Interview with Debby Gies from “D.G. Kaye” – Esme Salon

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I was recently invited over to Esme’s blog over at Esmesalon to answer 20 plus 1 questions about myself.


All about your BLOG:
Tell us about you lovely BLOG.


What is the name of your blog and how did you decide on your blog name?

1. My blog is . As a published author I felt it best to make the blog’s name with my author name to avoid any confusion with a fictional or whimsical name.


What prompted you to start on this blogging journey?

2. While I was writing my first book, Conflicted Hearts I spent the year learning about the self-publishing business. I learned how important it was to think ahead for marketing books, so I needed to build a platform – let people know I existed, make connections with people and share what I learn in the writing community, articles about my work and share information about fellow bloggers and authors


To date, what blogging achievement/s are you most proud of?

3. I am most proud of the wonderful friends and connections I’ve made through blogging, the amount of readers that follow me, engage with me, share my posts, the awards I’ve received and the invitations I’ve received to guest post on other’s blogs, such as yours Esmé.


How would you describe your own blogging style?

4. Eclectic. I am a writer, author, justice seeker, and gifted with a good sense of humor. I like to post 3 times a week, but often there will be a few surprise posts that creep in. On Tuesdays I like to post something personal about something I learned, felt unjustifiable, or about memoir writing. On Fridays I’d like to get back to doing guest author interviews, but in the absence of doing those interviews I keep Friday posts geared towards writing tips or authorly news. And, every last Friday of the month I contribute to the #WATWB (We are the World Blogfest) where all participants post a blogshare of something uplifting and inspirational to share positive things about what goes on in the world to deflect negativity. Every Sunday I share a new book review from a book I’ve read and posted on Amazon and Goodreads.


What excites you most about blogging?

5. The friendships I’ve made and the engagement between myself and my readers. We have a wonderful community where bloggers often become friends. Writing can be a solitary and lonely life, so the blogging part provides the social interaction we get with like-minded people.


What platform do you use and why?

6. I am self-hosted on WordPress.Org. When I began blogging in early 2013 I started on free and within the year I learned about marketing and self-publishing . . . Continue reading

Source: Interview with Debby Gies from “D.G. Kaye” – Esme Salon


I’d also like to mention here and thank Kathleen Aherne who runs the Blogger’s Pit Stop with her crew, for choosing my linkuppost, as a featured winning post of the week. You can check out the post feature HERE


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12 thoughts on “Interview with Debby Gies from “D.G. Kaye” – Esme Salon

  1. Loved reading all about you, Debby! Great interview! I tried to share it from Esme’s sight but couldn’t do it for some reason, so I’m sharing it from here.😊


  2. Good interview, Deb. I agree with you, about what I’m most proud of in blogging. It’s the community, innit. I feel like my blogging friends are, well, friends. It’s a warm feeling.


  3. Congrats on being featured on The Blogger’s Pit Stop, Deb. And your interview with Esme was fabulous. I left a comment there, but it isn’t showing. Maybe I was relegated to spam again 🙂 ❤️


  4. It was lovely to get to know you a little more over at Esme’s, Debby. I’d love to hear the story about your Twitter handle one day. I’ve composed my own backstory for it. 🙂


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