My Most Popular Post of 2017 featuring Author, D.G. Kaye –

Guest Feature at #Fairies #Myths and #Magic

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My Most Popular Post of 2017 featuring Author, D.G. Kaye

Happy New Year 2018!

I want to wish all of my friends a happy and healthy New Year. We’ve all been through a doozy of a year. There are great things ahead for all of us, I can feel it. To my followers and readers, thank you for making my first year as a published author a great success. You all fill my heart with joy. ❤

As a special thank you, I wanted to reshare my most “liked post,” written by my dear friend and authorly colleague, D. G. Kaye, aka Debby Gies. This post received 162 COMMENTS! How’s that for some love? ❤

Since that post was published, Debby has released a new book called, Twenty Years: After “I Do”: Reflections on Love and Changes Through Aging.”

Twenty Years: After "I Do"


#Fairies, #Myths, & #Magic October Spooktacular Author Spotlight Guest Post – “The Ouija Board,” by Author, D. G. Kaye

I’ve had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with D. G. Kaye through her writing and the friendship we’ve developed online. I’m always surprised by how drawn we writers are to each other even though we’ve never met in person. I believe there is something deeply spiritual about reading something another person writes. The bonus is that when you connect with the author’s words, you glimpse a part of their soul.

That’s just how it is for me and D. G. Kaye. I can tell you for a fact, that D. G. Kaye’s latest book will make you reexamine how you feel about your family and yourself. I reviewed her most recent release, P. S. I Forgive YouHERE, on my, A Mindful Journey blog. Check out a sample below:

Today, I have a spooky tale to share from D.G. Kaye. Do you remember when you were a kid and how certain things scared you more than they do now? Or do they still scare you? Take a deep breath and prepare to hear a tale that will give you a spine-tingling scare!


“The Ouija Board”

By D. G. Kaye

My fascination with the occult and spirits began at a young age. As curious as I was to learn about magic and mysticism, I was also afraid of it and always the skeptic until I had my own encounters with spirit eventually proving to me there is more to life than only the world we exist in. If you haven’t been visited by spirit, it’s sometimes hard to become a believer.

Please continue reading my Ouija Board story over at Colleen’s blog 

Source: My Most Popular Post of 2017 featuring Author, D.G. Kaye –


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30 thoughts on “My Most Popular Post of 2017 featuring Author, D.G. Kaye –

      1. Omg, you have no idea how much I wish I could do that! I can see it now… popcorn fights and jelly belly-eating contests, followed by pizza-gorging and margarita-guzzling! George would disown us 🙂 ❤


  1. Congratulations, Debby on the book release and for having the most popular post on Colleen’s site.Why am I not surprised? Your warm heart and helpful spirit comes through in every one of your personal posts. You are a light to the writing community. Much success to you in 2018.


  2. Fabulous Debby, wonderful that Colleen shared that story of The Ouija Board, as I said to Colleen. I relate.. as it was when I was a child it was the rage.. We did not have a Ouija board, but we made cards with the alphabet on with yes and no cards and had an up turned glass..
    It scared even my Mum who on one occassion joined in.. When asking the glass to prove it was spirit and not us pushing it.. We asked give us a Sign.. As we sat around the kitchen table, we all jumped when the kitchen tap turned itself on.
    We stopped playing it after that.. and my Mum threw the cards away.. 🙂 xxx ❤


    1. Wow Sue, what a story. I can’t even imagine even a homemade Ouija brought in spirits. Possibly because they knew you were intune with them? But regardless, it seems that Ouija has scared the bijeebees out of so many who ending up tossing it, lol. 🙂 ❤


      1. Yes.. my mother kept the cards, in a letter rack which hung on the wall, And they kept falling out for no apparent reason.. I think it was then she threw them.. as it was spooky they kept falling out when tucked tightly into the letter rack. 🙂 I have a story or two tucked in my blog I think somewhere..
        For we did contact my Fathers Dad.. that I will share with you here.. He spelt out the names of all his children, but missed one out.. which was his first born who died when she was only two years old.
        When we asked him you have made a mistake, there were 9 children not 8.. He spelt ‘not mine’
        It was when I was older my Aunt told me, My grandmother had fell pregnant and married my grandfather who knew my grandmothers first child was not his.. Something we did not know at the time..


      2. Holy smokes Sue, that story just gave me goosebumps!!!!! Wowwww! Those kind of stories make me want to venture back to the Ouija to find out things, but I’m still scared of it. I’ve heard of a few friends who it has brought some evil doings around so I’m done. 🙂 xxx


      3. Yes, we have to remember while there is Light, there are also Dark energies around also.. and are not to be messed with. And even those who think they know what they are doing have come adrift.. So best if you are ever in doubt, Don’t… is my motto..


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