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This is  second posting today, but I felt I must share it today because it’s time-sensitive. Tina Frisco has generously decided to share all 3 of her books FREE for 3 consecutive days ONLY. One book each day starting today is Tina’s gift to readers. I’ve read all 3 of Tina’s books and you have only to check my reviews on all of them as well a the reviews of others to get a feel for Tina’s beautiful writing.


Today only Vampyrie is FREE. You can download direct from the post, but do continue over to Tina’s blog to find out and make note of the other free dates for her other books!



I love giving gifts. I enjoy watching the sparkle in someone’s eyes as they unwrap an anticipated treasure.
The Winter holidays embody love, compassion, and sharing. I hold great hope for humankind and envision these virtues imbuing our lives all year round. If each of us did one small thing for someone we did not know, imagine the light that would fill the world!


Pixabay CCO
Image courtesy of Pixabay CCO
This Holiday Season I would like to show my appreciation for all of you who regularly visit and share my blog, and who freely offer your love and support.
Thank you so much ♥
On the following dates, each of my books will be free for download on Amazon:

Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire ~  Dec. 11th
Download HERE
VAMPYRIE: Origin of the Vampire by Tina Frisco

What if vampires were not the undead, but rather the dying? What if there were two factions among vampires: the sustained and the unsustainable? And what if those factions were at war with one another over the life of a young woman who promised them a future? Vampyrie brings the myth of the vampire into the realm of possibility. 

Continue Reading HERE for the other FREE dates to get Tina’s books!


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39 thoughts on “#TinaFrisco ~ Free Books for the Holidays | TINA FRISCO

      1. I actually didn’t. 😀 I caught it in time for Plateau then realized I already have it. *rolls eyes* That’s my life. But, hey, good thing that I have it. I’ll bump it up on my TBR list.


  1. Oops I missed it! Sorry about that. I will check it out online. I read Tina’s first book and enjoyed it! This is quite different from that one. Wishing you both lots of success with your books! Merry Christmas, my friends! Much love xx


    1. Hi Janice! Thanks for reading. Actually, this is the last day for Gabby and the Quads FREE. If you haven’t read that one, you can download still free today. 🙂 ❤


      1. I’LL read and leave a review soon! Then I’ll check out Vampyrie and add to my TBR list. I don’t usually read about vampires 🧛‍♂️ but this sounds different from the usual vampires 🧛‍♀️ stories. 💜


      1. You’re welcome to the SMAG badge, Debby. I’m so pleased you added it to your blog. No, I didn’t see the reblog. I think I still have one of your newsletters in my inbox – the one before the last. I’ve had a few other distractions for the past week, and, on top of that, discovered this morning that I wasn’t receiving notification of blog posts from WP. I don’t know how it got turned off, but has been off for a couple of weeks. No wonder there weren’t so many emails in my inbox! Just as well I receive your newsletters via mailchimp. I’ll definitely check out your reblog now that I know about it. Thank you so much for your generosity. xx


      2. No worries Norah. I know all about too much mail and that it sometimes takes awhile to cover dropping by all the blogs we visit. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you I reblogged, I knew you’d come by eventually or see it posted on FB 🙂 xx


    1. Welcome, Norah. You’re not alone in the WP snafu; others have had their notifications turned off, compliments of WP. And as of yesterday, a lot of my comments on other blogs are being sent to spam. WP must be up(down)grading their programming again 🙂 ❤


      1. I’m amazed it took me so long to realise the notifications had been turned off. I was so busy, I didn’t realise what I was missing. I was just thankful my inbox wasn’t as full. Silly me. 🙂


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