Passing on the SMAG – That’s what friends are for | Norah Colvin

Passing On the SMAG


Society of Mutual Admiration and Gratitude


Today I’m sharing educator/blogger and friend – Norah Colvin’s post on friendship. Recently, Norah wrote a beautiful post on friendships we make within our writing community. I was honored to be mentioned in her post, but most of all I wanted to share her post here and invite my readers to help yourselves to this wonderful badge that Norah has created – SMAG which stands for Society of Mutual Admiration and Gratitude. Please read Norah’s post below and join in our SMAG community. All that is required to join is friendship!


That’s What Friends are For

At this time of year, minds and hearts turn to friends and family, and contemplations of what we can do to make the world a better place. When we think of global events, we may feel overwhelmed, wondering what possible effect our actions could have. But when we focus on our own circle, any positive difference we make can effect changes of which we may never be aware. That’s the ripple effect, and that’s what friends are for.

I belong to a very supportive online community whose encouragement helps to keep me going.

With my focus on education, particularly early childhood education, and their work mostly targeting adult audiences, I struggle to find ways of supporting them and their creative pursuits during the year, other than the usual shares on Twitter and Facebook.

However, come Christmas time, what’s to stop me doing a little more?

love of reading to young children in early childhood education

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Source: That’s what friends are for | Norah Colvin

27 thoughts on “Passing on the SMAG – That’s what friends are for | Norah Colvin

  1. I read that. A lovely post by a lovely woman. Norah is a wonderful and genuine person. I am honored to be mentioned in that post as well. And definitely have admiration and gratitude for her (as well as many other bloggers who I now call ‘friend’). ❤️ – The Riddler


  2. Thank you so much for sharing my post, Debby. It’s an honour to have it featured here, and I am so pleased to see you sharing the SMAG badge around. It’s a great reminder to spread kindness and gratitude. Which now reminds me of what I wanted to say on the post about Twenty Years After I Do, and forgot as soon as I closed the post. Those are great qualities to have, and we do need to share them around as much as we can. 🙂


      1. But more important to spread the good and put a stop to the bad – we all do our bit to spread the love. Thank you for sharing yours. xx


  3. Our online friendships are amazing, aren’t they?! So happy that you were included in Norah’s beautiful post, Debby. I was truly touched that I was mentioned there too. Look at you two ladies shining brightly – and I’m loving you both xo


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