#WATWB – We Are The World Blogfest – Human Rights and Heroes in the Darkness

We are the World Blogfest


I am Canadian and I’m disheartened and disgusted at what’s been going on at US borders. You don’t have to be American to feel empathy for what is going on there.


#WATWB is about posting good things happening in the world. Sadly, besides the other dangers that tRump (I’m sorry, I cannot capitalize his name) is posing to the US and the world, this situation is atrocious and is against Human Rights – snatching children at the borders.


Thank you to this lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who is quickly becoming the newest hero in America by offering his pro bono services to assist these poor people being treated as insignificant and criminals, just fleeing for their lives looking for sanctuary. And thanks to Avenatti, so many other lawyers are joining the action. That is what America is about!



If you want to feel more inspiration, click on this Twitter link and read the outpouring of stellar comments.


And if you’d like to read more about what Avenatti is doing, please visit these links:





Every month a group of bloggers post something inspirational on the last Friday of every month, to deflect negativity and focus on something positive. I know this border situation is appalling to most people, but it is a reality that needs to continue to shine in the forefront of the media and so I’m sharing today, highlighting that there are many good citizens rising up and doing their part to help for justice.


Your hosts for the month are:   Simon FalkMary J. Giese Shilpa Garg Damyanti Biswas and Dan Antion.


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28 thoughts on “#WATWB – We Are The World Blogfest – Human Rights and Heroes in the Darkness

  1. It is just so horrible.
    Now my country is run by Nazis.
    There are 2000 separated children in custody now, and where their deported parents are, who the hell knows? The parents are undocumented, which means they are not human, and the children too, apparently.
    And of course, there are 1500 children who have been currently “lost in the Us foster care system.”
    Maybe many of these children will end up in the child sex trade, which is a lucrative business.
    Trump is good at business.


    1. Cindy, thank you for speaking up here. I have to tell you, I’ve been discussing those same thoughts with my American friends. I have the same feeling, because – where the hell are the children??????? How does a democratic society hide missing girls and babies for almost a month, not let the press in and lies about the whole inhumanity without leaving us thinking he’s sold the girls to Putin’s trafficking ring and his minion DeVos probably helping illegally selling the babies for adoption. America has nothing but shame from this fascist regime. And yes, isn’t Herr tRump great at business deals? Most notably for going bankrupt like he’s trying to do to America. Sorry for the rant, you opening the door for me. ❤


  2. It’s not as bad as it sounds. 93% of the main news is bad about Trump. They forget to tell the good stuff but it’s there. I could rattle off a long list of victories but I’ll save those. Not to worry, girlfriend.

    BTW, I saw that meme too, with Trump’s name. The other half was tRude-au. I find both detrimental to the conversation.


    1. Yes, there sure are a lot of good people. I believe the news cycle is so constant it’s difficult for the media to keep up and cover everything.


    1. One hundred percent Sal.Yes, it’s time to step up and come together to show zero tolerance! America will be full steam ahead tomorrow with marches. #Solidarity. 🙂 ❤ xx


  3. I have a personal dislike of lawyers, Debby, but they sure are stepping to the plate to help these children and families. What’s happening here is atrocious, and the fight isn’t over. But there is some good news in that people, of all walks, of life are outraged and doing something about it.


    1. I’m with you on both counts Diana, about lawyers and the state of the US. But it’s great to see so many coming together to fight for democracy. Not a time to be complacent. ❤


  4. Well you know where I’ll be tomorrow–at a rally!

    I had to skip my post this month; one website all set on SSL and the others are in limbo on some pages pending cleaning up with Really Simple SSL plugin. GDPR coming soon.


  5. Hi Debby – it’s really difficult reading what’s going on in the world right now – way too many things that don’t make sense, or that have apparently not been considered as to their consequences. I too wrote about refugees – but another approach … more informative for now … cheers Hilary


  6. I’m glad to see people coming forward and helping these people, showing the “Stupid Hair” person that they will not stand by and watch atrocities happen.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Susan. And yes, Avenatti has struck up the bank with this one. Many lawyers are offering their help to finding and reunited the children. It’s almost a month and no word of where the babies and girls are! Appalling!


  7. It really makes me wonder what the 4th is going to look like down there… This post is so relevant and you’re right about how we are feeling for our neighbours from where we are in Canada xx


    1. I’ve read many comments on political sites that many aren’t celebrating what used to be known as Independence Day, others flying their flags upside down and more. It’s so very sad and I’m just as worried on our side of the border what’s going on there. His evil edicts can easily become the fallout for us, just beginning with the trade war 😦 xx And still, where are the girls? Where are the babies??????????


  8. For all the bad things going on in the world, and the awful people running things, there are luckily still good human beings who do what they can to help and make a difference. Thanks for pointing this out, Debby!


  9. Things are getting better for the families, But what we don’t know about these people coming into USA is some are sending their children alone to fend for themselves or they are coming in with other peoples’ children. What USA has to do now is decide if these children are with their own parents or not. Some are not. Now we must decide what to do with the ones who are alone. Many had been reunited with their parents now, Thank God.

    I feel for all those refugees who are coming into USA. They are trying to escape from oppression. God bless all of them that everything will be resolved swiftly. I don’t want to see any suffer any harm.


    1. Thanks for chiming in Janice. I just think it’s great that there are heroes like Michael Avenatti working pro bono and gathering other lawyers to do the same to help sort out the chaos. ❤ xx


  10. Thank you, Debby. This country is in sad shape. I expected the person who occupied the White House would make a mess of things and was shocked when he won the election (by cheating, it seems), but out treatment of immigrants and especially the children is as ugly as I’ve seen in my lifetime. Many, many children are here and will be adopted because their parents were deported and no one in our government kept track of the children and their parents or ever thought about how to reunite them. This country has a dark present built on a past. I hope the light of kindness and compassion breaks through. It’s here, but not in most politicians.


    1. Well said Elaine. It’s horrifying what went on with those families and the lack of a plan or reason to give them due process. But it’s good to know that there are so many who care and even more who speak up and take action. Justice is coming my friend. Hang tight. 🙂


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