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Sisters of the Fey

Fey Sisters

Today I want to share a post I shared on our ‘Sister of the Fey’ blog . Recently 8 of us sisters collaborated on opening a new blog. I’m not even sure I remember how this group got started but I can say that Colleen Chesebro is the one who felt we should start this group because of the connections we all made awhile back with one another and our beliefs we all share in the spiritual realm and found we all had a lot of magical, mystical energies we all share. Colleen opened up this blog for us all to share articles in the fields we feel most connected with. The sisters in this group are Colleen and myself along with Tina Frisco, Annette Rochelle Aben, Adele Marie Park, Belinda Miller, Marjorie Mallon and Wendy Ann Darling. We also have a Facebook Group Page where we post about fairies, myths, magic, angels and all good things so do come and visit! And if any of you here are interested in these topics, please do visit and follow our blog.


Today I wanted to share one of the posts I shared there, here on this blog so you could come visit and look around and see what we’re up to. Hope to see some of you there!


Angel Connections

Angel in the clouds


Signs the Angels are visiting or leaving you a message


Angels are spiritual beings, they are not ghosts, but benevolent celestial beings who interact between God or heaven and earth. They are God’s creations as messengers, and therefore, they have not evolved from once human form.

Angels are always around us whether we believe in them or not, whether we are aware of them or not. Angels will never impose on our Free Will, so if you wish to talk to or ask something of your angels, all you have to do is speak to them either verbally out loud or silently within your mind.

Have you ever found a feather randomly on the ground as you were walking somewhere? Have you found a coin on the ground? Ever looked up at the sky and found a distinct pattern in the clouds that resembled something of significance to you? These are all forms of communication from angels leaving subtle messages for you. Often they appear at opportune times in our lives when we may feel sad or troubled and the angels want us to know they are around and there for us.

Whether we believe in angels or not, we all have our own guardian angels.  We have only to get to know them. There are oodles of books available about angels and I would highly recommend reading Doreen Virtue’s books for a great introduction to angels and beyond. And if you’re just looking for some uplifting messages, check out Fey sister angel, Annette’s book on Angel Messages.



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24 thoughts on “#Blogshare – 7 Signs Your Angels are Around – Sisters of the Fey

      1. He went downstairs to make a cup of tea and on his return to his mother’s bedside saw an angel standing on the upstairs landing and knew she had died. Knowing the kind of chap he was, he wouldn’t have made this up.


  1. What a fabulous Friday share, Sis. The magic is in all of us. Sharing it helps other find their own special magic. Hugs. ❤


  2. A wonderful post, Debby. I hear stories about angels all the time, mostly from children or about children. It seems that their little spirits are more open. I’m enjoying the Sisters of the Fey site. 🙂


    1. Thanks Diana. So glad you like our site. I need to make time to post more there – I’ll get there. :). And yes, they say innocent children are more easily tuned into angels.! 🙂 xx


  3. I have often heard that cardinals are angel messengers. Did you know that owls are, too? After my sister-in-law died (a lover and collector of all sorts of owls), her daughter and wedding party were all at the hairdresser getting ready for the wedding. There was an owl sitting on top of her car in the parking lot. Broad daylight. Clearly, her mother was there for the wedding. Wow!


    1. Wow Jennie, that story gave me goosebumps. Yes, 100% lost loved ones can show up in various forms. Many birds are said to portend omens and represent visitors from beyond. Butterflies in particular are often forms taken on by souls that have passed and love to hover around a loved one left behind. 🙂


      1. Yes, butterflies, too!! Glad you liked that story, Debby. Big wow! I still wonder why many people don’t see or feel someone who has died. I really think it boils down to an open heart.


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