P.S. thank you so much Kate. I noticed your review of my book on Amazon, I will be sharing it in the next week. 🙂 x


  2. Freaky! I will hop over to finish this, Deb. I was also obsessed with the ouija board as a young teen. I think my friends and I tried it a few times. I didn’t own one myself though. I just watched a movie that takes place in the 70’s where the youngest child engages with the ouija board and calls up the spirits. It was quite scary. I wish I could recall the title of the movie—it’s a new one. 😛


    1. Lol Lis. I don’t watch scary movies, and I don’t know what gave me the guts to even touch that board as a child. But you wouldn’t catch me near one again, as many commenters here will tell you, they’ve all had scary experiences. You were better off not getting involved. LOL. Thanks for reading. 🙂 xx


  3. I, too, played around with a Ouija board when I was younger though I don’t recall it was mine. I don’t have any scary details like you, Debby, or a creepy Pedro, but I do remember how weird it was and I did not want to experiment with it beyond a perfunctory introduction. I have never wanted to delve into the spirit world since I am basically a chicken! I don’t like scary movies, either, unless I’ve already read the book and know what is going to happen.


    1. Lol, thanks for sharing Molly. It sounds like we’re both chickens when it comes to scary movies. Isn’t it interesting how adventurous and sometimes fearless we can be as children. 🙂


  4. What a scary story, Debby. You are braver than I to even try the Ouija board. I’m so pleased you threw it out. Some of your other “spiritual” experiences were far more pleasant.


    1. Lol Norah. I agree with you. It may have been those early years with the Ouija that opened my awareness to some of the ‘other’ world. But even at 8 I had my intuition telling me to get rid of it. 🙂


      1. Intuition is a good thing to take notice of. I’m sure it’s prevented many mishaps over the years, not necessarily with you personally, but in general. 🙂


  5. I read this…a week or two ago? Anyway, was unable to comment at the time but you got me thinking about my experiences with the Ouija board. And more have popped into my head over time.

    It’s just a game, right? I mean, it’s in the aisle with all the other board games so it’s not surprising many kids/teens have “played” with it or that parents would think it harmless and buy it for their kids. But, holy crap, lady, I can tell you something is bloody weird about the Ouija board. Yet…I didn’t stop using it for years. Even after numerous run-ins with ghosts/spirits and the planchette moving on its own (flying off the board once). Yup. Scared the crap out of me. *shrugs* Stupid teenagers. 😉


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