Giveaway Time! Win FREE Books Now – When Women Inspire – Time Sensitive!

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I’m thrilled to be sharing Christy Birmingham’s Giveaway post today. Christy runs an inspiring blog – When Women Inspire, and this week she is running a Rafflecopter giveaway contest for 3 different paperback copies from 3 different authors. And yes, one of those authors contributing to Christy’s giveaway is moi, yours truly.


Please hop over to Christy’s blog and enter her giveaway she is so generously sponsoring in celebration of her 10,000 subscribers to her blog. The contest ends July 7th so hurry!


Giveaway Time! Win FREE Books Now


Yes, that’s right. We’re having a Rafflecopter giveaway. For 3 FREE paperbacks!

Three female authors are kindly offering up their books for this contest. If you’re like me, you love to read and cannot wait to sink your teeth into a new plot. All 3 reads – 2 fiction and 1 memoir – are by women who have been featured right here on this blog. Yes, all of these authors have inspiring stories.


Why am I Running the Contest?

This contest is in celebration of reaching 10,000 blog subscribers! This blog currently has 9,807 subscribers so the big day is only weeks away 🙂 I want to send this out as a thank you!! (Note: the subscriber number on the follow box shows as higher because it adds in the social media followers too). I also hope that this contest will encourage you to read more female writers!


What are the Prizes? Who are the Authors?

Here you go: Continue reading and enter here . . .


Source: Giveaway Time! Win FREE Books Now – When Women Inspire

14 thoughts on “Giveaway Time! Win FREE Books Now – When Women Inspire – Time Sensitive!

  1. Thank you for sharing the news of the giveaway here, Debby, and I love your enthusiasm for it! So proud to have you in it with your quality book. Thank you for your support xxoo


    1. Lolllllllllll. You snooze you lose in this biz! But here’s a heads up for you – starting this Thursday 2 of my books are going on sale. I’m giving you this announcement a few days ahead of time, so do drop by again later in the week! 🙂


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